Inevitably, the youth of the Sudanese revolution will triumph over the dark forces. Written by: Bashir Abdel Qader – Sudanile

Many ask about the secret of the “journey” of the commander of the Rapid Support Forces and the unofficial deputy of the Chairman of the Sovereign Council, “General” Hemedti, to Darfur; Until Hemeti surprised everyone with statements closer to threats to the Sudanese people in general and to all who do not accept him within the regular forces, armed and unarmed movements, parties and remnants of the former regime of the non-Islamic movement, and that he is ready for war to bring about peace and he intends to establish his authority as ruler of Sudan !!! He wants to enforce the policy of the accomplished fact and that he is the real ruler of some countries that support and reject the proof. He wants to prove to everyone that he controls Sudan as a whole, his “Khartoum” and his east – he has a went a while ago and threatened the people of the East – and the West; Rather, he controls even the Sudanese armed forces, as he has seized the parachute force, and now he is taking over the main armed fortress that was out of his control and eventually fell within his grasp, which is the Armored Corps. The reaction of the military “gentlemen” of Al-Burhan and his motivators, in front and behind the curtain, was not delayed. Soon, 4 Egyptian military planes flew in the old Halfa area yesterday, without any convincing reasons other than swinging Hemedti with the stick of the Egyptian Air Force, which had previously hit the Gezira area, Aba in 1971 AD. It remains to be seen whether there is a complex mathematical equation that can only be solved with billions of funds sufficient for the parties involved in power and increase. To explain more, I say that Al-Burhan’s coup on October 25, 2021 AD was based on the recommendations of Al-Bashir’s Security Committee, which is the representative of the non-Islamist movement and the former regime. After that coup, the non-Islamist movement regained most of its power in decision-making positions in the state. It also recovered the money that was the subject of trial or confiscation from the committee to dismantle the rescue system. Then the non-Islamic movement and the remnants of the former regime of opportunists decide that they can postpone their fight with Hemeti, while threatening to somehow scale down or get rid of him at a later date. The people of the revolutionary, on the one hand, and on the other, deceive world opinion, represented by the United Nations and Mr. Volcker, that the resistance committees, in addition to the civil parties, are incapable of agreeing and creating civilian rule. While the remnants of the former regime and the army and the two groups continue to inflate strife between the civil parties and the resistance committees with the aim of driving everyone forward to fraudulent elections and the results are known in advance !!! This non-Islamic movement and the representative of the former regime does not find complete satisfaction with the Egyptian regime and its intelligence apparatus, nor does it find the satisfaction of the UAE. As for the second partner in the coup, that is, the armed movements, especially Justice and Equality, led by the Minister of Finance, dr. Jibril Ibrahim and the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Mona Arko Minawi, are not satisfied without sharing money, wealth and power with a share that satisfies them. It remains that the rebellious Sudanese people are represented by some parties who are opposed to the disbanded regime and to the rule of the army, and before them a representative of the resistance committees, who has not accepted and will not accept concessions, especially after testing the army and remnants of the former regime in the non-Islamic movement and realizing that they had just bowed a little before the storm; But as a deep state that has been rooted for 30 years, they cannot accept the expulsion of the army to the barracks, thus weakening their police and intelligence forces, and in return for preserving their personal and organizational interests, they ready a third of the people or more if necessary so that power and wealth remain in their hands !!! This Sudanese people, especially their patriotic youth, are certain since the events of September 2013 AD, and how the rebellious youth were killed with live bullets, and it was renewed in the massacre of the sit-in on June 3, 2019. Rather, the murder of young people has continued on a daily basis since October 25, 2021 AD, and about 115 martyrs have fallen.And his youth that there is no solution in sight does not begin with the increase of the three nos, no legitimacy, nor negotiations nor partnership, and the army for the barracks and the Janjaweed – the quick support – is disintegrating !!! The youth therefore face three dark forces: the non-Islamist movement, the army and the armed movements, including the Rapid Support Forces !!! This youth who makes daily sacrifices with full certainty that he is inevitably victorious and not a victory for himself.He rather accepted it out of love, dignity and loyalty to their martyr friends who sacrificed their lives for this country and their wounded friends and those who are in the regime’s official and unofficial prisons, until the civilian government returns and the people are freed from fear, humiliation and hunger.And for the people to be honored and strengthened in their country, they are not afraid of prisons or homeless in exile! It still remains that the call to unite all the opposition forces to miss the opportunity for the army and the two countries is a necessity without which the return of the former regime to rule with new faces, and attention must be paid to the necessity of a tactical agreement, even if temporary, on the minimum objectives; It is the removal and dismantling of the remnants of the disbanded rescue system, and the return of the soldiers to the barracks. yes. It is now possible for all the resistance committees, and before the end of the year, to escalate their representatives to a central resistance committee of 15 members, and the parties rejecting the Burhan coup can also form a 15-member committee and the 25-member civilian government with the creation of a 5-member Sovereignty Council. It is also possible to escalate the escalation of 50 members of the resistance committees, together with the escalation of 50 members of all parties opposed to the coup, to form a “Parliament” of the People’s Assembly that will last for three years to pass all the necessary. law. At that time, the will of the youth would have triumphed over all the dark forces of evil from the remnants of the former regime, the army, and the armed movements, including the Rapid Support Forces. One of the poets of the revolution sang: “Oh, wake up before the bird … and the world is winter .. give life to the other ….. daily .. daily .. daily. What is left is forgotten .. to walk .. my school .. all the children of the people .. big and high in the head .. name and sing and join .. your name is is an inch in the hands .. Your anger is missed the serious ones ….. the necessary are more important to me than your country … and not the thieves??

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