Decor … What is the best place for a bed in your bedroom?

Creating a suitable sleeping environment is essential to get a good night’s rest, and one of the most important factors associated with this is the location of the bed in the bedroom, and some may find it difficult to find an ideal bed in to choose all respects due to the small space or design of the room.

And in a recent article in the magazine “Ideal Home” it was said that the bedroom is basically a refuge away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The bedroom should therefore be attractive, comfortable and warm. The bed is the central feature of any bedroom. It should be in a comfortable place in the room so that we can feel rest after a tiring day. The question that comes to mind now is: Where do you put the bed in the bedroom? The report answers that it depends on many factors such as the size of the bedroom, the floor layout and the design of the house. But before you give up, check out these tips to choose the perfect place for your bed that balances all the factors in bed placement, according to the report:

1. Near the window

You can place your bed near the window, as placing the bed near the window works best from the point of view of design and architecture. It makes a strong focal point, especially when paired with beautifully designed and colored curtain panels, and interesting wall decor. If you have large windows, use a combination of translucent curtain panels and wall decor to create a focal point and also let in natural light so you can read while lying in bed. If you have a poorly placed window, you have a chance to draw attention to it as an architectural element by sharing it with a bed that is placed slightly outside the middle. You can save space by using a windowsill as a table to store books or trinkets. But you should avoid having the bed in front of the window, because your bed facing the window can interfere with sleeping conditions due to the light entering the room, but if it is difficult to avoid it and if you can not avoid to look at a window with direct sunlight. , You can use curtains in this case Dim blocks the light and heat in the morning.

2. On the ground

Your bed on the floor … Yes, bunk beds fit perfectly into the modern atmosphere, as they provide a simple and effective solution to the space problem. You can also choose a lower bed to give you a feeling of support if you are not sleeping comfortably on the floor. However, sleeping on the floor has certain health benefits because it helps to regulate blood circulation in the body. Being close to the ground gives you access to cooler air in the summer and gives you a sense of comfort, and you can arrange the ground bed as you wish. Whether you are looking for a chic or messy style or you are following a minimalist style, you can still make your floor bed the most interesting feature in the room.

3. In the corner

Your bed in the corner of interior design Corner beds are not the most common or used approach in interiors. But sometimes, when you face architectural or floor plan constraints that limit your space, corner beds can be the answer to your problems. Place the head of the bed in the corner and use the “dead space” between the bed and the wall for decoration or add a table there for lights and accessories. Alternatively, you can also push both the top and side of the bed into the corner. Turn it into a cozy retreat by adding more pillows or a raised headboard. Such a bed will give a correctly selected space in the layout of the room. If you keep it simple and clean, it can double as a couch during the day.

Another option here is to push the double beds into the corner. This design is perfect for children’s or guest bedrooms. This increases the walking space between the beds, making it easier to move around the room. Even the smallest spaces can look luxurious with this floor plan.

4 Is it near the door?

A choice that always makes a difference. If it is customary to place the bed so that you have a good view of the door, but if the whole bed is not visible from the door, it gives the sleeper ‘ a greater sense of security, and Feng shui experts believe that sleeping with your feet to the door is not as good as placing the coffin. But what if you want a place where you can see the person entering your room? Placing the bed near the door but not directly next to it can solve this problem.

5. Near the fireplace

The presence of a fireplace in the bedroom has become a modern design trend, it gives the room a warm feeling and there are many interesting ways to place a bed near the fireplace. A modern way is to design a fireplace that fits seamlessly into the decor and does not take up much space. Because the heater near the bed provides additional heating and heats the room faster. Fireplaces can be designed to look modern and elegant or to give a room a stylish and vibrant feel.

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