“Money” versus “the history movement” .. Conservatives in Britain are confused and elected

A rapid filtering process is in full swing in the corridors of the ruling Conservative Party in Britain, to elect the successor to retired Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A first round of voting on a list of MPs nominated to succeed Johnson at the head of the ruling party, and therefore the government, took place yesterday, Wednesday, while the candidates waited for a hot second round on Thursday. .

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak was at the top of the list of MPs that Johnson wanted to succeed at the helm of the Conservative Party after the first round of voting, in which party lawmakers participated.

The first round of voting reduced the number of candidates competing to only six, and led to the disqualification of the two who received the least votes.

In detail, Sunak, who resigned from the post of finance minister last week and helped Johnson oust, received 88 votes, ahead of former defense minister Penny Mordaunt, who received 67 votes and came second.

Foreign Minister Liz Truss came third with 50 deputies.

Three other candidates managed to cross the minimum threshold of 30 votes: former Equality Minister Kimi Badenok with 40 votes, Representative Tom Tugendhat with 37 votes, and Attorney General Suila Braverman with 32 votes.

Thus, Tory MPs excluded former Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt, who challenged Johnson in the 2019 election, as well as the newly appointed Minister of Finance, Nazim Al-Zahawi, from the race after failing to cross the minimum voting threshold. do not have. .

The second round of voting is scheduled for Thursday, as the ruling Conservative Party is trying to liquidate the candidate list by next week and retain only two of them, so a party leader will be elected from them later.

Rivalry and abuse

The election campaign was marked by intense competition and the exchange of abuse between the candidates, which forced the loser Jeremy Hunt to warn the other contenders that “smearing and attacks can bring short-term tactical victories, but it always returns in the long run. “

A week after his resignation, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said on Monday that he was leaving the post “with his head held high” as his Conservative Party began the process of reducing the number of candidates to succeed him from eight to two.

Speaking to MPs in the House of Commons, Johnson said he was “proud” of his performance, and said with regret during a prosecution hearing: “It is absolutely true that I am leaving at a time I did not choose … but I left with my head held high. “

Johnson appeared before the House of Representatives in one of the last parliamentary questioning sessions in his capacity as Prime Minister before announcing his successor on September 5, after he thwarted the opposition’s attempt to oust him before that date.

Labor on Wednesday tried to enforce a motion of no confidence in the House of Commons against Johnson, saying the UK could not afford weeks of internal strife within the Conservative Party due to the subsistence crisis and other challenges, such as the war in Ukraine.

But the government refused to allow a margin to discuss the labor effort, in a move that constitutionalists described as “unprecedented.”

momentum shape

At first glance, Sunak, who came first in the first round of voting, appears to be the frontrunner, but there is another candidate who is building momentum in a very short time, the former Minister of Defense, Penny Mordaunt, who in the same time received 67 votes. round and took second place.

What makes Mordaunt’s fate strong is that she unexpectedly jumped to second place and did better than Liz Truss, even though she launched her campaign for the presidency of the ruling party very shortly before the first round vote, according to which “Al Ain News” in the British newspaper, The Telegraph.

Mordaunt’s supporters believe she’s best suited to lead the ruling party because she’s a new face on leadership, has tyrannical charisma and is capable of defeating the Labor Party in the January 2025 legislative elections.

In the next phase of her campaign, today, Thursday, Mordaunt will be based on her education in the military and her inclusion in his positions, and she will be drafting her security and defense policies, under the slogan that she has a plan to keep Britain safe and secure, which is a great strength.

But the former defense minister is being attacked by her opponents for her lack of necessary economic experience, which includes the candidate, Sunak, the former finance minister, and the man in charge of finance and economics.

Johnson retires

Johnson was forced to resign last week after a major uprising against him within his government, including in particular Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, against the backdrop of a series of scandals that led to a decline in popular support for the conservatives in the polls.

Johnson’s fall was resounding for a politician who won a landslide victory in the legislative elections held in December 2019 and took the United Kingdom out of the European Union a month later, until the Covid pandemic reached Britain.

While Johnson said he would not support any candidate, his loyal supporters criticized Sunak, the favorite to succeed him, and lobbied for right-wing Secretary of State Liz Truss.

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