“Deep Vic” is a terrifying technology that threatens the world of politics and art. What do you know about it?

One of the techniques that is very dangerous without any real benefit is deepfake technology Also called deepfake technology, the term deepfake refers to a software manipulation technique to form a group of fake photos and videos of a person in a professional manner. Learn more about deep technology by following these rules.

What is the deep vec technique?
Deepfake technology also called deepfake technology, the term deepfake refers to a software manipulation technique to professionally form a group of fake photos and videos of a person. The Deep Vic technique differs from Photoshop and ordinary image installation techniques, in that the Deep Vic is characterized by focus, high accuracy and the difficulty of discovering the truth.

Another difference between Photoshop and Deep Vic programs is that Photoshop has a very weak or almost non-existent ability to create fake content in the form of a video clip, which is what Deep Vic techniques can do, since Deep Vic relies on a high level of electronic programming, which You place the person’s photo on the image the programmer wants without any signs that the video is fake, which makes the average viewer of the video impossible to verify its authenticity doubt.

The name of this technology is due to an account on the social networking site Reddit, which is the account of the same name, and uses artificial intelligence techniques to tamper with the faces of stars and celebrities and their faces in videos in to add what does not belong. to them.

Deep Vic technology relies on the use of two artificial intelligence systems; They are the generator and the discriminator. When the generator system creates a new video, it is sent to the discriminator system to determine if this video is genuine or fake, and if it is confirmed to be genuine, the generator will learn to create a more credible video and so on on.

This technique should be filled with videos to learn how to edit and decide what makes sense from fake. This is because the generating party of the technology is initially weak and needs constant training. The more intelligent the generator, the more intelligent the discriminator will be. So the programmer will eventually achieve a fully edited and believable video.

Deep Vic Technology Applications
Among the applications during which the application of Deep Vic technology took place are the following:

At the end of 2020, the French series “Bleu Bell La Vie” used the Deep Vic technique to compensate for the absence of one of its actresses due to her mixing with a person infected with the emerging coronavirus, Covid- 19, without the viewers noticing or noticing anything, even those who follow the series the most.

Hollywood production studios have also begun to pay attention to the technique of Deep Vic. The company “Lucasfilm” joined its ranks with a YouTube user, an expert in Deep Vic technology, after dazzling the audience by editing a scene in the second season of the series “The Mandalorian”. The Star Wars spin-off, which takes place five years after the 1983 movie “Return of the Jedi”, ends with the sudden appearance of Mark Hamill as a young man to take over the role of Luke Skywalker.

Deep Vic Victims
At the beginning of the rise of Deep Vic technology, this technology was used for entertainment purposes, whether to entertain stars and celebrities or to ridicule them. At the time, it was very easy to distinguish the real video from the fake because the nature and idea of ​​the video could not be correct. However, the increasing popularity of this technique has led to it reaching more people, which has created many casualties.

Deep Vic has victims who have demonstrated the technology in situations they are not concerned about in the first place, including:

– There have been many cases of slander and accusations of women in the press of immoral scenes brought to them, cases increasing day by day due to the ease of using the Deep in you, given the great damage caused by the Deep in you, the state of Virginia has decided to enact laws to make the content Manufactured pornography illegal and may not be viewed or posted.

– In June 2019, a deeply fake video was spread showing how the founder of the social networking site Facebook Mark Zuckerberg talks about his control over the stolen data from users. The video sparked widespread controversy at the time over the way technology companies are handling the popularity of “Deepfake” videos.

In 2020, a video was also widely circulated suggesting that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was smoking cocaine, and the fact was that the official’s face was placed on the face of a “YouTube” user in original scenes taken in 2019.

The Controversial Tech Deep Vic

Despite the dangers of spreading Deep Vic technology and the many fears it causes, there are still those who argue the importance of Deep Vic, including that we are used to believing everything we see in the news, whether online or through TV channels, and now that this technology has become widespread and well-known.For many, the average viewer will automatically begin to question what he sees before he believes it. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. distribution of the Deep Vic technique.

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