Minister of Communications opens IDC Summit for Information Technology Managers in Egypt

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, confirmed that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology continues to implement projects to build a digital Egypt based on information and communication technology in all aspects of life. Point out that Digital Egypt is a major national project that combines the efforts of all government agencies and all elements of the information society to achieve the desired goal. He stressed that the growth rate of the communications and information technology sector during the current financial year was more than 16 percent as it is considered to be the growing sector among the state’s sectors, reflecting its pioneering role in the development of all sectors of all. species.

It came in Dr. Amr Talaat’s speech at the inauguration of the activities of the eighth edition of the IDC Information Technology Managers Summit “IDC 2022” in Egypt, organized by the global company IDC, in collaboration with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

Talaat added that the trial launch of the digital Egypt platform, which has so far provided more than 130 digital government services to citizens, has been launched. He explained the efforts made to bring about digital transformation, which includes the construction of the Egyptian information infrastructure and the automation of all government procedures providing services introduced on the Egypt Digital Platform; Point out that the next phase will work on two parallel axes: the launch of more digital services, in addition to the beginning of next July to implement a project to restructure all public service-related applications, with an estimated budget of 2 billion over the next two fiscal years; The project aims to build a system of applications to provide services to citizens through various agencies, agencies and ministries.

Talaat explained that a number of projects are being implemented with various sectors of the state, including the mechanization of the comprehensive health insurance system, the mechanization of university hospitals, the farmer card project and the mechanization of the agricultural system in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, where about 8 million farmers benefit from the project in several towns. A law enforcement project has also been launched in collaboration with the Ministries of Justice and Home Affairs and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as a project to automate Egyptian courts and remote litigation in all economic courts throughout the Republic, while the next phase launches of the remote litigation project in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice to facilitate citizens.

Dr. Amr Talaat pointed out that human construction is the cornerstone of the strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which is eager to prepare a base of digital skills through a number of initiatives aimed at training in various technological disciplines to provide. to initiatives aimed at training university graduates from Academic disciplines who are not specialized in the fields of technology to change their professional path to work in these fields. In addition to launching training programs to entice young people to work in global freelance platforms; Show the Lions of Egypt digital initiative, targeting schoolchildren, which has seen a huge demand for registration in recent weeks.

Talaat stated that within the framework of the ministry’s efforts to promote creativity and stimulate innovative thinking; More than 11 Digital Egypt Innovation Centers have been established to incubate and develop groundbreaking ideas for young people and to hold networking forums between the youth and investors; He pointed out that beginners could attract investments of about $ 490 million in 2021, compared to $ 190 million in investments in 2020.

Dr. Amr Talaat added that the telecommunications infrastructure is the mainstay for the implementation of all activities within the telecommunications and information technology sector. Since 2019, a project has been launched to support fixed information infrastructure with investments of £ 60 billion in the first phase of the project, which has contributed to increasing the efficiency of the internet, making Egypt the first in Africa with the average fixed internet speed; He explained that the second phase of the project in the next financial year will start with investments of 40 billion pounds, which will expand the fiber optic network in cities, in addition to participating in the implementation of various axes in a decent life project in the light of the government’s vision of the importance of providing high speed internet as one of the elements of providing a decent life for citizens, as the cost of connecting fiber optic cables to the villages of the first phase of the initiative is about 5 , £ 8 billion; Point out that as part of the implementation of Egypt’s digital strategy, a project is being implemented to connect 35,000 government buildings to the fiber optic network across the country.

It is noteworthy that this year’s IDC summit discusses efforts to accelerate the transformation to the digital world.

The summit represents a leading platform for experts and thought leaders in the ICT industry in Egypt since 2015. Many international and local companies specializing in the fields of ICT are participating in its activities this year.

On the sidelines of the IDC summit, an exhibition was organized that included the corporate pavilions of the summit’s sponsors, during which the latest digital solutions presented by them were reviewed.

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