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Environmental awareness is no longer an emergency or a new issue, but rather a major trend affecting all sectors, including real estate, and the carbon footprint has become an essential measure for large segments when buying property, providing a basic commitment form made by many developments. companies to attract the growing segments of customers interested in protecting the environment. It has become a cornerstone of sustainability standards in the sector.

BNC Menon, Chairman and Founder of Sobha Group of Companies, confirmed to Al Bayan that quality and luxury are essential pillars for companies and real estate brands, and we see the growing importance of technological innovation and sustainability as drivers of real estate market growth and development. in the UAE.

Real estate market players, including investors, developers and builders, are aware of the growing need for sustainable, resilient and cost-effective buildings.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has motivated real estate stakeholders to place greater emphasis on environmental conservation and public safety, and to increase the focus on ventilation and sterilization systems and contactless applications, while better understanding space use and density is developed. , ”Menon said.

Due to their growing awareness of the issues and challenges of climate change, investors are turning to green investments that are safer and better in terms of performance, with the help of new standards and measuring instruments that have enabled them to level economic performance. to increase. and environmental commitment, according to Menon.

In this context, the measurement of the carbon footprint has become an approved procedure, reinforced by modern technology and accurate standards that allow investors to track it accurately. He pointed out that the Sobha Hartland project in Dubai is a model for this change is, as it is 300 species of trees and plants, spread over an area of ​​2.4 One million square feet of the total land area of ​​the project.

In line with the latest customer trends, we have focused our efforts on implementing innovative solutions that ensure quality of life, including taking advantage of the abundance of natural light in the UAE through large windows, and a skylight at the master bedrooms in the villas to add. brings more light into the interiors. In addition, we have made sure that we use the most efficient and energy efficient LED photovoltaic systems, which consume 75% less energy.

green buildings

Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, said green building projects are becoming more and more popular these days as every buyer expects a certain degree of sustainability in their homes and commercial buildings. And according to data from the National Association of Home Builders in the US, buyers are willing to pay more for sustainable features, such as garden space and windows that ensure better air quality.

He added: “From energy-saving appliances to the installation of solar panels on roofs, it has become important to develop more sustainable homes, with the application of green technology, as a top priority for property owners, and a balance between an eco-friendly and sustainable home, while adding smart home features to make their lives easier Buyers are now increasingly interested in homes built with locally produced materials, powered by solar, wind and geothermal energy, and are looking for humidity-controlled indoor air, purified drinking water, LED lighting and high-efficiency air filters, smart home ”internet systems, as well as other specifications.

main axles

Raja Alamuddin, CEO of Lootah Real Estate, highlighted the growing importance of adopting environmentally friendly green practices for the real estate sector in the UAE, explaining that there are key axes that define the characteristics of property sustainability, embodied in energy conservation and creating smart cities, in addition to smart buildings and meet the requirements of the generation. Next from home buyers.

Alameddin explained that a report issued by the World Economic Forum revealed that the global construction sector accounts for about 38% of greenhouse gas emissions, while buildings account for more than 30% of global energy consumption, noting that energy consumption in the UAE one of the largest expenditures Construction industry, which accounts for almost a third of operating budgets.

He explained that the use of renewable energy and environmentally sustainable materials is a top priority in demonstrating the economic, social and environmental impact. With the growing demand for a smaller carbon footprint and the boom in low utility bills, environmental engineers are constantly working to develop many innovations that improve environmental efficiency.


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