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ABU DHABI, 14 July / WAM / The local newspapers issued this morning highlighted in their editorials the speech of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, which he delivered yesterday. And a people full of will and determination, and in his speech the extraordinary leadership is manifested in the most beautiful of senses. and hope combine.

The newspapers confirmed that artificial intelligence technology is a key focus for the future of countries and people around the world, a key element in the work plans of future governments, and a catalyst for the growth of global markets and new economic sectors, and notes that the UAE is one of the world’s leaders in enhancing the role of artificial intelligence technology in shaping the characteristics of the future. It is a pillar of its future strategies and development plans for the next fifty years and ‘ an essential tool for developing work in all areas related to people’s lives.

Under the title “Vision of the Future”, the newspaper “Al-Ittihad” wrote a clear vision presented by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “May God protect him”, which is a specific path for the Emirates and its people, whose title is the future, and whose base is a strong, developed and high-ranking state, and full of people With will and determination, and a solid union that our history, principles, identity and legacy embodied, an international relationship system based on cooperation and trust, economic plans and development strategies that lead the country to global leadership.

She added an integrated vision, reflecting His Highness’s trust in the people, their faith in their abilities and their eagerness to possess the cornerstone of science, knowledge and creativity A vision that renews our principles through opportunities for peace and stability to support, and popularize, the values ​​of coexistence, respect and dialogue, and stand by humanity and its challenges, without regard to religion, race or color, and strengthening bridges. Partnership, consolidating the country’s position as a trusted provider and supporter of global energy security, and building on our qualitative and exceptional achievements over the past decades.

Finally, the Union said: “Our economy is one of the most powerful and growing worldwide, and the vision of His Highness is based on it for the better and most active worldwide during the fifty years, through diversification and competitiveness, through the knowledge of economy, improving our scientific and technological capabilities, increasing the contribution of the private sector, building a strong industrial sector, and investing in creative talents and competencies, in a way that accelerates development efforts, and the preserving state’s profits, sovereignty and security, and the position it held among the countries of the world.

On the same subject and under the title “From the Heart to the Heart.” Al-Khaleej newspaper said yesterday in the speech of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him.” the exceptional leadership is manifested in its finest meanings as it has addressed its people and the world in the spirit of a responsible leader.Which combines love, knowledge, ability, conviction, ambition and hope because he is the son of a wonderful school built. by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may he rest in peace, based on faith in the homeland and the people as a source of power, and that they deserve every sacrifice.

She stressed that leadership is an art that can only do great and great, and the head of state proved yesterday that he is the leader who says to his people: We are for her, and we are on the covenant of loyalty, give, love, tolerance and construction, and storm the future with thinking, work and sacrifice. The head of state is thus the maker of hope who puts his heart in his head, as Napoleon Bonaparte says; The leader is the one who makes others trust him, while the great leader is the one who makes others trust themselves. There is no doubt that the people of the Emirates are the people who trust themselves and with power and strength break the impossible.

She stated that from this point of view, and in confirmation of all these axioms, His Highness announced to the President of the State that “the people of the Emirates are the focus of the attention of our blessed country and the top of its priorities since its start, and the approach of the citizen’s happiness and care will remain the basis of all our plans for the future, “emphasizes his faith in the people of the Emirates and their capabilities, which” He proved before and after the union and in all the difficult stages we went through, his originality, his determination, his strong will and his ability to overcome challenges. ”

She added that he is the leader who believes in his people, who gives him all the trust and reciprocates love with love. He is the leader who appreciates the people on the land of the Emirates who participate in its progress and development and build buildings of pride and glory. He did not let them down in praising and appreciating the role they play and considering the UAE as their second country. .

She pointed out that His Highness, the President of the State, did not forget to emphasize the UAE’s consistent policy in strengthening friendship and partnership relations with the countries of the world that uphold the UAE’s values ​​of coexistence and mutual respect respect for progress and prosperity for us and them. To give it up or compromise it, “he stressed, emphasizing that the UAE” has become a source of inspiration and hope for the people of the region and the world. ”

Al-Khaleej concluded his editorial by saying: “Thank you, Commander. You have given us all the love from your heart, and we promise you that along the way we will remain loyal to our wise leadership and to our country, which has overwhelmed us with happiness, giving, pride and loyalty. We build together, storm the future together, and we will win together, if God wills. ”

On the other hand, under the headline “A Strong Economic Position”, the newspaper “Al-Bayan” wrote: “Artificial intelligence technology is today an essential center for making the future of countries and people around the world, and an important element in the action plans of future governments, and a catalyst for the growth of global markets and new economic sectors. ”

The UAE is one of the world’s first countries to strengthen the role of artificial intelligence technology in shaping the future, as it is a pillar of its future strategies and development plans for the next fifty years, and an essential tool for the development of work in all areas is related to people’s lives.

From this point of view, she added, the UAE is full of many initiatives related to talent development, support, nurturing, seeking and encouragement at an early age, as the national strategy aims to nurture talent in the strategic sectors of the country attract and retain. and create the appropriate environment to place the UAE among the best countries in the indicators of global talent competitiveness, by formulating an integrated management framework that ensures the availability of talents and skills capable of undermining the UAE’s ambition and relentless effort to its presence in many specialized scientific fields as part of its preparations for the next fifty years.

She pointed out that the UAE has taken a number of supportive and reinforcing steps to attract talent and intelligence, the most prominent of which is the development of the national strategy to attract and retain talent. Needless to say, these initiatives targeting talented people will play a role in shaping and developing national digital capabilities and talents, by providing the necessary resources and equipping Emirati youth with the basic skills and practical knowledge needed is to excel in the field of information technology and digital services, including artificial intelligence, and ultimately contribute to the support of key sectors of the national digital economy.

Finally, the statement emphasized that the state’s insistence on developing digital talent, providing basic skills and knowledge of Emirati youth, and engaging them in developing the best solutions to challenges, comes through the belief that the youth the main factor is in creating the present, preparing for the future and building a strong economic position among the countries of the world.

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