The “stupid” proof pledges its fate to the Kazan !!! .. Written by: Bashir Abdel Qader – Sudaniel

In a moment of calm, a friend of the directors of university research centers told me that he and his associate professors, and even his outstanding students, are being attacked by the wolves of the world of finance and politics. He said what he said, that this conflict could start in a velvety outer image represented by invitations to attend cultural and reflective evenings, introductory parties and others; But behind those bright smiles, stellar “dress” and words of welcome, sociability, warm receptions and luxurious business “lunches” lurk deadly bloody knives! They are weapons of allure and intimidation by forcing them to join and depend on this or that lobby, or at least not to antagonize it or to expose it to scientific research or criticize it negatively! In the event that the individual does not accept his prejudice with or against one of the “spirals” and his steadfastness on the principles of truth and honesty; The harassment starts at work, represented by the bullying of some of his colleagues who were happy with the “sell the case” and put pressure on him, and the harassment can continue until you follow his lack of work and threaten him with dismissal . As for outside work, you exercise with him a certain drought and lack of courtesy on the part of the bank in which he places his account; Harassment by administrative authorities such as the Tax Authority and others, and he may even be summoned to the police station for a false reason or for an invalid reason, but the intention is to harass him legally.What the one who accepts and falls collusion in the snares of the wolves of the world of finance and politics, he is supported and supported until he takes the highest possible positions according to the degree of his fall and dependence on the lobby that controls money and power. what is destined for him is marginalized, deported and even administratively destroyed, and he is silenced by his shameful files and often commits suicide if he has any conscience! For our country. ” As for his television interview this week, Russian President Putin noted that the Russians have the ability to analyze any nuclear attack on them within seconds and then respond with nuclear weapons. guidance and they will enter Paradise ”and that the dead will have time to repent) !!! What caught my eye in President Putin’s speech beyond the Russians’ ability to analyze the enemy’s nuclear threat within seconds and then respond to it, is his mention of the words “martyrs” and “heaven” !!! That is, the President of Russia is a believer and knows the meaning of martyrdom and heaven !!! But if we want to know those who do not believe in martyrdom, let’s listen to the nonsense of the evidence already in his television interview on February 13, 2022 AD; Despite his knowledge that nearly eighty young men were killed by his regular and irregular forces and militias, with dojka weapons, anti-aircraft artillery, live and rubber bullets and bombs; He did not call these young men martyrs, but rather repeated what his parents kept for him without blinking an eye and having the slightest wife and “men”. coup d’etat since October 25, 2021 AD, which began with the murder of the young man Gamal Abdel Nasser Al-Shazly “Jawiya”, 22, with three bullets in the abdomen, chest and face, and that he also a large part of the responsibility for all those killed since 2019 AD, and that he bears part of the responsibility for all those killed since 1989 AD, especially in Darfur. Yesterday, news spread that there was an investigation and a trial taking place with Brigadier Bakraoui and some officers on charges of preparing a coup in September 2021 AD, and in light of that news, another news emerged that the putschist Al-Burhan fired or retired with the pen line about 450 officers of the army !!! The question remains, who gave the authority to this “drunk” proof to dismiss these officers after retirement? Perhaps most of them have served with him and beside him for the past forty years, but it seems that he and those behind him cherish hatred and greed for them, and it is certain that his injustice to them is due to him because he know the degree of their integrity and respect for their military honor and also know; He and those around him of the military council are the only ones who do not have military integrity or honor !!! Rather the more correct question than ordering the cowardly evidence to sign such a decision if they are not the youth of the Popular Congress and the National Congress and the rest of the corrupt and the livelihood loyal to the deposed Salvation Regime !! ! So this proof and those around him of the gang of the security committee of the deposed Bashir, like Yasser Al-Atta, Al-Kabbashi and Ibrahim Jaber, are planning the orders of the deposed rescue regime; Considering that it was they who corrupted those educated about corruption and moral fall during the thirty years of the reign of the overthrown rescue regime, and that thousands of officers referred for retirement during the period of the rescue regime reason for reference to them is that they did not accept the rescue system and were loyal to it or remained neutral of it !!! !! I remembered “Bouh” my friend, the director of the Scientific Research Center, and I learned the truth of his speech, and I learned that Al-Burhan and the rest of the Security Committee, after each of them had finished their dirty roll fulfilled what was assigned to them; Fate will end in a dark fate !!! It was said, “As you condemn, you are condemned” or “Oh, soul murderer, where are you going?” The poet Wad al-Kabes sang, “Burhan, your father told you that you will remain our president. He did not notice your ability and warned you against our misfortune. Come to our sea, yut, tame. if the people are in a state of life, they will bait wasps, ranks and niches ?? ////////////////////////// /

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