Syrian politician: July 15 in Turkey turns into a victory for human liberation

The head of the General Revolutionary Council of Free Syria, Jamal Abu al-Ward, confirmed that July 15, 2016 “has become a historic day and a victory for the global and human liberation movements,” noting that “the popular flood an impenetrable was dam in the face of the enemies of democracy of the wells. “

Abu al-Ward’s words came in a statement to “Turkey News Agency” during his participation in its special coverage on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the failed coup attempt carried out by Turkey on the evening of July 15, 2016, and the day of ” democracy and national unity. “

Abu Al-Ward said that “Turkey has become the stronghold of all the oppressed and oppressed in the world, and it is the country that defends the just issues of people in a time of endless submission and betrayal, with priority given to the interests of its people and national security, with strategic balance as an approach in formulating the country’s policies. “

He added, “July 15, 2016 was a victory for the will of the people and true democracy, whose indisputable truth was revealed that the people are the source of legitimacy, and his strategic decision at the time was to stand In the face of the coup group with its patriotic and national sense, placing the importance of The country and belonging to the homeland are above all political, partisan and social considerations. “

Abu Al-Ward added that “the popular flood was an impenetrable dam in the face of the enemies of democracy of the coup and those who stand behind them, defending the legitimacy and the legitimate president of the country, and that he do not accept that group that seeks to destroy that building that laid the foundation of political and economic stability for two decades.Since the Justice and Development Party took over the reins of power in Turkey, it has its sights set on building people and construction directed by paying attention to the country’s infrastructure and work to improve the service and existence reality that Turkey has moved to the refineries of developed countries.

He added, “The successful Turkish experience, embodied in the transfer of the Turkish Republic from the oppressive, dictatorial regime, represented by the rule of the army to the state of institutions and law, the state of justice and equality, which led to real and tangible achievements for the majority of the Turkish people, became clear comparisons between the past and the lack of stability and the present, which contributed to the growth of the economy and investment, and thus arose in the face of those who wanted to return them to that abominable era of the history of the Turkish Republic, united by the love of the fatherland and the flag of the country and the defense of the people’s profits.

He also said: “Perhaps the most prominent and important achievements of the failed military coup have been manifested in the key points, the most important of which is that the people are the source of legitimacy and national awareness is the bulwark around all foreign schemes, which try to undermine the country’s sovereignty and destabilize internal security and stability … the government that works for its people and ensures its honor, through its great service, intellectual and political achievements, is the means to stand up against those who try to harm it. “

Abu Al-Ward pointed out that “the most important thing is that Turkey got rid of the revolutionary era by reducing the military institution and putting it in its proper place, namely to push the borders of the homeland and the constitution defends away from interference in the formulation of public policies for the country, thus the transition to presidential rule and the civil state. ”

He added, “This failed coup operation has had positive consequences, its fruits have appeared internationally, and it has strengthened Turkey’s position as a regional power with strong influence and a decision-maker in most international files, especially those with neighboring countries. and every day we see a victory for Turkish foreign policy. “

He added that “on 15 July 2016, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan showed courage, wisdom and steadfastness as he is the owner of a national project that has contributed to the country’s revival with his team, and whoever can not neglect them, but rather defend them. “

He concluded by saying: “We, as the sons of Syria, wish the Turkish Republic, President, Government and people, for continued security and stability. We hope that Syria will liberate our strong state, the state of institutions and law and “and that our relations will be strong, strategic and sovereign with Turkey, which has stood with our people and with neighboring countries in our Arab and regional environment.”

The remembrance of “democracy and national unity” is the day on which the Turkish people united and succeeded in thwarting the coup attempt carried out by the terrorist organization “Fülen” on the evening of 15 July 2016.

The Turkish capital, Ankara, and Istanbul saw in mid-July 2016 a failed coup attempt carried out by limited elements of the army, affiliated with the “Gülen” terrorist organization, during which they tried to control the joints of the state, and his security and media settings..

The coup attempt was met with mass protests in most states as civilians marched in large numbers to the headquarters of parliament and the chiefs of staff in the capital, the “Ataturk” International Airport in Istanbul, and security directorates in a number of state..

The popular position forced military mechanisms attached to the wells deployed around those headquarters to withdraw, which greatly contributed to thwarting the coup plot, which killed about 251 martyrs and injured 2,196 others.

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