In depth: The rise in drowning accidents … Indicators looking for stimulating solutions and upcoming legislative and legal requirements

The recent drowning incidents due to the rainy weather experienced by the Sultanate of Oman during the days of the Eid al-Adha holiday and the second quarter of July 2022, which claimed the lives of more than 16 people swept away by rainwater and valleys and raises many questions about the reasons behind this increase.And the supplies, resources and procedures that need to be addressed in dealing with such cases, especially with the continuation of awareness-raising efforts, education, instructions and continuous monitoring of the situation from the National Center for Early Warning of Multiple Dangers and updates provided by the Meteorological Authority, in addition to the efforts of the Royal Oman Police and the Civil Defense Authority. its developments, the risks expected of them, and the precautionary and preventive measures to be taken during that period The level of social awareness on the one hand and the application of national opportunities, guidelines and scenarios they adopted The Sultanate of Oman, which has become a home of expertise in the region in dealing with tropical situations and climatic conditions, and increasing the degree of community readiness in dealing with weather conditions within the framework of a more accurate implementation of control and succession strategies, the implementation of penalties, penalties and legal prosecution of offenders and recklessness in these circumstances.
The data from the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority indicated that the total number of reports that the government’s teams have dealt with in all the governorships of the Sultanate of Oman since the beginning of the weather situation amounted to more than 386 cases up to 12 July 2022. water rescue accidents, and the reports handled by the ambulance crews compiled (254) A report was reported, reaching the total number of people rescued from the streams of valleys and houses (40), and there is no doubt that this indicators for the number of reports in this simple period represent a difficult number, and it throws its weight on all national efforts aimed at conserving the people of this country and all the inhabitants on the territory of the Sultanate of Oman, especially with the decline in drowning incidents in recent years. Although drowning accidents and other accidents handled by the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority have seen a decrease in recent years, as the total water rescue operations due to drowning accidents, which water rescue teams handled at 2017 at the Sultanate level, reach rescue operations (173) , a decrease of with (95) cases, at a rate of 35%, compared to 2016, which recorded (268) water rescue operations over an entire year, and the number of drowning accidents in 2018 reached (225) drowning accidents, and drowning accidents observed an increase in 2019 where the number of cases dealt with. With that, the water and sea rescue teams of the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority (369) had drowning accidents, an increase of 144, making 2022 one of the most years that could witness a disturbing increase in the number of drowning cases, not even in the worst conditions and cases did not happen Tropical and cyclones that hit the Sultanate of Oman.
The reports from the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority indicate that among most places where drownings are increasing, there are valleys, beaches and drug streams during rains, in addition to water accumulations after rains, water channels, drains, dams, water dams, wells, open water tanks and water swamps. The cases of drowning in the sea, deep valleys, water dams and fountains in the Governor of Dhofar, and the coastline stretching from Dhofar to the south of Al Sharqiyah, are one of the most active places for the increase in the case of drowning, especially in summer, due to the high sea level and the tourist fall of Dhofar testifies to the influx of many tourists, citizens and residents And visitors who do not master the skills of swimming, diving and wave handling, the identification of the reasons behind this increase, the citizen, the resident and the relevant institutions today place before constant reviews, and an in-depth reading of all individual and societal practices that have become a justification for drowning, because among the common causes that It can be indicated in drowning incidents, the low level of societal awareness of security and security controls and procedures in general, and the preventive measures and precautions rules in dealing with these places where drowning cases are active, as well as swimming in places that are not prepared or prepared for swimming, in which the possibility of risk is more than achieving a passion for pleasure And the desire to swim, such as: agricultural dams, unequipped dams, ponds and bodies of water, and during the flow of valleys, in addition to the desire to swim. The lack of professional knowledge of swimming culture, rescue methods and skills that must be available in the rescuer, so he becomes one of the victims of drowning, and thus the random rush to rescue leads to the drowning of more than one person at the same time, in addition to the indulgence of monitoring children during sea and coastal excursions Or walking near valleys, dams, dams and dangerous bodies of water.
