Popular home pool designs

The pool provides entertainment for homeowners, especially children and adults who love swimming, especially in the heat, and is an important element of the design, in the outdoor space. And the design of the pool is not complete, without taking care of the adjoining sessions, whether the latter is now covered or open to the outdoors. More about the design of the home pool, as well as the outdoor pool, in information obtained from the founder of “Invers Group International”, Engineer Ahmed Shaltout.
Private or home pools differ from public and Olympic pools in terms of size and implementation standards; In the first case (the home pool), the water depth should not be less than 65 centimeters, the water surface should be 24 square meters and the water volume should be 1,500 cubic meters.

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Popular shapes for home pools

Ribbed wooden edges give the pool a lot of natural air
  • There are many types of pools, including those circular, square or rectangular with zigzag (or circular) edges … Note that the designer takes into account the space, style and decor of the garden that will house the home pool, while the integration of its elements with garden furniture to make the latter look harmonious and comfortable.
  • The small pool with a curved shape in general, gives an aesthetic and modernity, especially with integration with the surrounding environment. On the other hand, the curved shape is not suitable for a house in classic style, but in the second case it is preferable to choose a square or rectangular shape according to the available space.
  • The shape of the pool, which consists of a basin and a simulation of a natural waterfall, gives a striking touch to the garden, makes it feel poetic, and also entertains the users of the pool, and enhances the value thereof. The aforementioned design is implemented within the framework of a modern swimming pool, with the “waterfall” merging with the wall or a structure, or allowing the “waterfall” to flow from one of the corners of the pool …

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outdoor pool

The above shapes are suitable for medium and large areas, but the small size of the garden is not a reason to miss the presence of the water element. In this case (limited space), a small pool can be designed, equipped with fountains or simulated a waterfall, creating a relaxing atmosphere and creating a suitable place to spend time with family and friends within sessions spread around the pool consisting of comfortable sofas or chairs and a dining table. Because this type of pond is not suitable for swimming, its function is limited to beautification and the touch of the senses.

Construction and finishing materials

The strength and flexibility of the construction material has implications for this type of pool. Construction materials include:

  • Concrete: durability and longevity, are two advantages of concrete, but the latter is expensive, and it is cast on site.
  • Fiberglass: manufactured outside the premises, and delivered in the form of one piece, which is formed in the yard of the house. The speed of completion characterizes the use of this type of chemical, which is low in cost, in the medium term.
  • Vinyl lining: This is a class of organic molecules in chemistry that hold the units together in the concrete base. The vinyl lining covers the entire pool area, is low initial cost and easy to adjust, but the lining needs to be replaced every five to nine years.
  • In the case of finishing materials, it is recommended to use non-harmful, durable and water-repellent materials, provided that the finished surface is smooth and easy to clean. Finishing material: “Korplan”, defined as soft PVC coverings, used in pool decorations, with many options for shapes, sizes and installation method. The “Korplan” is covered with a layer of “acrylic”, to prevent climate change, as well as to prevent the formation of sediment and water weeds, as well as to clean easily … Mosaic tiles, in turn, are considered one of the interior surface decorations for traditional pools, and achieve aesthetics by creating different patterns, Through small colored stones.
  • On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the color of the walls and floors of the pool changes when it is filled with water. The color chosen does not match the color one sees when water is added. For example, if the view falls on the white color of the pool, the water will appear in a very light blue color, but in the case of the gray color of the pool, in the presence of water, it will appear or drown in blue . It follows that there is a wide range of trends in this framework, but the advice calls for the use of cool colors to give a sense of space, especially in the narrow garden that houses a small pool.
  • The floor around the pool also requires care, choosing an anti-slip material that is harmless to bare feet, even when wet. For example, the ribbed wooden edges give the pool a lot of natural air, comfort the seated people and do not let children slip. Concrete or porcelain, regardless of the size and color of each material, is also suitable for the floor around the pool. In all cases, it is necessary to coordinate the design elements (the pool and its surroundings and garden furniture) in the space, and add decorations to the pool, that is: stones, candles, wooden platforms or lanterns …

Indoor pool

The indoor pool is suitable for the category of individuals who prefer to spend their free time

The indoor pool is suitable for the category of individuals who prefer to spend their free time in an enclosed space and use the pool all year round. The indoor pool is easy to implement because this type of design does not have to take into account the weather factors.

* Images are from the Inverse collection.

Engineer Ahmed Shaltout
Engineer Ahmed Shaltout

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