The impossibility of getting lost in Alexandria: you can always turn to the sea

Eternity, long road to Ithaca

I wrote these texts separately, and I wrote them all for one reason I think they connect texts through a hidden line despite their separation; And just as I can say that these texts are about love, I can also say that these are texts about calmness, and about comfort, and that is the nerve and basis of love for me, that one is at ease and in harmony is with things around him, even in times of passion.

Love is my second shadow, my shadow that does not obey the laws of physics, and does not care for the streaks of light on the body, but love on the soul, love is my shadow that does not leave me, a kind of praiseworthy distraction, with which I wrestle with life, and you wrestle with me in it; Life wants me to be fully present until it drowns me in a sea of ​​absurdities and trifles, but I want to carry love in a bag on my back and leave.

Sometimes I want everything from the world, and sometimes I do not even want a crumb of bread from it, but now I am as exalted as I am, except that I have decided to renounce the sanctuary of love, I argue with the morning breeze, and the dew on my beloved’s forehead. One sentence in one moment, as for Ibn Arabi, I will smile at him from among them, and I will tell him that I am ready: , wash me with baptismal water to share the religion with you. ” Go away now, maybe the world of my despair and leave me, maybe I will finally melt in her eyes, and forget the life in her, maybe things will change, and I will forget who I am in a different struggle than the struggle, perhaps eventually drowning in something that only a criminal does not include in the list of absurdities and absurd cases. My mind washes over me as it has been since I was entrusted, and tells me that it is hormones, and that it is chemistry, and that the sea is soulless, and that the oceans are a great glass of water, and that the lights in the sky are dead stars, and that I am the dust of her ancestors, and she tells me that the deep gorge in the soul may be the spirit of God in me Or the wing of a butterfly I met two years ago .

Thoughts swell, my head weighs, but this time I smile, and repeat in my chapel, in the silence of my soul and the minutes of the soul, that I will continue so that alchemy goes to hell, I will put love in me. backpack next to several loaves and a piece of cheese, and I will put my bottle in a plastic bag so that the lid does not bend and explain Love so I have to dry it later, now I repeat to myself, that I understand what is written in love, one sentence, in one hour, now my old friend I owe like you the guilt of love.

The day I saw her, the wind calmed down and became softer and more merciful, the leaves of the trees quickly gave way, the air no longer whistled as it moved through the gaps and alleys, things were calm and gentle, and the whole universe danced in a solemn harmony that any man can heal when he closes and listens.

The day I saw her, I saw God: now I understand him on many levels, and I am ashamed of days when I turned my back on Him and denied Him; My beloved had very subtle and noticeable details, every detail set up and ruled a kingdom of beauty … a metaphor.

The day I saw her, all things became insignificant, life was like the empty streets of Alexandria, at that moment I found out for sure that I was in an empty street; When you are sure that you are in an empty place and that it is not in any way or form possible for someone to get out, suddenly! Tranquility and instant comfort will surround you, and moments of comfort and reassurance will give you eternity in the limited; And the streets of Alexandria have many things that make them present in the love conversations, the vast incomprehensible sea, drowning in it while you are before it, and leaving it while you understand nothing, you realize nothing.

And when you walk in the inner streets and alleys, you know that the sea will not disappear there and go nowhere, and this comfort that every lover seeks and desires, but here the matter is different, when I saw it was like the sea of ​​Alexandria and my comfort here is that I know that he will not leave me and will surely go into my soul and not just a wish. If I ever told the taxi driver that I wanted to go by the sea, he would not answer, “Sorry, no more water. She was swallowed by the heat of the sun.”

The second similarity between fresh water and the sea is that the sea route is known, and it reminded me of a hadith I read some time ago that describes the impossibility of getting lost in Alexandria. You can always go to sea .

The day I saw her, I saw God: now I understand him on many levels, and I am ashamed of days when I turned my back on Him and denied Him; My darling had very subtle and striking details, every detail set up and ruled a kingdom of beauty. My darling was skinny like breakfast cereal, and light as the legs of Forest Gump when she rode him for the first time in the wide green pasture. She smiled and I smiled, she laughed and I praised the heavens, but these smiles and laughter and the words she formed and knelt and then conveyed to me were not perfect in the eyes of many people.

