Iraq and the Predictors of the Fall of the Regime

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Whoever examines the real factors that ignited the revolution of the Sri Lankan masses will find that the most important and first of which is the immorality of the fleeing president, his brothers and his cousins, their expropriation of wealth and loot, their perseverance and obscenity oppress in their adversaries, the impoverishment of their country, the ignorance of their masses, their deprivation of their basic necessities of life, and their foolishness that they are immortal, and their shame The oppressed, the robbed, the oppressed will not break into their palaces , they will not flow into their bedrooms, they will not dance on their beds, they will not float in their pools, they will not plunder their belongings, then they will bring down their order in hours, and then only the most escape.

By measuring the situation in Iraq, from 2003 to the present, we find that the injustice, corruption and dependency that existed in Sri Lanka exists in Iraq, and perhaps even worse than that, and more corrupt, unfair, famine, ignorance and employment.

Sri Lankans, like Iraqis, are multi-religious, national and multilingual, with Buddhists making up 70 percent of them, Hindus 12, Muslims 10 and Christians 9. Nationally Sinhalese make up 75 percent, Tamil Arabs 11 and Indians 4 They have two official languages, Sinhala and Tamil.

But those who filled the squares, squares, and streets were citizens of all nationalities, religions, regions, and sects, united by their need for justice, integrity, unity, security, stability, sovereignty, and dignity. They hoisted only one flag, and sang only one cheer, then the desired was fulfilled within hours.

As for the forecasters, analysts and commentators who delve into the Iraqi issue and announce the fall of the current system based on quotas within a month, or in a year or two, and they diagnose the external force that will do the job , they are hysterical, arguing and gossiping, without evidence or proof.

Iraq is not an island isolated from its surroundings and from the world, but rather a patch of land that God caused between Gog and Magog, and owned by forty thieves, the largest of which lies outside the border.

They often predicted things or expected things, and then events came in the opposite of what they expected.

One of them not only predicted the return of the Ba’ath party to rule Iraq, but also decided, similar to the return of the Taliban to rule Afghanistan.

Another predicted that the expected Arab-Israeli-American NATO would soon uproot the political system in Iraq.

And one of them went much further, declaring that a scheme was now under way to “overthrow” the regime in Iraq. He set a deadline of two years.

He explained that “a crushing and destructive force will drive out the entire political class, and that the year 2024 is the deadline to eliminate the current regime forever.” But he refused to disclose the name of the country that will carry out the mission, even though he was informed of his complete secret plan to overthrow the regime.

In order for the political analyst or predictor in Iraqi affairs, and also in others, to be closer to saying the right thing, he must be a political, military or economic expert who still maintains deep relationships with the effective global decision-making capitals. , with regional governments, and with local parties, blocs and coalitions, to be able to read Preliminary and results are expected, but without certainty, because no one has knowledge of the invisible, and who may carry new, urgent winds.

What makes these analysts’ expectations of popular cafes, and a random mess, is that the constant reality in Iraq allows only the uprising of one sect that is interrupted by other opposing sects, or one nationalism that is opposed by other nationalities, after the current politicians got it right. to deepen hostility, fear, hatred and mistrust between sects The one nation, its nationalities and religions, well deserved.

And if the perpetual October uprising is repeated, it will not be a comprehensive Iraqi one, with a single Iraqi flag waving in its air, and its revolutionaries chanting one slogan, as in Sri Lanka, Argentina, Tunisia, Sudan, and before that, Egypt, and a foreign government as well.

One more thing. There is no difference between the fact that the occupation of Iraq helped the Iranian regime to gain power in Syria and expand in Lebanon, then in Yemen. Thus this regime, with all its energies, tails and militias, becomes the first and most dangerous enemy of the new uprising, and the most eager to thwart it by all means and methods.

Turkey and Arab and foreign countries, including America and European countries, along with Russia and China, are not satisfied or fit for the fall of the current corrupt regime and the establishment of an Iraqi popular government that is deep in the Iraqi national conscience. does not come up.

In addition, the Iraqi political, economic, security, military and media class that rules under the current bad quota system, in defense of its profits, positions and existence, must be the other desperate enemy to bury it, to kill its activists, to hay. his ranks and bury his goals.

This is because the victory of the Iraqi people over their regime, and the establishment of a new national people’s government free from any foreign guardianship means that they and their allies, and the beneficiaries of their corruption, Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, Muslims and Christians , will either be behind bars, be dead or be refugees from justice.

Moreover, Turkey and Arab and foreign countries, including America and European countries, along with Russia and China, are not satisfied or fit for the fall of the current corrupt regime and the establishment of an Iraqi popular government that goes from the depths of the Iraqi citizen. does not come up. conscience, his sovereignty and the dignity of his people.

Consequently, most of the analyzes, predictions and predictions we see these days on satellite TV screens and social media sites announcing the new Iraqi homeland free of civilian weapons, and of the guardianship of foreign authorities and governments, are just pipe dreams.

Iraq is not an island isolated from its surroundings and from the world, but rather a patch of land that God caused to be caught between Gog and Magog, and owned by forty thieves, and their head is outside the border.

The truth is that he will not be freed from the nightmares of the loyalist factions, from Ammar al-Hakim’s speeches, Muqtada al-Sadr’s tweets, and the tactics of Nouri al-Maliki, Hadi al-Amiri, Muhammad al-Halbousi , Masoud Barzani and Bafel Talabani, unless the air changes in Iran, and only if America is convinced that Tehran is a purely Russian and Chinese state, and has seriously decided, with honesty and with a pure intention, to invade it as you invaded Iraq, and it’s a big event, if you know, but it’s going to happen soon, or it might not happen, neither today, nor tomorrow, nor after a long life. And who knows of anything other than that, let him say it, but with rationality and realism, and without imagination.

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