Manager of the “Oasis” Fund of Funds, Areej Al Shukr, is the first Bahraini and Gulf Arab …

(NAME- Akhbar Al Khaleej)

Areej Al Shukr, one of Bahrain’s financial sector leaders and managing director of Al Waha Fund of Funds, became the first A Bahraini and Gulf woman to receive the Kaufman Fellowship.

The Kauffman Societies is one of the world’s leading programs focused on innovation, leadership and venture capital, nurturing leaders and innovative investors through a two-year venture capital partnership.

She graduated last June thanks to a party in San Francisco and joined a network that continues Life consists of 800 fellows from 65 countries around the world. The “Oasis” fund of funds participated in 670 companies.

The Kauffman Fellowships network represents more than $ 290 billion in assets under management. It raised more than $ 790 billion in capital and was responsible for more than $ 8.5 billion in exit from limited partnerships.

On this occasion, she said: “I am honored to join the prestigious Kaufman network and look forward to working with him.” Global colleagues, who use their experiences and expertise to further develop the venture capital community in the Gulf.

She added, “The Oasis Fund was set up to help beginners in the region gain access to capital. Over the past four years, we have worked hard to build the venture capital ecosystem in Bahrain and the region. Like the Gulf region more interest in international funds, we will be supported by joining the Kaufman Network of Fellowships »To enhance the presence of the venture capital community in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries We also hope that it will attract more companies to the region and will support beginners in various sectors, many including financial technology and digital health. ”

The Oasis Fund, managed by the Bahrain Development Bank, aims to provide a leading example of how government programs can help build a strong VC ecosystem and stimulate VC capabilities in the region.

Dalal Al Ghais, CEO of Bahrain Development Bank, in turn said: “We are proud of the great achievement you have achieved Areej, which represents an important milestone in her personal growth journey and prominence in the financial sector. It is also an important step for the venture capital system in Bahrain and the GCC. ” .

Al Ghais added: “International funds are increasingly interested in emerging companies operating in the region, and it is important to continue to empower and nurture talent in the region. As the main center of the financial sector in the Middle East, it is only natural that Bahrain should provide the first «Kaufman Fellow in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Jeff Harbach, President and CEO of Kauffman Fellowships, said: “We are delighted to welcome Areej and Fund of Funds. Oasis is part of our diverse global network of innovative investors. The Kaufman Fellowships are committed to providing the most exciting ecosystems of support start-ups around the world, and in this Majal the Golf Cooperation Council (GCC) region emerges as one of the most promising platforms for entrepreneurs, and it is no coincidence that it produces The region’s innovative investors. looking forward to introducing this community program to more prominent talents in the Middle East. ”

It is noteworthy that the acquisition of the society requires the presence of investors, a systematic approach and the development of an individual tailored growth plan, especially for two years, by working personal mentorship, participating in peer learning, and building attend event networks, and present a project on intellectual leadership. The curriculum also focuses on developing each fellow’s skills and responsibilities as an emerging leader in the sector.

In addition, the Oasis Fund provides international funds access to the Middle East markets and helps international companies expand its activities in the region. The fund has also evolved to become a strategic and financial partner for the funds. The fund forms a large part of efforts to raise capital from the East and West to better connect the markets. It is of great importance to expand the scope of companies in the Middle East, which in turn is a significant factor The importance of transforming the Gulf region from a consumer of innovation to an engine of innovation.


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