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The royal reception that the brothers Othman, Abu Bakr and Omar Zuaiter received, after the first won the MMA boxing championship and the second qualified for the final of the most important international tournament for this martial art, could have remained within its known protocol. borders, but something hidden happened that caused these brothers to infiltrate the palace In the absence of all, to not only achieve their own interests, but also to tamper with the prestige of the state and trample on the law.

This is not a biased statement about German boxers of Moroccan origin, who enjoyed Mollavi’s sympathy for their efforts to hoist the nation’s flag in international sporting events. Inside the palace and its surroundings, but confirmed that they were deliberately wrong and insulting and offending the state. his men due to excessive self-confidence and greed.

The manner in which photographs were taken with the king inside the palace proved that these brothers had carefully planned to sell their false love for the fatherland in exchange for the privileges and gifts it offered them, as a brief tour of their personal accounts through social media shows how these people get everything Something they get in their way, even if it is by doing things outside the law, as is the case in the north and Salé, where places were obtained that no one could think that they would easily get, or they were banned at all, as in the case of Marina Salé, where they have a cafe for smoking shisha in front of everyone, While other cafes within a few meters are prohibited in this type of trade.

The sudden appearance of the Zuair brothers in the square created a state of confusion amid the normal functioning of state institutions, as they excelled in the use of slogans supporting the monarchy to give the impression of the palace’s support for their work, while most of their projects they implemented were carried out outside the law, as is the case in the city of Al-Madiq, where a number of professionals were surprised by the announcement of the garbage group on Friday, May 13, 2022 , for those who want to take advantage of seasonal commercial licenses on the beaches of the group’s territorial influence, that the deadline for placing applications would be Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at a time when the Abu Zuaiter brothers had a license at Marinasmere Resort could be obtained before the deadline for placing orders.

The professionals question the method and legal procedure in which the Abu Zuaiter brothers were able to obtain the license prior to the group’s announcement, raising more than one question mark over the issue, as the case is a blatant strike at the heart of human rights. law and the principle of legal equality, given that the latter is one of the most important principles The humanity that all nations and peoples want to achieve.

insulting state institutions

The closeness to the king, the taking of photographs with him, and the exploitation of his symbolism to obtain wealth quickly could be overlooked for various reasons, but the brothers’ carelessness increased as their emergency power was used to mobilize security services trained in the fight against crime, gangs and terrorism, in order The search for the lost dog of Abu Bakr Zuaiter in the city of Salé, which spread wildfires inside and outside Morocco, where the security services, valued by Moroccans and admired for their high professionalism, has become the focus of ridicule and ridicule.

This extreme insult that the Zuaiter brothers made against the most important institution in the state did not stop here, but rather went on to put pressure on workers and authority figures to enable them to carry out private projects outside the appropriate to establish legal controls. published in the international media, where the Zuair brothers became a symbol of abuse of power and closeness to the king without anyone being able to stop them, representing another insult to the palace institution, no less dangerous than the security institution denouncing is not stated. on.

Brothers Othman and Abu Bakr should have worked to focus on their athletic path and win more titles in their field, but they only worked to acquire more of the king’s persona to exploit it for quick profit and an imaginary to achieve wealth uncovered by luxury. cars, luxury watches and expensive yachts, It’s a wealth that they would not have even reached a tenth of it if it were not for the use of the photo they took with His Majesty the King as a “passport “to serve them to build a rapid fortune, even if it was outside moral norms and legal procedures, without the knowledge of the head of state.

Gangsters..time bombs

The most dangerous thing in the way of the Zu’air brothers is not to acquire wealth by illegal means, but to boast about it and display the wealth they enjoy on social media and in the cities to which they travel. Abu Bakr has a collection of luxury watches worth no less than 25 million dirhams (2.3 million euros), while Omar (the mastermind of the gang) sways in ultra-luxury cars such as the Mercedes Brabus 800 worth 200,000 euros , the Bentley Bentayga 300 000 euros and Rolls Royce, half a million euros.

The actions of the Zuaiter brothers, which fueled the situation in the north to the point where citizens went out to protest against them and those carrying out their orders, became time bombs that could end with the explosion of those protecting them. provide. , or wherever their projects have been planted, as the data indicate that these people intend to take over everything. their path has nothing to do with the world of finance and business, and their personal career and their very modest sporting achievements have and will not one day intercede for them that They enjoy all the favor and closeness to the highest authority in the country.

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