How do we invest in the summer holidays? Al-Ittihad newspaper

Khawla Ali (Dubai)

With the start of the summer holidays, families are mobilizing to look for summer centers, to meet the children’s free time and to help them invest their time usefully and learn new skills. To achieve this, it is necessary to look for educational and social activities that positively reflect on their personalities and behaviors, through guidance and counseling, and the selection of programs that fit the aspirations of parents. How can the summer holidays be used as an opportunity to learn skills?
Haya Al-Qassem is a creative thinking coach for the child. Remember that summer programs and activities play an important role in occupying leisure time, discovering and developing talents, investing energy, developing some concepts and moral values. establish, and develop students’ personalities.

She points out that the UAE is a pioneer in organizing events, by providing summer centers that offer diverse and targeted programs and activities for children, and in return, parents are eager to enroll their children in what is useful to them. time to use. The case points to the awareness of the parents, which is a reflection of the awareness of society, and the product of the relevant authorities that seek to promote their people, and emphasizes the need for the student to graduate, after a degree of knowledge and knowledge in a field in which he tends and finds his passion. Parents should be eager to develop their children’s skills, and not force them into activities in which they do not find fun.

profitable investment
On the feasibility of summer programs and activities, social worker Fatima Al-Dhanhani says: From the reality of working in the school field, we find that children who participate in programs offered by community institutions focus on skills that schools may not have in a large and supported way. Activating these skills in children can also generate innovation for them, as they are not limited to a specific curriculum, but rather hobbies that they employ in the service of society, where they invest in weaknesses and turn them into an interactive activity. which is applied to the soil.

When the activities vary between physical fitness, theater, drawing, karate and football, children can distinguish their tendencies and focus on the skill he deems suitable for him, and this affects the child’s integration with society, independence, learning new social skills, gaining new friendships and working in a group spirit. At the end of the summer holidays, we achieve a beneficial investment of time and an increase in the specialized skills of the child according to the growth levels of each child.

positive energies
Raysa Al Falasi, an organizing member of the summer program of the Dubai Club for Special Sports, explains that the activities are a platform to invest free time during the holidays and turn it into positive energies. The multiple specialized workshops open horizons and opportunities to discover and work on talents to develop them in their scientific and practical lives. Teamwork at an early age will support children’s personality and contribute to their life journey, which has spiritual, physical and cultural benefits for them.

  • Raisa Al Falasi

Al Falasi emphasizes the need for diversity and the upgrading of summer camp activities, with the aim of strengthening the love of knowledge, building positive behaviors and working as a team, forming continuous positive friendships between students and developing communication skills , to raise generations who are capable of facing future challenges. She recommends dedicating an open day to summer activities and involving parents in their children to learn how to invest their energy and make sure to encourage them to their advantage and a love of work, productivity, to to serve others and to encourage independence.

Foresee the future
On how to direct children to activities that suit their preferences, academic adviser Mona Al-Loughani believes that parents should know their children’s tendencies by creating a weekly schedule, because organizing and planning in advance reduces deviations, boredom, depression or accidents.

  • Mona Al-Loghani

And remember that engaging children in summer centers, workshops, and courses helps them benefit from the prospects of the future, and educates them in culture and knowledge by reading books and picture stories, and engaging in home activities such as to make and decorate cakes and snacks, or to learn their craft.
Al-Loughani points out that setting a time for sleep maintains a fixed schedule that ensures proper rest for children, because lack of sleep can have a negative impact on learning abilities and can provoke nervousness, stress and overeating, leading to obesity and social isolation. It is believed that taking exploration trips is one of the most important ways of entertaining the child; Because it improves his communicative abilities, social and personal skills, his sense of responsibility and practice.

talent development
Parent Sindia Al Zeyoudi confirms that the summer holidays are a wonderful opportunity for children to take advantage of various skills that suit their interests and interests. She says: We, the parents, must realize the need to invest our children’s free time, and eager to refine their creativity, and to encourage them to do what is beneficial to them, such as making a love to cultivate for work, productivity and service. others, to accustom them to responsibility and independence, and to develop and invest in themselves. We must be eager to involve our children in summer centers that meet quality, health and safety standards to ensure high-performance outputs for sustainable summer development, to help children invest their energy and enhance their experiences. And remember that summer camps in the country are characterized by their diverse and rich content, and the skills of our children meet their future desires and give them academic and life knowledge to develop talents and creativity.

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