About the three students who excelled in the intermediate certificate examination

Today, Friday, dawn was not like any other for the students who excelled in the intermediate certificate exam, who sat in front of their phones to see their results. Then it became clear that the student, Amira Zureik, was ranked first out of all 54,966 students in Lebanon, after winning 19,444 out of twenty. This is the highest rate in Lebanon. As for the two students, Lin Al-Qasim and Sereen Raad, they came in second with a score of 19,222.

Princess Zureik and the surprise of the first place

The student, Amira Hussein Zureik, from Martyr Bilal Fahs High School in Nabatiyeh, expected her to be one of the top achievers. But the biggest surprise was the higher rate in Lebanon. In her interview with Al-Modon, she claims that she faced all the difficult conditions that the education sector in Lebanon went through and did not allow these problems to affect her studies. It is not new for her to excel, but during her studies she always took first place in her classes. She says she never needed any help outside of school setup while preparing for the official exams, as she followed the entire curriculum on her own.

special blessings
Amira has been under the influence of feelings of surprise and joy together since the dawn of this day, and she has never been able to sleep. As calls and visits have flowed into her since dawn to congratulate her. Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, who has a personal relationship with the family, made a phone call to the student, in which he congratulated the student on the occasion of her success in the first place in Lebanon, while Minister of Education Abbas Al-Halabi called to wish the family well. And intensified visits to the family home for their blessing.

The joy of the family of a great princess Her father, Hussein, who works in tobacco growing, is still waiting for his eldest daughter, who has submitted the official secondary school certificate, to excel. Zureik explains that she did not find any problems in any subject, but she was satisfied with the English language score when she got the highest score in Lebanon, which is 34/35. She strives to continue her studies with this distinction to study medicine and then continue to specialize in brain surgery because of her knowledge of scientific subjects. But she does not know what Lebanon means to her and the rest of the students. She does not deny that she does not mind continuing her education outside the country, if the economic and educational situation worsens.

Lynn Kassem: To London or Stay

As for the student, Lynn Walid Al-Qasim, from Beirut International School in Bchamoun, she comes from a Palestinian-Lebanese family. Her father is of Palestinian nationality and works in a laboratory, while her mother has a Lebanese nationality and has a certificate in laboratory specialization. Lynn has adhered to and followed the required curriculum since the beginning of the school year. Therefore, she did not experience any problems, due to the cooperation of the professors and their efforts to follow up the students during the academic year. She was not surprised that she excelled because of her high GPA at school. She received the news of her success from the school teachers who called her today, Friday, at dawn. She says that she was very surprised by the result of the Arabic language 41/45, due to her knowledge and interest in scientific subjects more, especially mathematics and physics, in which she achieved the full mark.

In Al-Modon’s interview with Lynn’s mother, Ms. Maha Nasser, she indicated that she received a phone call this morning from the director of Beirut International School, Mrs. Nawal Al-Mokadam, who in turn congratulated and praised the student and her family. they for their pride, and told them that the school would hand over a gift to her student, which is about taking care of all Material costs over the next three years.

The family believes that the economic situation affected the fate of all students in Lebanon and led to their emigration. As for their daughter’s choice, she will determine it in her coming years, either to complete her university education in London with her older brother, or to stay in Lebanon if economic and financial conditions improve.

Siren Council: Interest in Scientific Disciplines

The student, Sirin Jamal Council, of the National Greek Orthodox School for Girls in Tripoli, wanted to take the official exam during the school year and not be canceled by the Minister of Education. It is believed that the joy of success far outweighs the benefit. Council belongs to a family that specializes in the scientific field. Her mother has a master’s degree in laboratory specialization, and works in the laboratory department at the University of Lebanon – Tripoli. Her uncle also went to study laboratory specialization, while her father worked in a private electricity company.

Siren says she has relied on herself since her childhood, refusing to be helped by anyone in her studies, always trying to find all the answers she needs. Although she loves literary subjects, she tends towards science subjects and strives to study the laboratory specialty, towards her mother and uncle. Despite her confidence to excel in all the subjects she submitted, she experienced some problems in the French language, but she was very happy after scoring 32/35 in it.

Zureik confirms that she previously decided to go to public schools due to the economic situation, high fees and the demand from private schools for cash in US dollars this year, but she canceled her decision and chose to stay in her school after seeing . the amount of injustice suffered by public school pupils in Tripoli this year, and the shortening of their schools by giving them the required curriculum.

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