Egypt begins … the administrative capital is a gateway to the “New Republic”

When it comes to a new capital, it must compete with its peers around the world or even in the region, and to achieve this, the political leadership decided to set a special milestone for the new republic, which The new administrative capital This city, which will be a milestone in Egypt’s modern history, was recently shed light on after President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s decision to start the government transfer experimentally thereafter for a period of 6 months.

Of course, this decision came after 5 years of hard work by all government agencies and institutions, starting with the authorities responsible for the implementation of the city from Ministry of Housing And the Engineering Authority of the Army, the Ministry of Transport and others until the project is completed by terminating many of the city’s neighborhoods located on 47,000 acres, such as the government district, the financial and business district, neighborhoods, the sports city, the city of knowledge, the city of culture and art, and others He oversaw the completion of the furniture and furnishings after the completion of the buildings.

The start of delivery of 20 residential and administrative towers, including the “iconic”, with investments of $ 3 billion … the end of the year

Business and financial district

The administrative capital contains many distinctive projects such as the central district or the financial and business district, which will include 20 towers between them. Iconic tower The tallest in Africa and the Middle East with a height of about 400 meters, as well as the tallest skyscraper in administrative activity in Egypt with a height of 174 meters, as well as the tallest residential tower with a height of 194 meters and a length of 48 floors.

The central business district in the Administrative Capital includes 20 towers with a variety of uses between residential, administrative and hotel. The project’s investments are estimated at about $ 3 billion, and are being implemented in collaboration between the New Urban Communities Authority and the Chinese company “CSCEC”, one of the largest contracting companies in the world.

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Engineer Amr Khattab, the supervisor of the Central Business District project at the Ministry of Housing, confirmed that the Central Business District tower project or the financial and business district includes 20 towers divided between the iconic tower, which is of multiple uses, which means that part of the floors is with administrative activities, and another part is hotel apartments, and the last part will be a hotel. Five stars plus, next to 10 towers with administrative activity, 5 residential towers, and finally 4 towers called Crescent Towers, which is in the middle of the tower area, which are hotel activities and hotel apartments ..

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Engineer Amr Sabaa, the planning and follow-up officer at Dar Al-Handasah Company, the central business district project consultant, added that the ten administrative towers, with heights ranging from 80 to 174 meters, with floors between 15 and 33 floors, on it showed that for the five dwelling towers, one of them bears the number D1 and the tallest dwelling tower in Egypt will be 194 meters high and includes 48 storeys. This is the one who completed the concrete works. The concrete works of two residential towers are expected to be completed within days, and the other two towers next January.The facades will be implemented in parallel with the concrete and construction works.2023 for the iconic tower and the crescent towers, because it will be the be last in the project to be delivered, as for the rest of the towers, they will be delivered from the end of this year to the end of next year.

One of the ministries in the government district

government district
As for the most important components of the new administrative capital, it is the government district or the ministries, which are currently witnessing beehives that continue to work day and night to speed up the completion of the “landscape” work, coordinate the site and down To trade. the spaces between the ministries.

This comes after the implementation of the residential buildings, which include the Council of Ministers and 34 ministries, along with a number of other government buildings, where building and finishing works have been completed with 100%, while furniture and furnishing works are currently underway. for ministries. In addition to the planting of some crops throughout the neighborhood, as well as the implementation of 4 squares throughout the neighborhood with the placement of statues, which were implemented in coordination between the Administrative Capital Company and the Colleges of Art in Egypt, in addition to the implementation gates around the enter capital designed in aesthetic forms, and other works completed.In the government district, which is now largely ready to receive employees from ministries and government buildings over the next few days, especially after these employees are housed in housing units in Badr or in the third residential district of the Administrative Capital.

Parliament building in the administrative capital

At the outset, it should be made clear that the government or ministry district includes the Cabinet Building and 34 ministerial buildings, in addition to a number of other buildings such as the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Administrative Control, the Passport Authority, the Security Directorate, and others. 5.5 million square meters, of which the facilities cover 60 hectares, equivalent to 250 000 square meters, or 20%, and the rest are green areas and roads. The project includes 10 ministerial complexes with a total of 34 ministries in addition to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers building, Parliament, the apartment building and the offices. The Islamic Square has an area of ​​430 thousand meters, called People’s Square, which is a large square that has the largest flagpoles in the world, fountains and green spaces to give an aesthetic shape to the neighborhood.

Engineer Ashraf Younan, Vice President of the Administrative Capital Authority in charge of coordinating the site and landscaping works for the government district, explained that the Ministry of Housing, represented by the Urban Community Authority, undertakes the coordination of the site, utilities and roads . in the government district or the ministries, where it is decided on the shape of the sidewalks used in the works. This is in line with the character of the neighborhood as it is characterized by the possibility of carrying out maintenance work, either for that or for the facilities that easily pass under it, pointing out that the landscape works include some aesthetic forms such as copper statues, such as those in Sharm El Sheikh, as well as garbage baskets of a special design, in addition to the use of granite tiles imported from Greece “Sasso” called to place them as pedestrian signals in the basalt paths, and certain plants are used, such as ficus trees and royal palms.In the Ministries District, the implementation of these statues was proposed in a competition launched by the Capital. Company Administratively by art faculties across the republic and at heights of up to 15 meters.

Islamic Cultural Center
Another important component of the New Administrative Capital is the project of the Islamic Cultural Center, which is being implemented on an area of ​​15,000 square meters. In this center there is a large mosque called “Masjid Masr” and is the largest mosque in Africa with an area of ​​19,100 square meters, and contains 3 entrances. A main mosque with Islamic domes, in addition to a fourth service entrance. The mosque consists of a prayer hall with an area of ​​9,600 square meters and a capacity of 12,000 worshipers. It is topped by a main Islamic dome with an internal diameter of 29.5 meters and 6 halls with an area of ​​350 meters and each is topped by an Islamic dome. The mosque has spaces Various services. The upper courtyard can accommodate about 40,000 worshipers and the lower courtyard can accommodate 55,000 worshipers, in addition to the mosque, which can accommodate 12,000 worshipers with a total of 107 thousand worshipers. It also includes a large library with a large number of books containing the teachings of the Islamic religion and interpretations of Quranic verses and hadiths.
Sharif, as well as its interpretation, the books of the imams and other Islamic books, and this center is a pride for Islam and Muslims before the whole world.
The center also contains two minarets, 140 meters high from the surface of the upper courtyard, and the ground floor of the minaret has several spaces such as bathrooms, a gift shop, a ticket room and an administrative office.

New technology
The Administrative Capital Company for Urban Development is always eager to use all that is new and distinctive in the new capital project by installing the latest technologies and equipment that the city and its inhabitants will need in the future and to make a civilized shift in the design of slim present.

One of the most important and latest of these technologies is the development of a participatory mobile tower that includes all mobile networks operating in Egypt in a tower that shines bright, cheerful colors that give an aesthetic appearance, as well as other smart cameras and lighting throughout. the capital Display and charger for electric vehicles and more.

A fixed design was also placed for the pillar of the test signals, which is a single perimeter that includes all the offenders of the guard in Egypt, which is a unified model by the administrative capital, which is an alternative to the designs the most important of which is the one that is the same as the one that is the highest of the capital, and that is the highest. The administration, in collaboration with Telecom Egypt, is the first sample of the mobile sharing tower in Egypt, through which 5 mobile companies operate, as this model is a global trend to keep up with the requirements of 4G and 5G mobile networks.

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