Shukran Murtaja cries on air: I live an unmarried love story

The artist, Shukran Murtaja, has revealed that she is currently living a love story, but she does not want to end up in marriage, due to the current conditions the country is going through, and because her conditions have become more difficult due to her advanced age, which indicates that this relationship has allowed her to continue until now.

Murtaja refused to talk about her secret marriage in 2008, as it is considered personal and red lines, which no one has the right to interfere, but for her it was no secret, but she kept him away from social networking websites and not photos published. , because relationships usually end up “ruined.” Because of social media.

The artist collapsed in tears due to the loss of her mother, indicating that so far she could not accept the case, but she believed in God’s judgment, and her mother died due to her advanced age, as she had no illness. had not, and described her feeling with the phrase “My soul has broken,” and she also sent a message of longing for her father with her.

During her media appearance on the “Book of Fame” program, Murtaja indicated her desire to have a daughter who treats her as her friend and grows up with her, pointing out that it is a part and a judgment of God , and there is wisdom behind this subject, and she, in turn, lives the feeling of motherhood with her sister’s children, and the artist Nancy.Khouri.

She also showed that she is not bothered by the fact that the audience loves her more in comic roles than in dramas, which justifies it due to the lack of comedian actresses, and the scarcity of this type of work, and pointed out that at the same time she presented important works in the drama.

She indicated that director Hisham Sharbatji in the series “Five Stars Family” and artist Ayman Zidan in the series “Jamil and Hana” are the ones who discovered her comic talent, as she did not expect herself to be a successful comedian be, and pointed out that the artist Samia Al-Jazaery is the first in comic roles in the Arab world. , In addition to Amal Arafa.

The Syrian artist expressed her deep love for the artist Ayman Zidan, as he had great credit for her in the beginning, in addition to his modest association with her, but he was not the knight of her dreams, as she put it.

She also said that the series “The Three Knights”, which was shown last Ramadan and in which I worked with Ayman Zeidan, deserves more attention from the producer and Arab stations, as it contains all the ingredients for success.

She talked about artist Norman Asaad’s retirement, which indicated that her decision was correct because of this medium and what it contains, but she hopes to return to acting.

Murtaja added that she can think of retiring when she is unable to offer anything new, and when she feels alienated in this environment in which she has lived almost her entire life, and it is not far from any moment to make this decision, and it is possible that she will never retire.

She commented on the dispute that took place between her and artist Amal Arafa because she did not choose the best artist between Amal Arafa and Maguy Bou Ghosn, noting that she evaded the question due to her strong relationship with them , but the history of Arafa is greater than that of Maguy, and at the same time Maggie has achieved in the years. The latter is a big star in the Arab world, and she in turn did not intend to offend, but the “followers” are the ones who sometimes create discord.

She also refused to marry a man with the characteristics of “Abu Badr” in “Bab Al-Hara”, indicating that the “Fawzia” character she embodies does not represent her at all, and she is completely far away from her, except that she hates this type of woman.

And she thought “Bab Al-Hara” should stop, because the audience was bored about it, so she in turn did not participate and since the ninth part appeared in it, as she said: “That was enough.”

Murtaja wished she embodied the role of artist Sulafa Mimar in “Time of Shame”, as she described it as one of the most beautiful roles in Arabic drama, except that Mimar appeared in it in a creative way.

She expressed her deep happiness with the positive echoes and love of the audience in the series “Suspended”, written by Yamen Hajali and Ali Wajih, directed by Saif Al-Din Al-Subaie, as she described the latter as her old friend. her love of permanent work with him, and which indicates that she feels “irritated and jealous” when she does not appear with him in any work

She also said that she was able to strike a balance between all the works and personalities she has presented in the last month of Ramadan, despite their diversity, given that they are “skilled”, and evidence that they make great efforts apply to the character.

She affirmed that she was able to keep the loving and humble Shukran in the artistic community because this nature is part of her, and although she was exposed to situations that misunderstood her, she did not change.

She also talked about the reason for her exclusion from the joint Arabic drama, which indicated that it may be due to the shape or age from the producers’ point of view, but she finds herself the best, except that most of the joint works in which the hero is Syria, and the heroine is of Lebanese nationality.

She pointed out that the child living in Shukran is the one who controls her more than the famous woman, and she is harmed because of him because he speaks without thinking and acts spontaneously.

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