Thoughts on Eid..Abdul Ghani Salama

On the Eid holiday, you should have met various kinds of friends and family members during meetings, some of them for inevitable courtesy, and some of them were encounters of love and longing. And once you have talked and argued about various topics. I will not discuss here the deadly expenses of Eid or some of the habits that had to be changed. Let’s focus a little on the mutual influence with these people, psychologically and nervously.
You will probably come up with a first truth: Although people are similar in culture and customs, the differences between them are very great, no one is the same, each person is a separate and independent world, and everyone thinks he is the smartest, the most learned, the only good among the bad, and he is always Right.
The second observation: Some dialogues are worthless and meaningless, just talk, show and noise, voices come from the throat with ideas that did not originate in the brain. Automatic repetition of statements he heard from so-and-so, or read on Facebook, or utterances of public figures stemming from an emotional response, often tainted with hatred and anger. This anger stems from the deteriorating economic conditions, the harshness of life, sexual oppression, and the authoritarian and social oppression to which he is subjected day and night, without discovering its true source, so that he expresses his anger at a person or on a superficial phenomenon.
On a social level, you will clearly see “compliance” that turns into a kind of social hypocrisy, sincere compliments and a hollow review, with loose and unintentional expressions of himself. What is implied in the subconscious is exactly the opposite, and it becomes speech to escape responsibility and waste time.
The other problem is the intrusion of others into your privacy, in a blatant manner, especially when it goes beyond the traditional courtesy questions, and turns into questions in depth, without justification, just for the sake of interrogation, or out of curiosity.
During discussions, you will think that you are speaking the truth and representing the truth (and this is your right as long as you are convinced of it), but you will be surprised that people do not like people who speak the truth, and hate it. those who wake them up from their sleep, and that people historically take revenge on those who tell the truth, especially when it’s annoying or outside of them love those who hide them from them, and they reward those who can intoxicate them with illusions , and those who stimulate their emotions with wishes; Accepting the truth is very difficult, especially in societies whose collective consciousness has not matured.
Even in personal dialogues, you will discover that you are completely incapable of convincing the opposing party, as he does not hear you, but rather hears the voices stored in his subconscious, and reads the thoughts that have been in his childhood since accumulated his memory. and became part of his personality, and even his dignity, and what you are doing now is a scrape for this Dignity, and the demolition of what was built in dozens of years, and therefore his defense of his ideas is a defense of his personality and his image before himself. There is a big difference between the one who argues to prove that he is always right, and the one who argues to get it right.
Therefore, it is futile to ask your narrow social environment to live according to your beliefs and convictions, and even more vain to ask all people to do so, or try to change the world, and reform the universe.
After acknowledging your inability to change those around you (and this is not required in the first place), it is more helpful to save your spiritual energy in other areas, or to change your style, and choose from friends who as you think. and trends. It’s good to go for what makes you comfortable and happy: your family, your private life, your hobbies, and most importantly, not to consider your hobbies and interests as simple or trivial, because everything you do is heroic, as long as it make you happy.
Among the mistakes we make: To believe that it is necessary to communicate with old friends, because this we have known them in previous times under certain circumstances, and all this has changed, and it is natural that their change has different effects on left these friends, and it’s illogical to expect them to be the same as you left them decades ago. .
Another mistake is that we tried to select friends by the “prestige” criterion, that is, by their intelligence, success, and social status. Leading author Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq says: “You can never love a stupid soul, while you can easily love a person with limited intelligence and a good heart. There are workers and building gatekeepers and vegetable vendors in the market, all of them received no training and most of them have limited intelligence, but I feel a lot of comfort and fun with them, while I may meet a university professor with a stupid soul and I can not meet him for five minutes The real disaster is that you’re dealing with people you can not tolerate, your boss, or your partner, or your neighbor.
As for the biggest mistakes, it is your pursuit of the satisfaction of all people, and your effort to be loved by all. It only applies to water because it has no color, taste or smell. As for you, you are a Around you, some of them may hate you just because you disagree, and some of them may hate you and hear you because you are “alive”.
The problem of others (which is your problem at the same time) is that they love you (or hate you) based on the image formed in their brain of you, according to their own standards, they always want you within this fixed image, and any deviation from it is greeted with rejection, so love turns into hatred. So just be yourself, live your life the way you want, and leave others alone.
Happy New Year.

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