Nancy Ajram reveals a surprise to her Egyptian fans: Waiting for “Sahih” next month

Dialogue: Muhammad Abdullah

Lebanese star and singer Nancy Ajram has revealed that she is preparing a surprise for her Egyptian fans through a new song in the Egyptian dialect called “Sahsah”, which will be shown next month. Among the songs from her latest album, “Nancy 10”, written and composed by Nabil Khoury, and in her interview with “Akhbar Al-Youm”, Nancy reveals the features of her new album, her opinion on the dominance of singles and her opinion on the impact of social media on our lives.

“Nancy” at the beginning of the meeting expressed her happiness with the surprise that she was preparing for her large audience in Egypt and the Arab world through a new song in the Egyptian dialect. She said: I recently had a beautiful recording and filming completed. Egyptian song titled “Sahsah”, distributed by international DJ “Marshmallow” and the leading Tarek Madkour. The video clip is scheduled to start showing next July, and Marshmallow will appear with me in many scenes in the track, featuring a new and advanced track. idea, and the work will be a surprise to the beloved audience.

How do you see the success of your latest song “You do not apologize”?
Praise be to God, the video clip was a huge success, with millions of viewers and listeners, and it made me very happy, and motivated me with great enthusiasm to present and shoot new songs, and I am thankful for my wonderful audience for this support, which made me happy.

A few days ago I finished filming a video clip, “Baddi Hada Habo,” written by Ahmed Madi and composed by Ziad Barji, and some of her words say, “Khodni Ala Dani, there is no one in it .. except me and you and Shams are not going away, “and this is the fourth song I take from my last album. Nancy 10».

What about your new album, will it be released soon?
– I started preparing and preparing for my new album, and I’m still in the initial selection stage, and to your knowledge, when I start preparing for any new artwork, I’m in a wonderful psychological state, and this timing is the closest to my heart, and he promised me that the album would include many amazing songs and the audience would love it.

The work will include many new details and surprises, by presenting many new ideas and topics. When choosing my songs, I care a lot about choosing expressive words and musical melodies with appropriate rhythms, and from here the difference becomes clear. to present art that suits all ages and all tastes, in addition to My permanent participation in the revival of concerts, the last of which was my big concert in Cairo last week, and it was a joyous evening that captured my heart and unforgettable memories wore, and then my concert at the famous Olympia Theater in Paris.

Can we find you redistributing and updating one of your old songs?
I do not tend to redistribute and present my previous songs in a new way, as I am sure that each time has its own songs that fit it, and thereby it is possible to change the period and the situation in which the work appeared, to express.

Do single songs have the biggest influence in the world of singing today?
– Yes, singles have become the fastest growing today. Look around you and you will find that the cassette market has changed dramatically and things have become completely different, and production companies have become few. Once the song is released, you can find it on the internet, and therefore the situation needs different details. Today, singles have become a fashion to flee to. Singing stars, so you will find artists releasing many single songs, which is a good and useful thing, because it means that the artist is constantly present in the audience all the time.

You will find beautiful and clearly expressive single tracks, and the cost here will of course be lower, and I think it is better for the artist than absence and distance from the audience, considering that if the artist was able to record and ‘ releasing a full album, that’s a good thing, and that’s what I’re constantly eager for, as you’ll find that I’re releasing a few songs and preparing a full album at the same time, and my last album was “Nancy 10”, and thanks God it has achieved great success which has made me very happy.

You always receive a lot of offers to sing TV series, what are the basic criteria to choose to present series?
– The most important thing in my choice to present series chords is that the words and melodies fit clearly, harmoniously and to me, which means that the song and its integration are the basis for me. .

What is the key to Nancy Ajram’s success?
Diligence, sustained hard work and dedication are the key to success for any person seeking success. At that time, you will be the happiest of people. I have many artistic dreams and I hope to achieve them, including presenting leading art to a large audience, an art that lives long.

People envy you because you have Gigi Lamara as your business manager in your work life?
– They are all right, he is a wonderful and prominent person, he has a great ability to organize and work accurately, and this is something that gives me complete comfort, because he is able to make the right choice , and we are very understandable, and I thank him with all my heart for his continued support for me.

How do you see the dominance of the world of social media in our time?
– I do not deny that there is no privacy in the age of social media, but it is important in our lives today, and I have many followers through social media applications, and I constantly communicate with them, and my followers are from both genders, and women can be more and their percentage reaches about 60%, and I like to follow the pages of cooking and food preparation. The most popular application I use in my day is WhatsApp.

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