Teenage girls attract millions of attention to Tik Tok because they wear the “Christian hijab”

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Teenage girls living in France have been posting videos on TikTok of themselves wearing the hijab for several months now. These tracks are in the hundreds, and sometimes get a large number of views, sometimes reaching 3 million. It seems that a large number of these teenage girls have recently shown an interest in the Christian religion and confirm that the veil helps to draw closer to God. More about this phenomenon in this article.

These video clips of Christian girls wearing the hijab were monitored by the French daily “La Croix”, which published an article on June 6 entitled “Christian Women Taking Pictures of the Hijab in a New Way on Tik Tok.”

By researching TikTok with hashtags like #voilechretien and #tiktokchretien (“Christian headscarf” and “Christian TikTok” in Arabic), the Editing Team was able to see hundreds of videos of this type posted over the past seven months. A large number of these videos received hundreds of thousands of views, the number of which exceeded one million. These videos stick to Tik Tok algorithms and are generally short tracks with fast music.

This video garnered more than a million views and was posted on May 19 to @ margow.en.christ, a 17-year-old girl who introduces herself as an Orthodox Christian.

The editors analyzed 15 TikTok accounts behind young girls between the ages of 13 and 20 who live in France and who post this type of video. It seems that all these teenage girls showed interest in the Christian religion only a few months ago, as some of them claimed to be atheists, Muslims, or that they were not religious, even though they came from Christian families, but later affiliated affected. with the Orthodox or Catholic Church. A large number of them even showed photos of themselves with their first copy of the Bible and talked about organizing their first church attendance and purchasing a veil.

A video clip titled “My First Evangelist” and posted on the account of @ xoxo.nguyen16 in Tik Tok on April 21, which is a young woman of no more than 19 years old, and this video clip received 102,000 views.

“I only wear the hijab when I turn to God”

The 15-year-old owner of @ kassandra.christ.off converted to Christianity two years ago while her family is an atheist. Since the beginning of April, this young woman, who wears a hijab, has posted about ten videos on Tik Tok, where she has more than 2,600 followers.

In contact with The Monitors editorial staff, this girl explains her choice and says:

I only wear the hijab when I turn to God so I can separate from the world. For example, when I go to church or when I shoot videos that talk about God.

I’ve been wearing the hijab for about a year now, after doing a bit of research on the subject, so no one will tell me I’m just “fashionable”. For example, there is a verse that says that every woman “remains bald, because it takes away the honor of her leader.” [فريق التحرير: الباب الحادي عشر “الرسالة الأولى إلى أهل كورنثوس” للرسول بولس الأول، وهو كتاب من العهد الجديد] The nuns wear the hijab, and our grandmothers wore it too … But it’s still not mandatory to wear the hijab, it’s optional.

In this video clip, published on April 8, which received 17,000 views, the owner of the account @ kassandra.christ.off talks about her mother’s reaction when she discovered her account on the application and saw how she wore the hijab wears, and says, “My mother accepted it and I will finally be able to wear it.” “.

Through the videos I post on Tik Tok, I try to convey my love for God and show his good deeds. We are bombarded with criticism and mistrust about the headscarf, for example we are told we are a copy of Muslim women.

On TikTok, other young girls also admit that they have been criticized for wearing a headscarf or converting to Christianity. But the comments accompanying the videos posted by these girls also show some support, some of which he wrote, for example: “You are amazing” and “You are such a beautiful sister.”

As the owner of the @ kassandra.christ.off account, several other girls report wearing the hijab when praying and sometimes explain how this is done in their TikTok videos.

In this video clip, which was published on May 1 and received more than 8,300 views, the owner of the account @ margow.en.christ explains that she wears the hijab most of the time because it “really brings her closer to religion “.

In this video clip published on January 17, 2022 and garnered more than 16,000 views, the owner of the @ sofia.brz account explains how to wear the hijab with video instructions.

Some of these girls, on the other hand, explain that they do not wear the hijab in their daily life. One of them, who is under the age of 13, says in a video clip that she simply “tried” to wear it when she was at a Christian friend’s house, “just wanted to experiment.” In contact with The Observers’ editorial staff, an 18-year-old girl says she wore the hijab “just to try it out”, but does not feel “ready” to wear it.

How can these videos be interpreted?

According to Anthony Funnel, a specialist in interfaith relations and contemporary thinking at the University of Lorraine in the north-east of France, it remains difficult to know whether the headscarf is evidence of a strong religious tendency among girls. Especially when it carries an identity dimension (the “Christian” veil) it actually helps to bring people together and create a union between them, regardless of their connotations.

Wassila Saïdia, professor of history at the University of Lumiere-Lyon II and author of an upcoming book on the veil, emphasizes a paradox on her part: “In young girls there is a desire to stand out from others “and to assert their presence as individuals. But at the same time, there is a desire to group them, by wearing the hijab and wearing decorations, which make them look like well-known influencers on social media.”

A video posted to @mann_baee on April 9 and has more than 2,300 views.

This phenomenon also creates a parallel picture of the veil worn by Muslim women, adding: “For about ten years, and all over the world, there have been many young Muslim women showing their religion while maintaining an attractive female appearance. , “and added that these young Christian women are entering the same trend. The new: “No one can distinguish between them (Muslims and Christians) when they see them on the street.”

In turn, Jean-Francois Colzimo, professor of the history of religions, speaks of another paradox when he says: “These girls use the veil to show themselves when, traditionally, the veil is considered a symbol of chastity by the concealment and protection of the body from appearance. ” Colzimo, in turn, talks about a phenomenon parallel to the Islamic veil: “It’s as if these girls want to imitate Muslim women,” before adding: “In young people, there is a lot of searching for the self. We try to confirm our existence, imitate others. to, by looking for factors that distinguish here and there. ”

Another video showing how to wear the hijab was released on April 30 and garnered nearly 10,000 views. The owner of the @ rkv777 account posted another video clip in which he explains that she was a Muslim before converting to Christianity.

Did the Christian veil “exist from ancient times” as the girls on Tik Tok claim?

While those girls who enjoy a wide following on Tik Tok justify wearing the veil “have been there since ancient times” in Christian traditions, the three specialists contacted by the Monitors editorial team confirm that this is not accurate.

Where Anthony Funnel says: “Part 11 of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians advises Christians in Corinth [ فريق التحرير: مدينة مسيحية] by wearing the veil. ” Before adding: “But it was in its religious context, it was probably an attempt to Christianize what existed in antiquity as an attempt to create a new habit. In fact, in many parts of the world, women wore the headscarf, and it was often associated with the hegemony of a patriarchal culture, and Christianity only revived this tradition. ”

Although these teenage girls are justified by the Virgin Mary for wearing the veil, Wassila Saidi confirmed, “She wore the veil, but it was the same for all Jewish women of that era.” Saïdia also confirms: “It often happens that people rely on alleged texts or traditions to legitimize a walk, such as wearing the hijab. This applies to these young women, although it also remains a manifestation of modernity in the light of his association with social media. ” .

According to Anthony Funnel and Jean-François Colissimo, the type of veil that young women on Tik Tok currently wear is above all the dress code of nuns of monasteries, while wearing the veil remains in Orthodox churches.

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