Qatar Money promotes investment opportunities in the country in Berlin and Munich

The Qatar Financial Center recently held two roundtables in Berlin and Munich, in collaboration with the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Germany, with the aim of highlighting the legal structures provided to companies by the QFC and leading German companies and start-ups. to establish a headquarters in Qatar.
These two meetings come within the activities of the promotional campaign held by the QFC in Europe with the aim of promoting and promoting Qatar as an ideal destination for the expansion of business to the Middle East in general, and for the QFC business platform as an ideal option for doing business in especially the Qatari market. During the two events, the Qatar Financial Center reviewed the promising investment prospects and opportunities in the flexible Qatari market, allowing German and Qatari businessmen to communicate and identify areas of common interest for long-term cooperation.
Establishing a business in Qatar
HY Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani, the Ambassador of the State of Qatar in Germany, and HY the Consul General of the State of Qatar in Germany, Mr. Radi bin Suwaid Al-Ajmi, delivered an opening speech in which they addressed the gathered guests, in which they emphasized the depth of the bilateral relations that unite Qatar in Germany.
A group of leading speakers from leading companies operating in the country also took part in the two events, during which they spoke about their excellent and successful experiences with establishing businesses in Qatar and the Qatar Financial Center. The list of participating speakers includes dr. Karsten Roll, Head of the Energy and Climate Policy Division at the Confederation of German Industries, dr. Fabian Engels, Principal Partner of Roland Berger, mr. Roland Bischoff, Managing Director of GmbH, and mr. Emmanuel Thomassen, chief financial officer of Delivery Hero, mr. Francisco de Sousa, general manager of Talabat Qatar, mr. Bertram Brossardt, CEO of the Confederation of Bavarian Industries, mr. Benedict Reckmers, main partner of Roland Berger and mr. Michael Walter, Head of Dispute Resolution – Partner at Deloitte.
The state of Qatar and the Federal Republic of Germany have strong cooperation and economic relations spanning more than 50 years. The volume of trade exchanges between the two countries in 2021 has exceeded about 3 billion US dollars and Qatar is one of the largest foreign investors in Germany with investments estimated at 25 million euros. The number of German companies contributing to the development of the Qatari economy has also exceeded more than 300 companies operating in key sectors such as energy, construction, services, communications, medicine and other sectors.
The German economy is the fourth largest economy in the world and also the most important and largest market in the European Union with a population of more than eighty-two million people. Despite the large volume of trade exchanges between Germany and Qatar, which are some of the strongest and fastest growing economies around the world, there are still an abundance of opportunities and territories between the two countries that have not been invested so far.
65 CEOs
In her comments, Sheikha Al-Anoud bint Hamad Al-Thani, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for Business Affairs, said: “Qatar and Germany have always had strong and good bilateral relations, strengthened by trade agreements, reciprocal diplomatic visits and joint interests in various fields. The organization of these two events reaffirms the QFC’s commitment to strengthening diplomatic relations between Qatar and Germany by helping German companies to enjoy the abundant investment opportunities enjoyed by the State of Qatar, which were accompanied by the rapid growth and development in the country and preparations to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is expected to contribute about $ 20 billion to the local economy. After the strong and immediate response we received from our guests, we look forward to seeing new German alliances and companies in the Qatari market through the QFC platform. ”
These two events were very successful, attended by more than 65 CEOs representing leading German companies from various sectors, including technology, digital, venture capital and professional services, and attended by prominent leaders and officials of industrial and trade associations in Germany. These two events helped the QFC strengthen its relationships with its partners in Germany and build new business relationships with venture capital firms to encourage their start-ups to expand their business to Qatar and attract various German technology companies that want their business to Qatar. expand.
His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani, Ambassador of the State of Qatar in Germany, spoke on the Qatari market: “Investors can benefit from Qatar’s strategic geographical location as a major commercial gateway that connects the East with the West. connected. . The state of Qatar is characterized by its strong financial position, with a growth rate expected to reach 3.9% this year and 4% in 2023, its advanced digital infrastructure driving the smooth flow of trade and capital to international investors, its large commercial port insurance and its airlines connecting it to major cities and trade routes Globalism “.
His Excellency Radi bin Suwaid Al-Ajmi, Consul General of the State of Qatar in Germany, emphasized the support that the State of Qatar has for German companies interested in the Qatari market: “We constantly encourage companies in Munich to communicate with the Qatari consulate there to obtain information that will help them expand their business to Qatar where we can help them establish their businesses by linking them to the Qatar Financial Center. ”

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