One of the models of systematic destruction of the state of Lebanon!

In July 2021, the forensic investigator in the harbor bombing charged a staff member in the political class with the crime of “possible intent” to kill. The prosecution has extended to caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab, former ministers Ali Hassan Khalil, Ghazi Zuaiter, Nohad Machnouk and Youssef Fenianos, to security leaders such as Major General Tony Saliba, Director-General of the State Security Service, Major General Ibrahim Abbas -general. of Public Safety and others. The document, approved by Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, confirmed that the accused had already received a written letter warning of devastating dangers to Beirut and fatal to its people, if the death consignment in the “No. 12” ward in the port stored would explode!
No official resigned, no second apologized, no third eyelid blinked, and no one was arrested. On the contrary, the political class that complied with the law of “impunity” united to disguise the truth and confiscate justice. Judge al-Bitar was accused of major sins, and his integrity and credibility were questioned. Politicians turned to judicial referrals while being convicted internally and externally of serious charges, and all began issuing a fatwa on the priorities of the investigation, which is legally confidential. They used the platforms of Parliament, the government and sectarian platforms, and mocked the media, to protect the accused and prevent their interrogation from remaining unknown, or the parties, which prevented senior officials from seeing what could result from the neglect of an alert that serves as an alert bell. The campaign is issued with the memorization of the titles: Hassan Nasrallah, Saad Hariri and Nabih Berri to the Higher Defense Council led by Michel Aoun!
Since July 2021, the defendants have begun litigation to “respond” to the investigating judge, “stop his hand” or “dispute with the state.” Between the summer and fall of last year, the judiciary dropped about 25 allegations. One of the addresses published, in addition to protecting the accused and preventing the detection of other offenders, was the inability of the judicial investigator to draw up his charge before the parliamentary elections, and they said so in public; No party can bear the burden and consequences of accusing the capital of burning the capital, the genocide of 240 people, the fall of about 7,000 wounded and the displacement of 300,000 civilians as a result of the total or partial destruction of about 90,000 dwelling units. and public and private institutions!
All attempts to overthrow the brave judicial investigator failed, and senior judges stood up and imposed heavy sentences, but all the accused are still on their chairs as if the war crime had taken place in another country! As far as the judicial inquiry is concerned, it has been abolished since December 2021, with the loss of the quorum of the Court of Cassation, the highest judicial body entrusted with the adjudication of “dispute with the state” cases, and these are cases that, before decided on them, it is not legal for Judge Al-Bitar to continue the investigation! However, the Supreme Court Council was able to issue a decree of partial judicial formations, affecting the chambers of the Court of Cassation, which would ensure a quorum for the authority, which would activate the judicial work in its entirety.
The decree was held by Finance Minister Youssef El-Khalil, who is attached to Parliamentary Speaker Berri, on the pretext that he has lost the “charter” (…) and this is a rejected argument, as the formations are still always 10 chambers of the Cassation Courts, none of which are headed by the President of the Supreme Court, who heads the General Discrimination Authority. The last formations in 2020 followed this path, and it was signed on that day by Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni, who is affiliated with Berri, without objection! It should be noted here that the power of the Minister of Finance is limited to a procedural technical aspect, and since the decree does not regulate financial burdens, it should not have reached the Minister of Finance because he has no power, so why and how was it sent to him? While his detention disrupted the powers of the President of the Republic entrusted with the issuance of decisions and decrees!
The Lebanese know from experience, and especially the experience of the lean years of the black era, the era of total collapse and coverage of the state’s kidnapping, the country’s dependence and uprooting, and the joining of its people to the peoples of the “Dead boats”, that all are partners and stakeholders in the survival of the “immune system” and “impunity”, otherwise it would have moved The chair! But with global pressure to release the investigation and justice, and with the impending commemoration of the second year of war crime, and the recovery of officials to the scene of the first year’s millions, the accused remain fugitives from justice. action!
Elias Bou Saab, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, who is Aoun’s adviser, and in the right way to reject the Taif Agreement and the constitution and continue to rule the country with fatwas and heresy, out of the corner of the interests of the detainees pending investigation with a proposal that conflicted with the constitution and laws. It is a draft amendment that dwarfs the position and role of the President of the Supreme Court, and succumbs to a sectarian fatwa left by the Speaker of Parliament and the pretext: “There are people who are arrested and they can be called prisoners (…) and those who are in prison want to dissolve the decree (…) and do not distinguish with them whether there was a sectarian agreement, but they wanted the file to continue. ” This coincidentally coincides with an attempt to bribe the judges in an attempt to engage the judges with illegal benefits!
What Bousaab is proposing is that the investigation will not stir a jot, because the decision to do so rests with the “sectarian duo” with the approval of others, and everyone wants to turn the page of the investigation at all costs. The proposal was a model for the systematic destruction of the state by accepting the heresy of the “third signature”, after the signatures of the two heads of government and the republic, which Berri and his successor Nasrallah had been trying to enforce for a quarter of an hour. of a century!
They claim that the case was discussed in Al-Taif, and whoever claims was not present, and this claim has no value because there is no written document to prove it. All that happened was that ideas were brought forward and not taken into account. The basis is therefore not included in the National Accord Document, and there is no constitutional text for it, it is rather based on the power of the status quo: impediment to imposition, impediment to nibbling, impediment to the state bond, impediment to uprooting of the country and the exercise of governance through innovations and customs!
Saad Hariri “donated” the Ministry of Finance about two years ago to become a Shiite lender, so that the Minister of Finance becomes a super-minister and gets the veto (…) and because he is protected by an illegal gun which wreaks havoc in public finances, as indicated in U.S. sanctions regulations against Ali Hassan Khalil. , which granted Hezbollah illegal transactions and contracts that enabled him to invade the state! The remarkable thing was that Mikati recently joined this trend, under the pretext: “I do not want to open a fight over the issue now!” Hariri and Mikati, as well as everyone else, are aware that the obsession of the “sectarian duo” is to continue to tear up the constitution, and to go into the seizure and obstruction of any issue that does not comply with the external plan to uproot. the country, which continues to suspend the constitution and erode institutions, and disrupt authority by mocking the position of prime minister and the vacancy in the presidency! Therefore, there is no alternative for those affected by the earthquake of 4 August 2020, to continue the fight for justice for the victims and for Lebanon, and to win this fight has become a lever to restore the constitution and the demolition and prosecution of the state!

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