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(MENAFN- AETOSWire) Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The growing popularity of tall buildings and extensive infrastructure development has become a focus, with increasing pressure on its dependence on high energy consumption to manage all its facilities. This, according to primary stakeholders in the field of construction and interior design, significantly delays the area’s objective of reducing the adverse effects of climate change.

Tall buildings consume about 80% of the energy produced in the United Arab Emirates each year. Apart from the large energy consumption, these buildings pose a problem for the UAE’s plans for sustainability due to high maintenance costs and design and infrastructure needs that are also energy intensive.

Apart from the large energy consumption, buildings are generally responsible for 40% of the total carbon emissions around the world, and as the Gulf region is surrounded by this construction sector, it is necessary that these sectors focus on the region’s trends and vision of zero carbon emissions. reached by 2050.

Urgent need for redevelopment
The Gulf region is witnessing a major boom in the construction and design sector, and it requires an urgent need to rely on sustainable practices in the construction and design sector, especially in the process of using ceramics, according to the trademark “Ceramic Spain”, representing the association of Spanish ceramics manufacturers.
The Mott MacDonald Consultative Group has researched the discovery of ways to reduce harmful carbon emissions from buildings, and the study also studies the effect of adding insulation to those buildings, and finishing external insulation to significantly improve energy consumption and carbon emissions. to reduce.
Vicente Nomedio, president of Ceramic Spain and chairman of the company’s board, said: “Redesign and building materials that are beneficial are currently one of the most urgent needs, as global warming rates are rising dramatically, and ceramics have always been an effective building material. which is sustainable as it is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Ceramic tiles, bricks and blocks can withstand the most adverse climatic effects and can withstand heat up to 1500 degrees, making them most suitable for the use of ventilated facades, and ceramic panels can also contribute to the Reduction of 154 to 229 metric tons of carbon emissions, which sustainable architecture makes the center of sustainable design and construction.

Sustainable architecture, the most important needs of the Gulf countries
Sustainable construction methods focus on the design and construction of buildings, taking into account environmental conditions, and the utilization of those conditions to provide benefits to the building’s users. It promises to provide the highest standards and convenience rates while consuming the least amount of resources possible, as climate and environmental factors are taken into account to reduce costs in order to make the best use of environmental factors.
Spain Ceramics is one of the leading brands that has taken on the task of promoting sustainable building methods and architecture and working to increase its dependence around the world, especially during this important stage, when the global climate is exposed to a major problem. .

Key features of sustainable architecture
Spain Ceramics is committed to encouraging sustainable architecture, and it is expected to revolutionize the field, while reviving stakeholders’ commitment to sustainable design and construction. Sustainable architecture enables the sector to reap many benefits, such as saving energy, reducing air conditioning costs and improving the health and well-being of people.
Mr. Nomedio added, “Spain ceramics are being developed using technology that allows rainwater to be reused as part of an international green building certification. Equipped with green building certification, it makes Ceramic Spain the number one destination for sustainable building and design solutions for modern and sustainable living and working spaces.


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