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Air this next week from The Rolling Stones in Scorpio and last night Queen… the regent the present living Legends in our country. Well, Quinn, there must have been a bit of a side note. Is it the death of Freddie Mercury, who today still has a sign of the band, Queen is of course no longer really Queen, but the men are also happy and thunder good of wust. Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor – bassist John Deacon joined the music industry when he was 25 years old. He was born in 2011 to Adam Lambert and the group. Well, that’s what Mercury refers to, but in the front of the pickup and a ground bed can be indicated. Has the word ‘substitute’, by the way just right, uses nowhere; Queen was Freddy, and Freddy was queen. It is said that it was a new house, searched in Sports Palace yesterday stood Queen + Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert is a relatively large so actually of the rocker leaf among the old since the word is not per se. Moreover, given the origins of the seventy years that have passed, the queen lived there. Well, there should not be long talk, because the grandchildren managed to get a successful resume bohemian rhapsody Otherwise, de Britten finds itself in the largest areas that represent Spotify’s streams and family. The other generation found his love for the British again, the younger then rediscovered all the hit songs. that sign may have been written with the letters “sold out” in the shortest time mentioned in Stryn.

The program was not necessary for the Queen and Adam Lambert, the group then wanted the natural sea enough material to preserve de Plak themselves. More than two hours even. The fact that the people have so many legendary figures, can also keep this tour pace high at their age, respects Alain Mar Stegen. It can also afford to let a small quarter come, we like to see through the fingers. Probably because the program set up Darna Mitten de Hoogte at the school. While “Innuendo” through the reverberation bowl the Sports Palace is Weerklonk, a large LED screen with a crown quietly attached to the roof. The Het stage was in the same way as the opera house, including fans of the behind-the-scenes balconies.

In other words, the circus would be plastically captured in motion, with naturally eccentric director Adam Lambert. Meet the high and long shine of coat treated he has Sports Palace with on a barrage of Classics. During “Hammer to Fall”, for example, he immediately proves that he – Mercury – has a strong voice. Also, Brian May Tunde, once he had enough time, wanted to do as little frontman art as possible. he tossed the guitar solo’s floats together as he, as a young foal, lapped the treadmill up and down. The energy will be reflected on the stage in the room. With “Somebody to Love” he will be excited about being slapped and he will also be just and half loudly roared along.

That Adam Lambert, Mercury Ho’s Replacer, McHig Grag Still Dead to That Spooky “Killer Queen”. “I admire the rocker god that Freddy was, not just for Jolie,” it’s true, because like me, Didelec, Queen + Adam Lambert have a lot of fun with her. Each time something was said to May about Taylor’s solo, then he accepted the example with both hands, the guard was soft as the magic hung in the air. The legendary premise of “Don’t Stop Me Now” is based on the way things tend, and that did not help him when it happened. Those songs were mentioned at such a high tempo, that “In the Lap of the Gods … Revisited” and those by Taylor “I’m in love with my car” brought breathing pauses.

That time disappeared than again as fast as he arrived, because a little further on the highway (read: catwalk) Lambert dives and suddenly again on a diamond-clad Harley Davidson to bring “Bicycle Race”. Has been all the extras that gave a light “cringe” test to whole, but it’s also the pomary that Van ene’s ceremony of the true queen did. At the moment, what he is doing in the show, it is not known that the numbers do not exist. With “Fat Bottomed Girls” we will be told something more about guitar tracks, and then May in “I Want It All” will be a very tight single with a lot of mess.

Uppland was also that in addition to Lambert, May and Taylor, three other musicians stood on the stage. Therefore, the bass guitarist, pianist and percussionist should actually portray a lot. Certainly with a number of “someone else bites the dust”, which is the most important component, out of the headlights. NatureLeg was by no means a real number, it was about a real relationship with the audience. Brian May was there and then went to the end of the catwalk and made a totally aesthetic appearance and in the lights of the smartphone thousands bathed wonderful “Love of My Life”. That Freddie Mercury said he was still there when he said it was a big problem when it was going to be published, which was a big problem.

He also left what a reaction, HeatPublic let it Fural Pig may not feel the emotions. Maakt van de Brit’s grandson may have been a goalkeeper, as one’s respect for appearance would be even greater. Well, of course Taylor can not be forgiven for wanting to pose, which is also hidden in De Zal’s “These Are the Days of Our Lives”, the duo’s band Anne Ein Herlicky’s jam started. Datste Geurde – whether or not seriously – in that she no longer knows what the next number on the setlist is, and therefore you have to live to have fun.

Accompanying tape thereafter gradually What a sea hunt, uniquely meets as a starting sheet “under pressure”. Well, it was Taylor and Lambert on the vocals of the show stalling, and bassist Neil Fairclough came to get out of the shadows. The number faded immediately is also starting from an even bigger end, because suddenly Queen took all out of the closet. In “A Kind of Magic”, for example, May conjured Not everything is so simple of his guitar, but he also has another fireworks display in public. Written clearly to the show, Lambert wanted, then also surrounded by Tal of lasers, he also brought “Who Wants to Live Forever”, lots.

The atmosphere was obviously more than good, which is why he was actually particularly sorry that Brian May took a moment in the spotlight to get a little out of the set. Well, visually it’s always great, light Givenchy planets, short minutes of long white stream, and Mara Hit Diordy always bright for a long time around. Do not get us wrong, the Brit – at that moment even literally – an extraordinarily good guitar player, but he played better solo throughout the show and during his moment de gloire.

The good thing is the beginning is when it all happened, and the results were great – it was really amazing – and even bigger. The complete Sports Palace clap, for example, ended with the piece in “Radio Ga Ga”, but so far the legendary “Bohemian Rhapsody” has arrived, formed by all of the dam. Suddenly, His One Platform Lambert brought the opening chronicle to a stage, warning May suddenly came from the podium and played the epic guitar line. The opera section was then cared for by the younger queen on the large shearers. This number is a formidable role played in the music event, which makes Clearer’s status for a minute. Special was born for Freddie Mercury’s “Ay-Oh” because he met “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” was also epic and was born in the evening. Lambert’s weakening influence made him turn to Tekeltgee Dedeliker. That a greatness like Queen is also getting closer by hardware like CO₂ cannons and sweets we would like to miss in 2022.

We should have said that there are words out of the wind: Queen in the air and great. Well, Adam Lambert is Freddie Mercury and he was there now too, but at Sports Palace we will be clear. Why May and Taylor on the perfect power play team will honor their deceased companion. The American is a born artist who can later get a public hand, be particularly easy to get out of. That he for that thirty world hits, eighth in height, of course single and only a plus point. It will also be given as a double rule that the old garden will not get the highest priority to that young man. Chud did not ease epic solo out of his sleeve, even though it goes with Roger Taylor every now and then a little harder. Nice extra percussion player everyone, is also Queen Boys d’Audi squeak no roasting. The Sports Palace will be treated to dozens of world hits, on a heel that sparks enthusiasm, on a piece of history and on a two cliché, but even that is – after more and more years of service – still Queen.

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Make the list:

I’m here now
hammer to fall
Someone looking for love
killer queen
do not stop me now
In the bosom of the gods … Review
I’m in love with my car
Bicycle racing
Girls with big ass
Someone else fought against the sand
i want it all
love of my life
These are the days of our lives
(band jam)
Crazy little thing called love
under pressure
kind of magic
I want to break away
(You take my breath away)
Who wants to live forever
Tie your mother
Radio Ja Ja
bohemian rhapsody

we will rock you
We are the champions
(God bless the queen)

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