“Trump’s tweet” and “shouting” in the White House .. the highlights of the last session of the Capitol Storm Committee

The Jan. 6 committee of the U.S. House of Representatives again held a hearing on Tuesday during which former President Donald Trump tried to link up with the most violent extremists who led the attack on the Capitol in 2021, and focused on “the lie “to expose. which caused extremism. ” group, according to the Washington Post.

Here are five notes from the trial, which focus on the relationship between extremism and Trump’s efforts to stay in power.

“the lie”

The newspaper reported that the commission was particularly interested in uncovering the origins of this “mass extremism”, which was manifested in the most serious attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812.

The committee is looking for the roots of the reasons why supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building on January 6, 2021 in an effort to prevent the ratification of the election results won by Joe Biden.

To that end, they called someone on Tuesday who said he was involved in the burglary, as Stephen Ayres, who later pleaded guilty to misconduct in connection with his activities on Jan.

Ayres explained his experience, saying that social media motivated him to participate, especially Trump’s speeches, and made him believe that the election was “stolen” and that it was necessary for him to leave his home in Ohio to to participate in the “Stop the theft (election) rally that Trump then threw in front of him, Then the president’s supporters stormed the Capitol.

“I was very hard on social media,” he told the panel. “I was drawn to every word he said,” Trump said.

He said he attended the rally near the White House, and that he did not intend to walk to the Capitol, but that Trump’s speech encouraged him to participate.

Ayres claimed that if he had known White House advisers told Trump that there was no real evidence of “fraud” in the election, he would not have attended the rally.

The committee also heard Jason van Tattenhoff, the former spokesman for the Yemeni group “Oathkeepers”, which has become one of its most prominent opponents, say that these groups especially “flourish in propaganda” “by attracting people who know nothing. not otherwise by lies and allegations. ” And the propaganda, which you might overcome in those moments, I also overcame at some point in my life. ”

“the malt”

Trump advisers have labeled those trying to make allegations of election “threatening” from outside the White House as “crazy” and led legal efforts to try to change the results by several state courts.

This team included attorneys Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani and former national security adviser Michael Flynn and on 18 December 2020, days after Electoral Court approved Biden’s victory, these three, accompanied by businessman Patrick Byrne, visited the White House to talking privately with Trump, where they tried to convince him to own the voting machines.

According to Powell in her testimony, Pat Kibuloni, then White House adviser, quickly came to the Oval Office to intervene in the debate, which led to a six-hour discussion that turned into a “screaming match” between Trump’s external advisers who “manipulate the election, in exchange for White House advisers who tried to convince him that he lost the election and that he should accept it,” the newspaper said.

The controversy ended with Trump appointing Powell as special adviser, and he initially wanted to give her the task of owning the voting machines, but later withdrew it and instead wrote the tweet that the committee believes caused the attack on the Capitol.


In the hours that followed the meeting, specifically on the nineteenth of December, Trump tweeted what the committee saw as an invitation to his supporters to take up arms and reverse his loss.

In it he said: “Big protest in Washington, DC, on January 6. Be there, it’s going to be wild!”

Trump referred to the “Stop the Robbery” rally on the day his vice president, Mike Pence, took over the task of certifying the results within the Capitol.

The committee believes that Trump’s speech on that day helped motivate the audience, and Representative Stephanie Murphy said he deviated from the original speech by saying, “Because you will not be able to take back the country with weakness. You must show strength and you must be strong, “and” Let’s march together to Pennsylvania Avenue, “to the Capitol.

Trump .. “blind by his will”

The committee believes, according to the “Washington Post”, that Trump believed that he actually won, and that what was issued by him was as a result, but in any case, it believes that he should be held accountable for the publication of allegations of election “fraud” and inciting people to mobilize against legislators.

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney on Tuesday responded to allegations that some Trump advisers made Trump believe he had won the election, saying, “This is nonsense, of course. Our country, he is responsible for his actions and personal decisions, Donald Trump must not escape liability by claiming that he was blind of his own free will. ”

The description of “willfully blind” is used in the legal field according to a ruling of the Supreme Court issued in 2011, that people who remain blind according to their own will are held accountable in the same way as those who have full access.

The committee said it would focus next week on what Trump did, or did not do, on the day of the attack.

Cheney noted that one of the big accusations they plan to make, which has already been mentioned in previous hearings, is that Trump “did not pick up the phone that day to order his administration to help.”

Instead, it was Pence who was on the phone from the Capitol parking lot and tried to persuade the Department of Defense and Homeland Security to stop the violence.

Cheney also cited further allegations of attempts to tamper with witnesses by Trump, saying that after the recent trial, which included former White House assistant Cassidy Hutchinson, Trump tried to call an unnamed witness.

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