Alef Education extends digital learning services agreement to more than 1.5 million Indonesian students

The leading Emirati platform strengthens its international presence in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs

As part of its commitment to the promotion of digital education and in line with the UAE’s efforts to support smart educational and knowledge transformation around the world, the “Alef Education” platform, the world leader in educational technology, empowers students and provides them with twenty-first century skills, today partnered with the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs to expand the scope of the shared free education program, and the availability of its leading and award-winning digital education platform to 1.5 million learners.

It comes as a continuation of the agreement signed in November of the year 2020 between the two parties, with the aim of bringing about a qualitative transformation in the educational sector in Indonesia using the latest educational technologies, and to ‘ provide a customized educational experience to meet the requirements of students and improve the quality of educational outputs. The Alef platform has reached 500,000 Grade 7-12 maths students since July 2021, and has been praised by teachers and students.

After its expansion, the platform became available to 1.5 million students of Arabic and mathematics. The Alef platform offers mathematics lessons digitally according to the standards of accredited courses in Indonesia, and adopts the interactive learning methodology (GASING) to support students and develop their educational performance. The Arabic language lessons enable students to develop their reading, speaking and listening skills through a participatory and interactive teaching method.

His Excellency Yaqut Khalil Qamas, Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, said: “We thank Alef Education for their continued cooperation in implementing this innovative program and expanding its fields to Arabic language lessons for grades seven to twelve. to, which will be mathematics.The Alef platform has proven its excellence.As a qualitative educational tool, and a supporting force for the transformation of Indonesian schools to modern teaching and teaching methodologies, and physical and virtual education systems

and hybrids. We look with confidence at the role of innovative teaching aids, particularly the Alef platform, in supporting our main objective of improving digital literacy assessment for students in MoE schools, in line with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s International Student Program assessment. ”

In turn, Jeffrey Alfonso, CEO of Alef Education, said: We are proud of the success of our strategic partnership with the Republic of Indonesia, a personification of our commitment to promote the smart transformation of the education sector worldwide. We are pleased to consolidate our cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, expand our services in the country, and look forward to making our interactive platform available to millions of Indonesian students. We are also pleased to announce the organization of the “Alef Education Award” in Indonesia to celebrate excellence in the education sector, and to honor teachers and students who set a role model in teaching and learning, and to provide them with incentive awards ken. “

Alef Platform is the most prominent smart educational solution provided by Alef Education, supporting teachers in providing educational content based on interaction and the methodology of learning through games, in line with educational courses and contributing to the improvement of the effectiveness of student management and assessment of their degrees. The platform enables teachers and students to produce and share data and observations in real time, helping to accelerate the pace of transformation of the educational process and improve the efficiency of this system. The Alef Education Platform relies on a central control panel based on “machine learning” and “big data” applications to provide accurate, intelligent and workable data and recommendations, and share them with ministries to enable the development of educational outcomes for students make and support. Since its inception, Alef Education has made a positive impact in the lives of more than 670,000 students in more than 4,000 schools in the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and the United States. The company is currently witnessing a quantum leap in its path with the expansion of its services to include an additional 1.5 million students in Indonesia.


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About “Alef Education”

Alef Education is a world leader in educational technology, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide a personalized learning experience, and to transform education worldwide.

Alef Education offers three main solutions, which are the “Alef Platform”, “Abjadiyat Platform” and “Arabites Application”, and it is moving forward to strengthen its presence in education markets around the world, including the United Arab Emirates; the United States of America; Indonesia; Egypt; and Holland. The Alef platform, which has won several international awards, offers innovative solutions

For learning and teaching, it relies on AI innovations and real-time data sharing to transform the entire education system. Abjadiyat is an integrated platform for teaching the Arabic language, providing interactive content that stimulates student participation from the preparatory stage to the fourth grade. As for “Arabs”, it is a comprehensive system based on artificial intelligence for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, designed to enable students of all ages to learn, practice and practice their skills in Arabic develop.

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