Misr University of Science and Technology prepares for the new academic year with the strongest educational service

A selection of the best faculty members … and protocols with international institutions to provide an outstanding level in various disciplines

Leading study programs in all faculties to provide a graduate who can compete in the labor market at local and international level

The first university in Africa to receive a five-star rating for the e- and digital education category

– Dr. Ashraf Haidar, Acting President of the University: Opening of the Electronic Testing Center at the beginning of the new academic year … and maximizing the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Misr University of Science and Technology is preparing for the new academic year with the strongest educational services the university strives to provide to its students in accordance with the highest international standards, and at low expense, not from other private groups. the collaborative protocols he has signed with the world’s major universities to improve the education and scientific research system, in addition to being one of the leading universities in the use of artificial intelligence applications in response to the state’s trend of large universities in “ smart universities ”which apply the highest quality standards in teaching methods, and which, under the auspices of Khaled El-Toukhy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Misr University of Science and Technology, who attach great importance to the educational process, and are constantly eager to to create and innovate ideas outside the box, to make Misr University of Science and Technology one of the most important and prominent private Egyptian universities through continuous renewal and permanent development.

Students always try to join the Misr University of Science and Technology as it is one of the best and most prestigious universities as it provides a worldwide education system for its children due to its prestigious position among the ranks of Egyptian universities, and scientific and international distinction that makes it the most superior Egyptian private university among its peers. Colleges that provide educational services to students at the highest level, such as the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy, College of Physiotherapy, College of Biotechnology, College of Engineering, College of Economics and Management, College of Media, College of Languages ​​and Translation, College of Information Technology, College of Medical Sciences Applied College, the College of Tourist Guidance, and the College of Special Education, which are the last college and the first of its kind among the Egyptian universities.

In this context, dr. Ashraf Haidar Ghaleb, acting president of Misr University of Science and Technology, that the university has made a great qualitative leap in higher education, in terms of quantity and quality, while meeting international quality standards in education systems. and teaching methods, in addition to being open to the outside world by signing protocols Cooperation with major universities in the world, especially universities in the European Union, and also a shift in the field of information technology to the benefit of the fourth industrial revolution, and explains that Misr University of Science and Technology is the first university in Africa to achieve a five-star rating for the e- and digital education category.

Dr. it confirms. Haidar said the university aims to graduate high-level cadres qualified for the labor market and to serve the country and society in all areas, and to provide superior and high-quality educational services comparable to international universities. – and private sector institutions remained. is keen to unite and improve the level of educational life, and explains that the university strives to provide all the services that students need during the education process, with international standards, and to provide students with a labor market after graduating from the university so that the student graduating from this university can work in a large number of sectors.

Dr. Haidar indicated that the university will open the electronic examination center at the beginning of the new academic year, explaining that this event represents a strategic turning point, as its capacity is around “310.” students come to enroll in it, pointing out that the university and its administration take the social dimension into account in terms of tuition fees, which points to the continuous development of the teaching process at the university and the introduction of digital education and modern specializations in the different faculties of the university, which makes it one. of the universities that care about educational quality and the development of its performance continuously and the work of technological development that is in line with the strategy to develop university education and the efforts made by the state to increase the level of higher and university education and to prepare graduates with a high level of education and qualification for the local and foreign labor markets.

Dr. explain. Ashraf Haidar that the university administration provides all the capabilities needed to pursue artistic and cultural activities and works by establishing a library for students and researchers at a world-class level and providing it with the mother books and their connection with international libraries for science students and researchers to draw from. It also offers the largest university theater at the level of private universities to be one of the art houses in Egypt.

Misr University of Science and Technology celebrated its silver anniversary and the 25th anniversary of its founding as one of the oldest and first private universities in Egypt. Its characteristics and the foundation laid to become one of the prestigious universities that enhances its reputation and the effectiveness of its graduates.

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