Majdi Mashmoushi: I’m a theater boy and I work on television to live

A theater, film and television actor, his activity is currently focused on platform work, as is the case with most actors in the world. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lebanon in the late 1970s, and his credit today includes more than 67 series, 15 plays and more than ten films, and he holds a freelance position in the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.

His first acting experience was with director Maroun Baghdadi in the movie “Out of Life”, which won the jury prize at the “Cannes” International Film Festival, after which he went on to work in television drama under the direction of director Samir Darwish, and his first work was the series “The Paths of Wafa”, after which he participated in the series “No Yesterday After Today” and praised his television work, between comedy and tragedy, between joint local and Arabic series.

Foreign film placements

Machmouchi, who in his artistic beginnings placed great hope on film art, tells of the reasons that led him to focus his activity as an actor at a later stage on the television drama in which he was from 1996 until today. He says: “I switched to television because the market is wider. I started my film experience in France because there is no film industry in Lebanon, but it is still experimenting. As for the work in television, it has the because television focuses on the requirements of the market, which is why we focus on it in Our professional life, he added, commenting on the participation of some Lebanese films in international festivals and their winning of awards, “these are personal and private experiences. “and most of them are produced with foreign participation because there is no Lebanese film industry.”

And whether his primary ambition as an actor is to work in the movie theater, he replies: “Currently, working on television differs from working in movies, in its beginnings when the 35 mm film was a basic technology in its production , because the technologies used in television today are the same as those used everywhere in cinema. Around the world, that is, the cameras themselves, as well as the lighting and other details, so there is no longer a difference between cinema and television, except that the movie is shown on a big screen, but ambition is another subject, and if I lived in a country where there is a film industry, I would have continued to Cinema, although platforms have become the pioneers in all countries of the world.

Supplies of life

Machmouchi does not support what some consider the platforms to drain the actor, especially with the increase in demand for their work and the actor’s participation in a large number of them annually, and he explains, “Appeal is the profession of the actor, is it therefore necessary to stop working, especially in a country like Lebanon that is suffering from suffocating crises? The Lebanese actor must work and participate Not only in the works displayed on platforms, but even in those who “We are experiencing a difficult economic situation, and we thank God that the Lebanese representative works and that the platforms trust the Lebanese producer and work in Lebanon.” But he does not see that quantity at the expense of type occurs in a large number of works and that most actors accept it because of the stressful economic conditions compared to a small number of them, emphasizing the quality that satisfies their artistic ambition even in light of the crisis, he says, “And who are these actors? These words Impossible! We live in a country where there is no water or electricity, and it does not have all the necessities of life, and that is unreasonable for any representative to say it, and whoever says it is better to stay at home or look for another country to live in. It is not possible to talk about ideals in an absurd country. going through abnormal conditions. “

Do his words mean that the actor’s conditions have changed and he is forced to accept even the work of which he is not convinced? Mashmoushi replies, “There is no such thing as a job of which he is not convinced, because the actor is practicing a profession, and he is supposed to be convinced of the place he is going to. As for the conditions, it is not only my conditions or the conditions of the Lebanese representative, but the conditions of all representatives of the world, because the economic crisis affects All countries of the world, as it includes all professions, not just the profession of acting.

A dress in more than one shape

And because the Lebanese actor is required to limit his experience to a certain type of roles in response to the desire of the production companies, while he could deviate from the norm by diversifying his roles and excel in tragedy as in comedy and success in both types, he says, “I tried as much as possible not to be satisfied with one dress.” Rather diversification and wearing more than one dress.There is no doubt that production companies sometimes oblige the actor to wear one dress, but he is supposed to wear it in more than one form.

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Mashmoushi, who describes some as “the Joker of Lebanese drama” because of his presence in most of the works and the willingness of production companies to deal with him, believes that these companies value and respect him for what he offers, and continues: ” I can only thank her, and although I do not like titles, but I do not care to be told about me. ” I’m the Joker of the Lebanese Drama.

Mashmoushi distinguished himself as an actor who achieved his name Hollywood when he was offered a role in an international movie, but he refused because of the low wages, and about this experience he says: “It was a mistake made by me and I could not undo it, but it will remain in the private (CV) B. And the mistake was that I, as an actor, refused a job produced by Kanye West, and for many years has passed since this issue.Although I admit it’s a mistake, but I do not regret it, because of course I do not regret anything, and every work I participated in had its circumstances, time, advantages and disadvantages “and there is no regret in my life, and if the Hollywood show is repeated today, I will accept it if the appropriate role is available, even if it is a small area, provided it is not against the Arabs.”

theater and playwright

On the other hand, the observer notes that his theater experience is very limited compared to his representative experiences in other fields. Does this indicate that he is not on good terms with the theater? Machmouchi strongly denies this and confirms his good relationship with the theater, saying: “I am a graduate of the theater department and I worship it just as much as I love film and television, but I choose the field that has continuity for me. The theater is suffering today and there is no continuity in Lebanon due to the bad conditions, and I can not do rehearsals for two months, or three for a theater production whose performance does not exceed one week, especially when I during those three months have other obligations to the interest of television.I have to work and film these works and earn money to secure my existence and life.Although the general situation is more comfortable, not only in Lebanon In all countries of the world actors would have been different because the crisis includes the whole world.Theatre actors in Egypt have stopped working, as well as Syrian theater actors because the theater has its conditions and space and a healthy ground nodi g has what is not currently available. As for academics graduating from universities, they participate in a number of theater works so that they feel they are in the right place, but when the doors open in front of them and offer them to participate in film or television works, they will like we are moving towards the profession. ”

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