A family expert reveals the main reasons for divorce

Dr. Muhammad Saad Al-Azhari, a family and education expert, revealed the most prominent reasons leading to divorce and separation between spouses, explaining that these reasons were achieved through real experiences on the ground.

Al-Azhari wrote in a post on his personal page on social networking sites Facebook, saying: By reading, as well as practical intervention in solving some problems of homes, or through sessions to end rights between divorced, I can now tell you in general about the reasons for divorce, which I will not write in any order of importance, but For general knowledge, then I will make it in a questionnaire. ” After adding a few other reasons from the followers that I may have forgotten while writing, then cf. the questionnaire will place our solutions with appropriate priorities, maybe we will contribute to reducing this evil, as well as maybe all of us will add something relevant to this dangerous file.Many in the last three years.

The family and educational expert listed the main reasons that lead to divorce as follows:

1- Poor culture to learn how to manage married life before marriage

Whether the parents do not lead their children, or education, or the existence of compulsory courses for both sexes, or the importance of institutions and NGOs in this aspect, or official institutions

2- Weakness of the general religiosity of the spouses

Execution of duties – loose taboos

3- Parents interfere without experience or wisdom between spouses

4- Drug and alcohol addiction

5- Pornography Addiction

6- Living in the family home

7- All kinds of marital infidelity “chat-calls-video-interviews-adultery.”

8- Economic conditions and the man’s inability to provide for his family

9- Poor learning in the issue of raising children

10- Spiritual and social inequality between spouses

11- Moral deterioration and its impact on the relationship of the spouses with some ugly insults – contrasts – mockery and mockery – beatings – stubbornness. . . etc.

12 – Disharmony in sexual relationships, sexual weakness, coldness, premature ejaculation, lack of interaction, strange and suspicious requests, masochism, sadism. . . . etc.

13- Violent difference of vision in each of: the method of raising children – the method of managing expenses – setting priorities in education – the method of dealing with the family of the other partner – problems of exits – visits – opportunities ….

14- Extremism in some families and dissolution in others, the first makes the door very stiff and the second opens it wide, and the result is tragic in both.

15- Feminist movements that mimic Western feminist movements despite the overall difference between us and them, whether in values, cultures and others, which have led to the false sense of women’s ownership of their affairs, and then the man regards her as became a man like him, and thus divided and separated the family.

16- Do not feel the great responsibility of forming a family, so bilateral partnerships decrease and emotional relationships weaken between them, and marital disputes and problems accumulate without urgent solutions, even if one of them is temporarily accounted for, and the management of conflicts change in the management of conflicts filled with cruelty, violence, expulsion, expulsion, insults, insults, beatings, insults, and others.

17- Long journey with no interest in communicating properly via video or messages

18- Pay attention to education in private schools, participate in high-priced clubs, buy expensive clothes, purchase the latest types of technology in cell phones, laptops, PlayStations, Xbox and other such tools, and make it a priority establish the priority of values ​​and disseminate principles of religiosity and attention to identity.

19- The feeling of one of the spouses that he is better than the other, or that he is limited because of this marriage, or his expectations about the marriage were high or imaginative, or his pathological jealousy, or otherwise, which leads to the leakage of the causes of long-term disagreement.

20- The spreading of magic and envy in an unprecedented way and the arrival of some people in a state of anger and hatred that leads to the spoilage of the married life of others “and they learn from them that a person of his wife divorce and they are not harmful to anyone except with God’s permission. ”

21- Preoccupation with electronic devices inside the house and thus the lack of interest between the spouses “WhatsApp – Facebook – Messenger – Twitter – Instagram -… Etc. Etc.”

22- Boredom and lack of change lead to alienation and a state of satiety that this marriage is no longer enough!

23- Many sins and disobedience are one of the biggest causes of divorce because it keeps a person away from success in his family life and others.

24- Friends and their advice on what they are not good at – Being late for home and staying out a lot – Smoking – View photos of famous people, especially those who have outstanding beauty in women and apparent attractiveness in men – Revealing the secrets of home to friends.

25- Other Miscellaneous reasons

Neglect of child care- Excessive leaving the house unnecessarily- Excessive demands for luxuries- Love of domination and control- Greed of one of them ie money of the other- Polygamy and of dealing with it foolishly on both sides- Not having children- One of they go to jail- Job instability- Excessive suspicion and the consequent espionage and bad He thought – Constant anger – Urgent change to openness – Consult someone who has no knowledge of the family and his problems – Wear inappropriate clothes – Change the house hell due to bad relationship with partner and kids – Series and movies …

And so on, which presents an exaggerated image of passion that contradicts the reality of life, and unfortunately, its effect on women appears, in the form of comparisons, between the actions of her crushed husband, and between the superman hero.

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