2350 summer centers for the memorization of the Holy Quran

On Sunday, the activities of the summer centers for the memorization of the Noble Qur’an for the year 2022 were launched under the slogan “Al-Aqsa .. Hashemite guardianship and an eternal right.”

The total number of summer centers for the memorization of the Noble Qur’an reached (2350), as it was launched under the banner of the Minister of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, Muhammad Al-Khalayleh.

Al-Khalayleh said,The kingdom“What has been done is that 30 centers have been suspended for violating certain conditions and have not been closed, and they will be reopened after their conditions have been finalized.

He pointed out that only 5 centers were temporarily closed due to the violation of certain conditions, and also when their conditions were finalized, it would be opened.

“There are about 27 associations affiliated with the Ministry of Endowment Funds and summer centers affiliated with the Ministry of Endowment Funds, none of which have been closed,” according to Al-Khalayleh.

The launch of the activities took place in a grand celebration organized by the Ministry of Awqaf at the Islamic Cultural Center of the Mosque of the Martyr, Founder King Abdullah I, and was attended by His Eminence, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom , Sheikh Abdul Karim al-Khasawneh, and his Eminence, the Grand Mufti of the Jordanian Armed Forces, the Arab Army, Brigadier General PSC Majid al-Darawsheh, and the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Awqaf Abdullah al-Aqeel. And a number of general secretaries and officials and hundreds of memorizers and memorizers of the Holy Quran from the sons of Islamic centers and houses of the Holy Quran affiliated with the Ministry.

Al-Khalayleh said: We always meet on the Book of God, the Almighty, which He has revealed to all the worlds, without being monopolized by one group over another, emphasizing that God, the Almighty, the absolute people have addressed in many verses contained in the Holy Quran.

He added that the Ministry of Awqaf is inaugurating the works of 2,350 summer centers for the memorialization of the Holy Quran under the title “Al-Aqsa … A Hashemite Guardianship and an Eternal Right”, to highlight the importance of the blessed Al -Aqsa Mosque in the hearts of those who memorize the Book of God and teach them its status among Muslims.

He stressed that the ministry’s efforts to teach and distribute the Holy Quran are great and unpredictable, as it oversees more than two thousand Quran centers, and also created a special donation for the Holy Quran, which is part of the Qur’an. donation funds to print and preserve the Holy Quran.

He announced that he would soon issue a new copy of the Holy Qur’an in Jordanian scripture with more than one size, in addition to the local and international Hashemite competition for the memorization of the Holy Qur’an, which is organized under the auspices every year. of the Royal Semitic with international participation.

Al-Khalayleh indicated that the Ministry of Awqaf holds many courses to teach and teach the Book of God, and makes great efforts to cultivate its pronouncements and the morals of the Noble Qur’an in the conscience of workers in this field and to establish its students. equal, which leaves an impact on the level of the individual and society.

He explained that the Ministry of Awqaf oversees 28 Islamic associations involved in the memorization and teaching of the Holy Qur’an, and provides and supports these facilities with all facilities, emphasizing that they have no problem except that there a few centers are belonging to one of the associations which refuses to obey the regulations and instructions in force, and does not want the law above them to prevail.

He wondered if there was any Islamic, cultural, youth, charitable or social association or center that was not governed by regulations and instructions issued under the applicable laws, and stressed that the Ministry of Awqaf would not back down of the implementation of the law.

He said the ministry was concerned about the Holy Quran and its people and its services provided free of charge to more than 150 thousand students annually, and won local, Arab and international awards, and rewarded workers in the field of memorizing the Holy Quran of centers, memorizers, and teachers, and this is the core of his work, and at the same time it holds offenders accountable.

The Assistant Secretary-General of the Ministry of Awqaf for Administrative Affairs, Director of Sharia Education, Hatem Al-Suhaimat, said that the care of the Holy Quran is the ministry’s first priority, through the role of the Holy Quran in various regions of the Kingdom and the honor of its memorizers and organization of competitions for the memorization of the Holy Quran in which countries of the world compete and groups of book memorizers God Almighty graduates every year.

Al-Suhaimat added that the ministry sponsors more than 2,300 centers for the memorization of the Holy Quran in various regions of the Kingdom, with direct support and funding of the ministry without material compensation paid by the people, and about 160 thousand memorizers of the Holy Qur’an graduate annually, and this is his approach as a ministry for many years and his development is continuous and continuous.

He emphasized that the memorization and learning of the Noble Qur’an enhances the human role in the life industry, so the memorization centers were comprehensive, including scout camps and trips to qualify graduates from various aspects.

Al-Suhaimat concluded his speech by saying; The ministry called this season “Al-Aqsa Hashemite guardianship … and an eternal right” to strengthen the right of Muslims to the blessed Al-Aqsa, as the programs provide introductory activities to Al-Aqsa and the importance of the affiliates a love for Al-Aqsa and an understanding of its importance in the Islamic religion, and its position among Muslims.

The kingdom

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