“There is no technology for apartheid.” Protesters storm the Amazon conference and refuse to sign a contract with Israel (video) | Political news

Protesters stormed the headquarters of a large Amazon conference in New York and protested against a contract the company had signed with Israel to transfer the Israeli database to cloud technology.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the protesters stopped the keynote address at the Amazon summit at the Javits Center in Manhattan, to draw attention to Amazon’s contracts with the occupation government and to facilitate the use of surveillance tools in Palestine.

Supporters of the Palestinian cause in the coalition (No Technology for Israeli Apartheid) stormed the Amazon conference, accusing the company of taking advantage of the occupation’s apartheid regime and contributing to displacement and discrimination against the Palestinian people.

“Stop taking advantage of violence around the world, and support racist police, mass deportation and the apartheid regime,” said one of the coalition members (Ali Benjwani), a research analyst at the Action Center on Ethnic and Economic Affairs.

US security forces restricted the protesters’ movement, and the speakers who boycotted the conference session were removed from the venue.

No technology for apartheid

In this context, the “No Technology for Apartheid” campaign website published a document signed by 550 American students, in which they promised not to work or apply for jobs at Google and Amazon, for their role in the support for the Israeli system of segregation.

The No Technology for Israeli Apartheid Coalition consists of several organizations, including the New York Society for Change, the Media Justice Organization, the Empower Movement for Change, the Immigrant Defense Project, and others.

The coalition seeks to prevent the use of advanced American technology in support of foreign policy of apartheid and to refuse to contribute to the monitoring, intimidation and deportation of immigrants in the United States.

cloud computers

The campaign highlighted a $ 1.2 billion cloud computing project won by Amazon Web Services and Google to unite the Israeli government and military computing infrastructure within its borders Observers fear the project could isolate the Israeli military from the setbacks caused by the continued occupation of Palestine.

The conference, which has been disrupted for a while by activists trying to draw attention to the company’s “immoral” contracts, is not the first. In 2019, protesters did the same while trying to raise awareness of the fact that Amazon was the backbone of operations including refugee deportations.

“While the Israeli army bombed homes, clinics and schools in Gaza and threatened to evict Palestinian families from their homes in Jerusalem in May 2021, Amazon and Google Cloud executives signed a $ 1.22 billion contract for cloud technology. to the Israeli government and army. ” said the coalition.

“By linking with the Israeli apartheid regime, Amazon and Google will make it easier for the Israeli government to monitor Palestinians and force them to leave their countries,” the coalition added in an earlier statement.

He noted that the company “has worked passionately with governments and companies around the world to take advantage of the misery and violence it causes, despite years of protests and internal and external pressure.”

“The company was determined to expand offerings to provide police departments with facial monitoring technology, help increase fossil fuel extraction and production, and provide surveillance tools to intimidate and deport migrants, to name a few.”

Cloud computing is the provision of “on-demand” computing services – whether storage, software, processing or other resources – over the Internet. Cloud computing is an essential part of today’s technology landscape with the proliferation of online services, web applications, broadband, massive commercial data centers and other technologies.

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