The July 15 email .. a heroic email written by the Turkish nation

The night of July 15 (the failed coup attempt) is a major epic that embodies the spirit of brave resistance, heroism and courage. But most importantly, that night is an epic saga of great results.

The “FETO” terrorist organization is an organization that is rarely encountered in history. Even though it seems that it started its activities half a century ago, we have seen at this stage that the terrorist “Gülen” has a more profound past or is a continuation of other entities.

It is noteworthy that the “FETO” terrorist organization is not just an organization founded by its leader, Fethullah Gulen, and running it alone; The organization is considered the current expansion of the foreign organizations, which at the beginning of the nineteenth century carried out destructive activities in Ottoman geography, due to their methods and way of doing business.

Turkey not only survived a failed coup attempt on July 15, but also an attempt to occupy and purify its institutions occupied by the FETÖ. Therefore, when we evaluate the night of July 15 in terms of its results, we will understand well the nature of the heroic epic written by the resistance of the Turkish nation.

The end of the tradition of coups

The July 15 email stopped the tradition of coups that the imperialist West began in this geography 140 years ago. The first coup was carried out on 30 May 1876 in these lands against Sultan Abdul Aziz Khan.

The failed coup attempt, which took place on July 15, is a continuation of the series of coups that took place in Turkey from the 1908 coup against Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan, through the coups of May 27, March 12 and September 12, and 28 February. The failure of the July 15 coup attempt, thanks to the brave Turkish nation’s resistance, ended the 150-year tradition of coups.

Let’s see together how the resistance of the 15th of July was a true heroic saga in terms of its results.

Let’s look at the image that emerged after the coup attempt was thwarted:

We know that more than half of the approximately 350 generals in the Turkish army have a close relationship with the Gülen terrorist organization. It turns out that hundreds of officers and non-commissioned officers are also members of that terrorist organization. If the coup attempt had succeeded, we would have known nothing of this information.

The interesting thing is that when we look at the name of the council that would have carried out the coup, we encounter an even more surprising result; The coup would have been carried out by the military council called the Peace Council at Home. It was expected to be a perfectionist coup, as the name implies. And that the Kemaliya administration is taking over the reins of power in the country, just as happened after the September 12 coup. Of course, the members of the “FETO” terrorist organization would have continued their positions in the regime and continued their intelligence activities.

After the resistance was crowned with victory, the Turkish armed forces were purged of these traitors and infiltrators after they were identified. The military operations Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch, Spring of Peace and Spring Shield were the result of this radical purification. As a result of this purge, operations against the terrorist organization “PKK”, which is on the verge of collapse, were also resoundingly successful. As well as the achievements of the eastern Mediterranean, and the victory achieved in the area of ​​”Karabakh”, both as a result of this purification.

The Turkish intelligence service is now working for the state

The Turkish intelligence service has written an honorable history by purifying the service of members of the “FETO” terrorist organization. The question arises, what do you notice in the operations carried out against the terrorist “PKK” organization? Look at the ages of the leaders of that organization who have been lowered for miles outside the Turkish borders! Look who they are! And you will notice that the Turkish armed forces are making remarkable progress day by day in neutralizing the members of that organization and eliminating its leaders and masterminds, after leading the terrorist organization for years and nothing happened to them up to that time not.

In the past, it was not possible to carry out such operations, because the activities of the terrorist organization “Gülen” leaked information about military operations to the organization beforehand or they directed the forces participating in the military operations to the wrong places. Since 2017, no terrorist acts, bombings or even suicide bombings have been carried out almost anywhere in Turkey, especially in large cities. Although there were some attempts, it failed.

Thousands of traitors belonging to the “Gülen” organization and affiliated to the security directorates and the gendarmerie forces (Gandarma) were identified and the necessary measures were taken against them. You can imagine that the police forces and the gendarmerie responsible for maintaining our security and protection against us conspire. They used the technical capabilities at their disposal to prevent terrorism and neutralize terrorists, in the interest of achieving the goals and conspiracies of the terrorist organization. Instead of detecting terrorists’ conversations, they listen to politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, journalists and representatives of civil society organizations. They made their own politics and mastered the manipulation of the bidding and bidding process.

In the same way, they have destroyed the foundation of justice by thousands of intrusive judges and prosecutors, they have organized many conspiracies and persecuted millions of people.

Secret profession revealed

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and especially the foreign missions, were among the other important targets of the “FETO” terrorist organization. These goals are very important to her, especially with regard to her communication activities. Because the best possible relationship a terrorist organization can have with the imperialist organizations it serves is established when its members are representatives of foreign missions. Of course, the diplomatic mission is the place that contains the most important state secrets. Even after the failed coup attempt on July 15, we had “diplomats” working for the “FETO” terrorist organization in sensitive capitals. Now the place where they stand proves and political statements make it clear.

And if the failed coup attempt had succeeded, our children would have been entrusted to the teachers affiliated with the terrorist organization “FETO”, and our patients would have been destroyed by the traitors of that organization. They would continue to steal questions and, more importantly, to recruit our young boys.

The Gülen terrorist organization built its system based on the infiltration of the public. They recruited, trained and stabbed people in every field you could think of. They have especially focused on the information technology sector in recent times. They have held sensitive positions in information technology centers in government institutions, particularly in the programming and human resources sectors.

It is not possible to list the bad examples and betrayal committed by the “FETO” terrorist organization in this context. The July 15 resistance not only wiped out 150 years of history of coups, and not only thwarted the failed coup attempt and the planned occupation that night, but also thwarted the open occupation attempt, ending the clandestine occupation and liberating state institutions from the occupation. of the Gülen Terrorist Organization. For this reason, the night of July 15 is an epic saga of great results.

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