Emirates NBD launches digital talent program

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Emirates NBD has announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind National Digital Talent Program, as part of its ongoing efforts to support the UAE National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031, with the aim of transforming into a world leader in artificial intelligence, by investing in individuals and sectors and related technologies. This launch is an initiative aimed at filling the regional and global shortage of digital and high-tech talent in organizations.

The program is based on attracting and employing about 300 outstanding graduates over the next four years, placing them in international technology companies to gain the necessary experience and training, and then completing their careers at Emirates NBD.


His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, during the launch ceremony of the program in Dubai yesterday emphasized the importance of providing the necessary tools and an environment that incubates national talents in the digital field, to develop their skills and help them acquire practical knowledge from experts and specialists, in line with the guidelines of the UAE, and its zeal to prepare generations capable of creating an innovative future for to build the country, and its pursuit to develop the talents of leading cadres, by empowering and educating them, and to provide training opportunities through the best companies, to improve their practical and administrative readiness, to lead various sectors and the increase the level of the digital economy.

He added that the changes that most sectors are going through are radical and important in all sectors, and all institutions must work to keep up with it, and benefit from it in the technical empowerment of a generation of citizens, with the aim of banking sector and other vital sectors, and to involve qualified youth in developing the best solutions to technical challenges.

Memorandum of Understanding

Abdullah Qassem, chief operating officer at Emirates NBD Group, in turn explained that the program aims to attract about 300 graduates through a memorandum of understanding with the Prime Minister’s Office of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and telework applications. , and in partnership with Higher Technology Colleges and the University of Sharjah, with the aim of refining the skills of a large group of Emirati students, and preparing them for the future over the next four years.

He explained that the program is aimed at embracing outstanding students after their graduation, and placing them in international technology companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, PwC and Deloitte, to work from 12 to 18 months, to provide the necessary experience and training and then They continue their journey with Emirates NBD and point out that the digital transformation that is taking place in the bank is the core of this program.

He added: We hope that academic and educational institutions will be active to qualify a greater number of students, to qualify a greater number of digital skills, to participate in the digital transformation that is taking place in banks and other essential institutions.

He pointed out that the number of employees of data scientists and technology and information engineers in the group’s markets in the UAE, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia is about 3,000 employees, of which about 1,700 are in the UAE alone. He pointed out that the program is part of the plan announced by the bank, which aims to spend about one billion dirhams on digital transformation in the bank. He pointed to the continuation of the hybrid work model, which depends on flexibility, and pointed out that digital empowerment helps to develop digital strategies in banks and institutions that support the work of employees, without eliminating their role.

skill refinement

Given that a high percentage of students in the UAE are enrolled in core fields of study, covering science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including information and communication technology, engineering and the natural sciences, this is an ideal opportunity to hone the skills of graduates. in these fields, by applying the skills they have acquired to work experiences on On the ground, in collaboration with experts in the sector. Thus, contribute to the development and preparation of a group of national cadres capable of launching emerging technical solutions, including artificial intelligence techniques. By launching the new talent program, Emirates NBD aims to nurture Emirati youth, develop their capabilities and prepare them for the future, in support of the national digital economy, and to build a solid bridge of communication and interaction between the academic community and the banking sector.

Training opportunities

In partnership with the Higher Technology Colleges and the University of Sharjah, Emirates NBD will provide UAE national student training opportunities that will contribute to the reform of their careers, and support the information technology and digital services departments in the bank. The paid training courses will provide university students with the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in the financial services sector, and directly benefit from the expertise and knowledge of digital transformation pioneers in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, open banking, robotics, platforms and financial technology, and ways to improve banking security. They will also have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in solving practical challenges in the field of financial technology, and its formulation through study and practical projects.

artificial intelligence

Prof. Dr. Hamid Majul Al Nuaimi, President of Sharjah University, said: With technology as the main focus of everything we do today, the importance of artificial intelligence and related technologies is increasing, enabling the provision of talented young people the skills that associated. with them from their early school stage, a matter of a high degree of importance. We are pleased to give our undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain an internship at Emirates NBD, one of the leading banks, where they will be able to enrich their experience and knowledge. As the University of Sharjah is a leading university in computer science, and the first in the region to offer a master’s degree in this field, we look forward to supporting the program and developing the skills of young programmers in the field of artificial intelligence. refine.


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