The abnormal amount of recklessness, obsession with photography and the great fame among people during weather conditions accompanied by intense rain, wind activities, hail, lightning and others, despite warnings, warnings and instructions issued by the competent authorities, the results of assessing the quality situation, to make out one of the most important, if not the most, reasons. A presence in the high number of recent drowning accidents, cases of falls, loss of persons, detention, risk-taking, recklessness and muscle sorting by crossing the valley, and which expresses some practices of indifference, intentional recklessness, lack of awareness of dangers or deliberate risk-taking, indifference, individuality of behavior and love of appearance are one of the major negative accumulations that have accompanied the weather. situation, which social media circulates from dozens of live audio, video and motion clips of these irresponsible practices, and the state of deliberate crossing of valleys, whether by vehicles or by people or groups driving in valleys, which has had a negative impact on the sinking or driving away of these vehicles, emphasizes the need to know the facts of this matter, and to adopt national policies that are more standard and disciplined in dealing with I hope with this matter, and a careful assessment of these causes and actual state of affairs, and whether this behavior is made public by the scenes of jumping in the valleys during their descent or past the vehicle during the descent of the valleys expresses a youth culture acquired in a love of risk and adventure , or are it societal practices and negative phenomena It is now received by society with a kind of collective attention and practice, which the need fte affirm to stand on it, put an end to it and correct the misconceptions practiced in its name, or in the framework of which these practices are implemented, and by the enactment of laws, regulations and regulations criminalizing those who deliberately throwing themselves or others to death. Either by crossing valleys and intentionally approaching vehicles during the descent of medicine, or even valleys and water dams and sitting near them during the period and witnessing fluctuations in weather conditions.
Hence the importance of uniting national efforts in dealing with drowning incidents. In addition to the security, safety and rescue efforts carried out by the security and military agencies in their various formations and units, the importance of giving the issue more space in societal thinking. institutional attention, and media, awareness raising, security and national prevention programs, to build the culture of swimming, deepen its presence in the community, form programs and specialized centers to teach it, and to professionally drown cases of drowning and rescue handle. to accustom school-age children to swimming habits, culture, and skills, to teach them methodologies, the drowning rescue mechanism, and the tools needed by those visiting sea and mountain water tourist sites. In the way that the judiciary gives him the habit of swimming, and ensures his ability to handle their situations in a professional manner, and works to promote the creation of specialized centers with high efficiency in training and teaching of swimming skills and abilities , and to enable its dissemination in various states and governorates, through the implementation of specialized programs that take an extensive development package in raising community awareness The local community and students in schools and through various media, publications and social media platforms The social origins and WhatsApp, in terms of mechanisms for dealing with drowning people, the necessary supplies that tourists need when visiting these places, and preventive aids in dealing with cases of drowning, in addition to ongoing training courses on first aid to rescue the drowned, and preventive measures against drowning in d open places, And continuous awareness for lovers of sea and water adventures, especially with the placement of this activity within the work activities of small and medium enterprises.
The acceleration in building a clearly defined legislative system that is able to reflect this path in a different way, on the one hand, continues to work this system to encourage, motivate and strengthen community initiatives that culture of swimming, pay attention to the activation of these talents among various groups of society, and encourage the establishment of relevant institutions specialized in the dissemination of the swimming culture. In addition to the production of specific regulatory legislation, regulated by the penalties and penalties in force, over all intentional practices that lead to death or cause harm to yourself and others, such as entering and crossing valleys during their descent, or deliberately filming some of these scenes as he descends into the valleys while in danger, as well as With regard to the commitment to security and safety standards and requirements and the obligation to implement the fence in aquatic tourist sites, marine environments and beaches, to others irresponsible practices associated with these weather situations, whether related to recklessness, attracting attention, love of fame or exceeding the instructions of competent authorities, so that legal requirements are established and disciplined and specific penalties for each conduct or practice, and establish at the same time more collective action and For personal responsibility and opportunities to be voluntary and to cooperate with the competent authorities to reduce worrying drowning incidents.

Dr. Rajab bin Ali Al Owaisi

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