She told me that her father did not see it and upset her a lot, and her mother treated her in a normal way, so she asked her to “wash the bowls” and to “eat the food with prepare her, “and the vegetable seller takes the banknote and gives her the” change “as if it were a normal event in his day, at these times. I realized that love transforms the ordinary in our eyes into a divine, transforms the earth into the seventh heaven, and most important of all, it allows us to accept this ordinary and surrender ourselves and our lives to it, so that we can be sure that the usual all but that is, and if the beloved keeps exchanging cloths or standing in a limp queue to buy Some breads. When you fall in love, these natural and small details are a source of joy, and sometimes even gratitude! And in these details of beauty that can balance the amounts of this miserable life, you forget in one moment all the defeats, the long nights and the sadness that smile daily under your bed for you, and you see God, and His forgiveness.

Love makes the two lovers like liquids easy to mix, after a few days, we exchange the same vocabulary and sentences, as thoughts and interests begin to crystallize lightly in the soul, suddenly become gracious, suddenly love, and suddenly forgive … Metaphor

On the day I saw her, all things intertwined and stirred in my head, the calm wind, the hot sun, the gentle rain, the streets of Alexandria, God, the ordinary turning into holy; As for her, she noticed that I was absent for a moment and said, “You are with me ?!”

I was displaced. Then I whispered in the silence of myself and to the winds around me: “In you.”

Now, my love, I love you more than ever, my heart rejoices only in your name, and certainty – my sweet shadow – I knew only in your love. In your love, my love, I have known God, and I have known the calm winds that have raised the souls of the poor in love, and I have known the distances that dance together between the two immortals; I knew the grace that provides milk as a continuous line between the breast of a mother and her baby, and I knew that the rose given to the beloved does not differ much from the rose thrown on the graves , I knew that one can love the body as his love for the soul, and the love of the body sometimes contains a lot of purity and faith, I knew a lot.My love, between your pupils, and if my eyes a moved a little, and fell. in the altar of your quarries, I knew I knew nothing.

It’s hard to write about love from afar and the text does not come out banal, and it is impossible to start from love and this text is repetitive and familiar It transforms from a rigid satire to rabbits and weeds. There is no introduction to this spiritual touch Suddenly your whole corners are illuminated, even the dark corner you do not approach, light and heat creep in, suddenly life changes because you are intertwined with two letters, and with this suddenly also matter fading in your chest.

At first I found it difficult to surrender my heart to passion, it was difficult to determine if this warmth is real, and if this eye that you, all of you take, is completely real, or the mind plays one of his games, but now I know love well: when it approaches me everything becomes thin and fragile, and then I hear the birds all the time, and I’m sure the birds never experience silence, but the noise rises in the day and becomes faint at their sound.

By just reading these words, the birds find their way to my ears without closing my eyes. I see the universe with a calm, majestic aura, as if the whole universe is moving on funeral melodies, or classical jazz melodies. Love makes man tender, makes morning meaningful, and makes movements rich; It is also strange that love makes the two lovers as liquids easy to mix, after a few days, we exchange the same vocabulary and sentences, as thoughts and interests begin to crystallize lightly in the soul, suddenly become merciful, and suddenly love, and suddenly forgive, a breeze strikes the soul, changes its minutes, changes its characteristics and shapes its truths, and all the love Light, you can not take a step back in it, and in spite of all the pain, problems, reality and exhaustion of cars that can meet love relationships, love still exists and is based on his spirituality in man, when you are satisfied only with his toes and movements of his strings, and better listen to him, Then you can with the reality, with its bricks and bread, with the noise of an iron hammer, with the precision to assemble an emerald necklace, with the mouths of street vendors saying the same words daily, and with sandbags going up the seventh floor around another concrete building t e form. Only in love can you have a conversation with God, and only in love will certainty grow within you, and you know that in the darkest and most difficult circumstances there can always be a smile on your face when you see your loved one, and even the rain that spoils the streets due to poor infrastructure planning by the government will fall. You have tenderness and tenderness, as if the tears were flowing from the eyes of angels.

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