Culture and Literature – Agent Naguib Thabet: Wonderful voices of both sexes deserve support and encouragement, and I call for the restoration of the Headquarters of the Arts in Hafoun

The artistic celebrations concluded in Aden with the generous sponsorship of the Prime Minister and the supervision and implementation of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, held in the resorts of Crown and Elephant Bay.

In a press release on this occasion, Najeeb Saeed Thabet, Deputy Secretary of the Arts and Theater Sector, Head of the Celebration Committee, said: “Our final and artistic concert on the sixth of Eid, 14 July 2022 AD, at Crown Resort was a honorable ceremony, and the conclusion of our celebrations, which began from the second of Eid to the sixth of Eid, and some of these celebrations we also hosted.At Elephant Bay Resort, Gold Moore.

And the agent, artist Thabet, added: “In these celebrations, wonderful voices of both sexes have been discovered who deserve support and encouragement to come up with their own production of emotional songs and to provide opportunities to achieve them, because they will take on themselves to offer new songs in addition to what they offer to contribute to the spread of Yemeni song in general, popular and famous thereof. in particular “.

He referred to the presentation of various folk dances by wonderful youth who blinded the audience to its beauty, and the participation of the acrobatic performance group, whose paragraphs were honorable. In Aden, who refused, he gave them their own tools to work with after the robbery and seizure of their headquarters and other artistic teams in the Department of Art Production and Theaters in Mualla Hafoun.There are several other creations that impressed the audience greatly and were admired by all.

The artist Thabet stated, “How much we hope that our artistic and cultural activities will continue on a monthly basis so that the wheel of activity will slowly return to our Yemeni cities, the first of which is the city of Aden, the icon of art.” arts and culture, and specifically in the entity of our neglected national teams affiliated with the Ministry of Aden in music, song, folk art, acrobatics, theater and others; these teams are the number of their cadres.Of the various arts mentioned above, there are about 200 artists in various artistic magazines.

He said: It is necessary to push the wheel of these teams and pump blood into their veins by the state and provide them with annual operational financial budgets, i.e. these teams belong to the Ministry of Information and Culture, and return their headquarters, which was seized by the director of the Culture Office in Aden last year 2021 AD, and turned into offices for the director before the eyes Officials in the governor of Aden, and the first of them is the governor of Aden, who did not move a finger on this issue. ”

He expressed regret that these artistic groups had stopped working and engaged in activities after forcibly seizing their headquarters in the Department of Art Production and Theaters in Mualla Hafoun, which was an alternative to the National Theater in Tawahi after it returned to its owner in about 1995 AD, according to him.

Najeeb Saeed Thabet, Undersecretary of the Arts and Theater Sector and Head of the Celebration Committee, asked: “Is there a return to our headquarters and the pursuit of the activities of our teams affiliated with the Ministry of Information and Culture, which today “suspended after the seizure of its headquarters, or will this marginalization and alienation of art and artists in Aden continue and for how long?”

The theaters of Crown Park in Khormaksar and Elephant Resort in Tawahi witnessed the eve of the fifth and sixth Eid al-Adha, artistic and sporting celebrations revived by a group of creative young men and women.

In a statement to Sister Suad Al-Junaidi, Director-General of Arts and Theater, she said: “Hamidah’s return to the artistic activities of young creators, and we have decided to join the creative youth and join them. stand as a ministry and their creativity in the presence of a large audience.His presence and participation is important to support and stand with the creators
And we are all one hand in restoring the splendor of art and artists, in the beloved Aden, through the continuity of holding art festivals, as art is a message of love and peace. Through these celebrations we could see and hear beautiful young voices that deserve attention, who stand by their side and support them.
And thanks to the Prime Minister, Dr. Moeen Abdul Malik, and Muammar Al-Eryani, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, who support us. How happy was our joy when we celebrated with our great artists, the lady of the celebrations, the artist of Yemen, Amal Kadel, who is brilliant as usual, with her captivating voice, which is not and will not be repeated in the world of Yemeni singing The guest and honor of the celebrations, Mr Ahmed bin Ghawdal, Adviser to the Minister of Culture, whose presence had a great impact on the presence of the participants, carries all the love and affection for his ancient artistic and creative career. .
Sister Souad expressed her happiness in the presence of the Department of Culture, professional media and satellite channels.
At the end of the celebrations, the Ministry of Culture honored the managers of Elephant Resort, Brother Muhammad Jamal, and Crown Park, Tamer Awad, for their cooperation with the Ministry by providing facilities and organizing celebrations.
As for the ancient acrobatics group, it returned after a long absence, ingratitude and denial by the responsible authorities with power and with simple tools, made before the ceremony and presented clear and beautiful paragraphs that won the audience’s approval. If this success indicates anything, it indicates the strength of will, determination and sincere intention to preserve the history of the orchestra, through the continuous training of its members. The celebrations were revived by beautiful young voices including Shajoun Al Yafei, Assem Al Yafei, Muhammad Jamal and Ansam Fadl.
She presented dance and hip-hop segments, as well as other distinct segments. And folk dancing still had a taste in the spirit of creative youth.
A beautiful and wonderful presentation by the broadcasters Somaya Samir and Anwar Khan.
And the beautiful, brilliant voice of Moaz Al-Asbahi

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