The Dolder Grand Resort in Zurich attracts Saudi tourists

Known as Zurich’s premier destination since 1899, the Dolder Grand Resort still attracts travelers from the Arabian Gulf to stay in its special location on the outskirts of the city.

The Dolder Grand Resort meets the aspirations and expectations of travelers of luxury European hotels. Due to the increasing number of travelers from the Arabian Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, the resort has been upgraded which it offers to directly meet the needs of this market.

luxury suites

The luxury suites stretch over hundreds of square meters, and some of them have two floors and feature steam baths, hot tubs and spacious terraces with breathtaking views. Each suite carries a specific “creative personality” imprint. The Maestro Suite, for example, bears the name of conductor Herbert von Karajan, and its decor four elements of the music world, including a grand piano and harp. The magnificent 100 Suite is inspired by the Rolling Stones and the famous 100 Club in London, where its designs are dominated by dark colors such as black and deep purple, while the Massina Suite bears the name of Italian actress Giulietta Massina and the glamorous and luxurious atmosphere that dominated the era of the fifties of the last century. At the same time, the Terrazza and Karitza suites are designed in distinctive colors and patterns to satisfy the tastes of Arab guests in particular, as they are dominated by elements of gold, stone and wood.

The hotel offers the advantage of interconnecting rooms, to suit large families or groups who want to stay in a hotel room that allows them on the one hand to mix and on the other hand preserve the privacy of each individual.

It is no wonder that celebrities have found their way into this extraordinary building. The guest list is filled with tributes from historical figures such as Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, the Shah of Iran, and Nelson Mandela, as well as contemporary creators and celebrities such as Prince William and Leonardo DiCaprio and legendary film director and producer David Venture.

The resort has everything to impress its visitors, from the masterpieces on display from the collection of artwork including works drawn by Salvador Dali, Henry Moore and Keith Haring, to the luxurious suites and elegant restaurants. Part of the Hollywood movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” was filmed in 2010 at the Dolder Grand Resort.

Special services for Arab tourists

Saltz Restaurant serves authentic Arabic flavors prepared by the talented Oriental chef Firas Al Burji, and guests can enjoy its innovative dishes in their rooms or in the lounge and lounge area.

It also features a separate spa for women and one for men, 20 treatment rooms, two private spa suites, a wellness center and a dedicated water activity area, to keep guests relaxed and comfortable. The 43,000-square-foot spa center at The Dolder Grand is an ideal address for lovers of Arab wellness experiences, especially as it has a women-only section for conservative ladies to enjoy the highest levels of privacy, comfort and relaxation without any restrictions. Its unmatched amenities include a wellness center and gym with cardio equipment and a personal trainer, not to mention a studio for free yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes. The water area includes a 25 meter swimming pool, indoor and outdoor pools with cold and hot water and mineral water facilities. It also includes an ice room to feel refreshed, especially after using the sanarium or steam room.

This luxury spa center offers a wide range of treatments and offers, all designed to meet the needs and satisfy the different tastes of Arab women, whether they are looking for an exclusive getaway for ladies or an exceptional romantic experience for couples . The Dodler Grand Spa also encourages women to wear modest swimwear if they prefer this type of clothing for ultimate comfort.

Furthermore, the resort offers an exceptional and unique concierge service in Zurich, which offers guests free e-bikes, cars or shuttle buses, as well as childcare services. The concierge team also provides guests with helpful tips and recommendations for excursions and activities in the city. It should be noted that the nursery receives children between the ages of 3 and 12 during the weekends to enjoy interesting activities under the supervision of a special team. A babysitter can be requested at any time at an additional cost.

Luxury medical tourism experience

Travelers who want luxury accommodation and fine dining experiences in a quiet and picturesque setting on the one hand, and health and beauty services on the other, can take advantage of the various offers offered by The Dolder Grand Resort to their achieve health goals and fully rejuvenate their vitality.

The hotel’s health and fitness team consists of Swiss experts specializing in internal medicine, sports medicine, dermatology and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Non-surgical consultations and treatments are performed in the resort’s equipped medical rooms, while surgeries are performed at the resort’s partner clinics. On the other hand, aesthetic medicine treatments are performed using the latest technological technologies such as skin stiffening and laser tissue stiffening without a thermal scalpel, to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin of the face and body for a long time, along with a wide range of cosmetic treatments.

The Dolder Grand Resort has designed several medical packages for guests, such as a face and body pampering package that includes a four-night stay in a superior double room with breakfast and CHF 120 per room credit for use in the spa, in addition to unlimited access to spa facilities and fitness classes. . This offer also consists of two skin treatment options according to the needs and requirements of each guest, where you can choose a treatment for skin strengthening and wrinkle reduction by using autologous blood plasma or by using radiofrequency technology or ultrasound, or you can choose to treat acne scars, pigmentation disorders, wrinkles and color Uneven skin color or skin that tightens and becomes smooth to treat cellulite. The show houses one person who accompanies the guest for free on a bed-and-breakfast basis, where The Dolder Grand Resort will provide all necessary transportation services from the resort to the clinic and back.

The health and immunity promotion offer includes two nights with the same benefits such as unlimited access to the spa, credit and breakfast, as well as a free host of the guest on a bed-and-breakfast basis. The package also offers a health examination, a body composition analysis, an antibody test for Covid, a test for vitamins and physiology, with two injections to strengthen immunity and nutritional supplements to strengthen immunity for a period of three months, where treatment methods are determined during a medical consultation and according to each case.

An oasis of history and art

The Dolder Grand Resort is a hilltop landmark overlooking Lake Zurich in Switzerland, nestled on the edge of the stunning Aldsberg Forest with breathtaking views of Lake Zurich, the heart of the vibrant city and the Alps. The Dolder Grand Resort, which celebrates Swiss architecture, dates back to the 19th century and has been the perfect haven for relaxation ever since.

In 2008, two glass and steel buildings were built as a two-wing extension on either side of the main building. The expansion included the construction of new facilities such as the 43,000-square-foot spa center and doubling the number of accommodations while connecting the new rooms to the surrounding forest. As part of the refurbishment of the hotel’s interior design, the modern facilities that have become an integral part of luxury hotels have been incorporated, while preserving the original engineering heritage.

Some of the hotel walls are also built in the style of birch trees that allow sunlight to penetrate inside the building, creating a wonderfully dynamic blend in which light and shadow merge that cover the spa lounge. In addition to its aesthetic features, The Dolder Grand Resort is known for its sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Although the resort now covers more space after restoration, the new building consumes half the capacity of the old facility.

After the restoration, the hotel was decorated with more than 120 works of art. The most impressive piece is undoubtedly Salvador Dali’s Femmes metamorphosées – Les sept arts of 1957. Some guests may be stunned in the hotel’s foyer at the sight of an exhausted man sleeping on his pockets in the corner, but fans by artist Duane Hanson will instantly recognize the “Traveler” sculpture that looks like a real human being.

The Dolder Grand Resort is filled with sculptures, from a three-piece statue of Henry Monroe lying outside one of the new suites, to Trolls Umbrella, which takes us into a world created by Takashi Murakami, to the colorful Juicy Nana- statue of French-American artist Nikki de Saint-Phalle, executed by Le Monde newspaper in collaboration with sculptor Jean Tingley.

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