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The Basrawi News Encyclopedia wrote Hind Muhammad, a man with a Cancer sign Shy, ambiguous and not easily understood. You will need a lot of effort to get close to him and win his love and trust. The Cancer Man is characterized by his friendly personality and looks confident in himself, but sometimes tends to be tense and nervous. He has many feelings and sensations, but that does not mean he is psychologically unstable, but rather it is his nature.

when to feel Cancer man That he is threatened, he immediately increases to squat inside his own cave so that his heart is not exposed to damage or wound. One of the characteristics of the Cancer man is also that he is noble and has a polite attitude. He respects and influences family and always feels safe when he is in his own home.

Cancer horoscope history:

June 21 – July 22

Cancer constellation:


Cancer-compatible signs:

Capricorn, Scorpio and Fish.

Cancer Incompatible Signs:

Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.

Characteristics of a cancer man:

1- Loyalty and sincerity are some of the most important characteristics of a Cancer man, whether in his emotional or social relationship.

2- A cancer man has a strong intuition that enables the people around him to understand, analyze their behavior and anticipate what might happen.

3- A first-rate romantic person has the ability to always make his girlfriend happy.

4- He feels responsible towards those around him from family or friends, so he tries to protect him and take care of him all the time.

5- An organized person hates chaos and this is reflected in his appearance, so you will find him an elegant and attractive man.

Disadvantages of a cancer man:

1- One of the most difficult characteristics of a Cancer man is that he is very moody.

2- A cancer man is always pessimistic and does not look at things positively and this is what makes him sad for a long time.

3- Exaggerated sensitivity is one of the things that Cancer Men have always been known for, as it is exaggeratedly related to things, and the simplest things can make him sad.

4- Not being able to forgive is not easy, especially with a Cancer man, as he does not forget the abuse to which he may have been subjected by some people.

5- He does not have enough confidence in those around him, and this is what sometimes causes his emotional relationship to fail because he is suspicious.

6. A cancer man can be a little imaginative because he often shuts himself off from people.

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Cancer man in love and relationships:

The Cancer Man loves family gatherings and picnicking with friends. He chooses his friends wisely, and having a Cancer friend means loyalty to the end of life.

A cancer man enters into a romantic relationship when he feels safe with the other person. If you fall in love with him, you must show him and prove that you are worthy of his heart and lifelong loyalty. You may find that he takes slow steps when it comes to getting engaged, but that is because he is afraid of hurting his heart and always wants to make sure his partner will be loyal to him.

The Cancer man is also by nature a very sensitive person, which enables him to always pay attention to the feelings of his partner and give her the attention and care she needs.

Cancer man in marriage:

Women who are married to Cancer men are happy to have these as their partners. There is no better partner than a Cancer man because he is passionate, romantic, caring and will make his partner very pleasant. However, he seeks the same in return. He wants his partner to be loving, caring and loyal.

Cancer man in sex:

A cancer man loves sex, but he only does it when he is in love. He is not interested in having a fling or having sex just to satisfy his instincts, but he likes to get close to his partner because he really loves her, and he will try his partner so much to please as possible.

Cancer man pa:

Like Cancer Women, Cancer Men are excellent fathers. Their whole world revolves around their family and children. The Cancer man always strives to be the best father ever; You can also call him ‘Super Dad’. He is a kind, patient and considerate father who always celebrates the happy moments with his children and encourages them to be better people.

Cancer man and work:

Cancer man can judge people in a right way, which enables him to form good relationships with influential people in the workplace to help him get what he wants quickly. He can also hold various positions thanks to his ability to read others. The Cancer Man is also hardworking and enjoys being in a warm atmosphere among the workers.

How to interest a cancer man:

1- Show him your feminine side, he will like it a lot.

2- Do you know how to cook? Do not be afraid to brag about it.

3- Tell him about your love for your family, he will appreciate it.

4- Establish a good relationship with his friends and make sure you talk about them and his family in a positive way.

5- You will find him very elegant and like everything in order, so you should show him your well-groomed and organized side or ask him to help you arrange a few things here and there.

6. Keep in mind that spontaneous or sudden behavior will not be welcomed.

7- Treat him emotionally and show him your tender and compassionate side.

8- Compliment him and offer him words of praise and compliment.

9. Do not be afraid to share your feelings with a Cancer man.

10- When you get into an argument with a Cancer man, make sure you are tactful and convincing and not violent.

11- It is preferable to enter the life of a Cancer man in phases, one by one, while trying to stay before his eyes and gain his trust.

12- Listen carefully to what he is talking about and always be there when he needs you.

13- Do not try to make him jealous.

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