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Unit: 7-14-2022

Umm Nour leans her head on her hand as she sits on the waiting benches in the foyer of the Directorate of Culture and watches the children leave the integrated learning classes and says: Unfortunately I was late with the enrollment of my two sons (Noor and Nouri)) , in the reinforcement courses in the lessons and curriculum, and they are in the third and fourth grade, and if it were not for this delay, I would have saved myself the fees for private lessons.

Umm Haider of Sqoubin says: Computers, Zumba and acting are all free to develop the children’s talents, and it has always been a dream for my children, but without hope for me, until they go to the cultural center in the integrated learning came. project and with the life skills building team, where they met what they desired, I could not register them in institutes and private lessons due to the tight financial situation, and we were relocated from the Levant during the crisis to find a space of hope today and opportunities for learning and collective participation with children and colleagues We are happy, and I thank the members of this team with all my heart, and they have a card of love and appreciation from us.

Mr. Khaled Al-Bahloul – supervisor of the integrated learning project indicated: This project is in collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and UNICEF, and adds: The project started in 2021 when we approached school leavers due to the crisis and Corona, to compensate for their educational loss and try to return them to schools or integrate. In the education program category B, students who are at risk of dropping out due to financial conditions, work or the distance from their places of residence to schools are added to them. .

He added: The project combines learning and skills that include (computer, theater, acting, choir, folk art, calligraphy and drawing, paper folding, origami, and others), and the project is constantly being renewed as it is in great demand today for that, which led to us expanding geographically in The City and that the project, in addition to the main center in the Directorate of Culture, has new sub-centers in the Southern Raml and Al-Datour neighborhood.

The project includes in all its centers / 8 / drop-out sections, to which some classes are added to support students at risk of dropping out of the first grade to the eighth grade, and during the school year we add classes to students of the preparatory and secondary certificates, and these classes are all accompanied by skills sessions. The number of students benefiting from the summer period reached about 600 students of all age groups.

The project also includes, within its interests, awareness sessions for the students’ families, which are limited to the educational and social field and revolve around how to deal with the educational and behavioral problems they face with their children, in addition to the caring for children with special needs so that we can receive them and provide them with all educational services.

He concluded his speech on the project plan by saying: Due to the presence of students from outside the Latakia governor, we will undertake field trips to introduce the most important historical and tourist landmarks of Lattakia.

We go in through the doors of the project and from his computer rooms and screens we have a meeting with mr. Alaa Matar – an informatics teacher in the project, who showed us that the children in the project are divided into four periods and groups according to up to centuries, and there are (8-20) students in one class, some of whom Follow us Since last year, to have levels and a platform to work on, and we started the Windows program, then we came to information and concepts on how to handle the computer and its parts, and in the next step the operating system and then add a personal account, change pictures and many more, to follow after learning the Office, Word, Power, Excel and Access programs if it has us allowed to have students of the ninth and tenth grades.

He went on to say: Most of these students came voluntarily and with a personal motive, to learn and expand their knowledge and experience.

Some of them are students from industry and also computer science who demand more specialized information, so we can not satisfy everyone at once, which is why today we speak of computers as the backbone of our lives.

Hamed Jarmak – a baccalaureate student who has confirmed that he has enough time to keep himself busy with everything useful, and he spends a fun time in class with his friends, the computer screen and his teacher, who provide him with all the information that provides him with interest and takes his hand to the future.He wants to enter the College of Engineering, which requires him to have skill in handling computers and how to use it for study and work.

In another row we enter at the doors of colors and fold the leaves and yellow, blue and red butterflies flying between the hands of young children and on their seats, including the child Lilas Baajer – first row, which is a blue butterfly caught and tried to fly it with a smile and shout: I loved it, how beautiful it is blue as the sky, I love my teacher who gave me the paper. She painted me and taught me how to make a butterfly to decorate my room and school.

At the gates of the project, mothers and daughters stood for hours waiting, among them the young woman Taqwa – grade seven, and Maryam – grade six, who were in the project ranks last year, and today they are late, and they ask when they will have an opportunity ?, and the rest are waiting for their young sons to come out in arms.

Huda Salloum

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