An elderly family reveals details of the murder of their son, Amer, by means of his sons, and rejects them

homeland: An Omari family in the town of Ujja in the Jenin governor, whose son Amer was killed a few days ago, issued a crime that was revealed after his son turned himself in to the police and admitted has that he killed his father.

The family of the murdered Amer Radi Omariya, specifically his father, brothers and his family, have declared the innocence of the killer (Rida Amer Omariya and his brother Radi), their mother and sisters if they are found guilty of covering up or participating in the murder, planning, planning or execution.

The family said in its statement, a copy of which was received:

Praise be to his God, who was in his glory, and unity in his eternity, glorified in prestige, arrogant in his arrogance and tyranny, so there is no change in his creation or change of his work, or a suspension of his judgment, or ‘ a rejection of his command, or a rest from his calling, or the downfall of his kingdom, or the interruption of his term exalted above all. And of all that is inferior, so he revealed to his creation without being seen , and blessings and peace on the best of His servants, Muhammad, His prophet and messenger. Who said on the authority of his Lord, “O people, fear your Lord, for the earthquake of the Hour is a great thing.”

You heard what the mind does not understand and does not traverse the human heart, and it has nothing to do with humanity, boys who killed their father while he slept on his bed in his house after midnight, when it was supposed to is to be in the safest, safest and most peaceful place, and that terrifies his body, God Almighty said in The arbitrator of his download (that he who killed a soul without a soul or a corruption in the land , as if he had killed all men), so how can a son kill his father with the participation of his brother and the incitement of their mother, and the one who was in his mother, Satan inhabited them, and he has flesh and blood, nerves, ears, limbs mixed, organs and endocardium, so hypocrisy and dissension took possession of them (Oh you who believed, some of you wives and children are indeed enemies of you, so beware of them).

O people, with honorable souls and with living conscience, we are the family of the murdered Amer Radhi Omariya: his father, his brothers and his family, we declare our innocence of the killer (Rida Amer Omariya and his brother Radhi), their mother and their sisters if they are convicted of cover-up or participation in murder, planning or conspiracy Or the implementation … and that we complain to God and ask Him for punishment and shame for them in this world and the hereafter.

Within the framework of the rumors spread about the crime, we show people that the victim was a man who loved his children, and he gave them money they wanted. Their father had a sold a piece of land he owned for a sum of one million and a quarter shekels, and distributed it to them, so that he bought a public transport vehicle and a modern Hyundai Santa Fe. And he registered it in the name of his murderer son Reda, and the deceased father, may God have mercy on him, provide his son Radhi with all the money he needed and what he wanted, as the latter claimed that he wanted to study engineering in Germany, and part of the money went to his daughters, and he worked with a large amount to rest his house again with the best furniture And the decor, like him, may God have mercy on him be, for them kind, generous, gracious, gracious, that all the people of the town, near and far, know, and he was eager to teach them all, as he thought of marrying the two brothers after his son Radhi graduated from university and raised money for it, and he thought, may God have mercy on him, that he was better. accept their education and good manners, and he did not approve of their violence or beatings, nor did he raise their voice over them from a stranger or a family member, so what is the reward for goodness besides good … Did we Lord not said (And your Lord decreed that you should worship no one but Him, and goodness to parents).

What immorality and corruption in the land, arrogance and disobedience to God, His Messenger and their father, they have achieved great misfortunes and immorality that no one before them has achieved. By the period of his disappearance by saying that he was going to marry another woman after they took a sum of money with him, and then after they insisted on asking the family and relatives, they said that he traveled abroad with his new wife and after it was found that he was not traveling and that they had lied and falsified, and during the family search it was found that he had been murdered, betrayed and buried.In the most horrible way of being buried under cement blocks, they did not respect a father before or after they killed him, and they thought the matter would remain hidden. eagerness to work and trust in themselves … But they reached a great height that spoiled them.

Finally, we say our deepest thanks to those who have shown sympathy to the family, either by attending or calling or in any way, even if it is by writing a single letter, and we wish you to be gracious with the killed Amer Omariya and prayed for him, and we also thank the competent security services for the prompt investigation and attendance and the revelation of their lies and falsehood, especially, We also thank His Excellency the Minister of Home Affairs, Major General Ziad Hab Al- Rih, the General Investigation Service, and all the leaders of the Security, Regional, Mobilization, and Organization Services for Compassion to the Family.

We also thank all the media for their zeal to provide information to the people and to convey this heinous crime that is contrary to our religion and the values ​​of our society. The Palestinian community and family structure serves as a lesson for those trying to think of such a heinous crime that has transcended all the crimes that people can avoid.

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