Actress Tara Emad: Laila looks like me in “Suits in Arabic”, and I congratulate Meghan Markle

The star, Tara Emad, hosted one of her best tournaments last Ramadan, in a dramatic work that received great follow-up and intense interaction from the audience, by embodying Laila’s role in the series “Suits in Arabic”, and she expressed her happiness with the reactions she received to her actions in it, as the experience was seen as an addition. She’s big in the artistic field, and during her meeting with “Mrs.” revealed about the details of her performance of the character. Tara also talked about her recent starring role in the series “Tahaqiq”, which she hopes will have a second season. Because of the great effort she put in with the heroes of the work that accompanied her in it. She also announced her artistic projects to us in the coming period.

How did you get the reactions to the series “Suits in Arabic”?

I am pleased with the reactions to the series as a whole, which I consider on a personal level as an addition to me, as it was an important experience with the stars of the work Ahmed Daoud, Aser Yassin, Saba Mubarak, Reem Mustafa. . and others.

Everyone deserves to be praised

There was a clear chemistry between you and Ahmed Daoud that occupied the conversation of social media pioneers, how would you describe it?

Ahmed Daoud is a wonderful friend, a talented actor, he makes any actor in front of him bring out the best in him, he made me laugh all the time. The talented actor forces the actress in front of him to challenge herself, which is why the romantic scenes in the eyes between us were very beautiful, and I lived the details of Laila, embodied by Megan Markle in the foreign version, which made me viewers with David use them by the pioneers of “Social Media” as “comics” and comments between them.

Meghan Markle was happy to marry Prince Harry after she filmed the foreign version.

I hope to get her lucky with the same character I portrayed and marry a prince to travel far and live her life (then she laughs).

As for the rest of the action stars, Aser Yassin, Shaheen and Saba Mubarak?

Every star has been placed in the appropriate framework for him, and everyone deserves to be praised, to the extent that I felt I was living out the details of the original version in terms of performance and luxury of the company, everyone really deserves awards for the best work in Ramadan. Muhammad Shaheen made me laugh the most with his beautiful and spontaneous way of acting, and Capt and Saba formed a wonderful duo in the series, and I hope a new job will bring me back to the team.

Tell us a little about Layla’s personality, and the extent of the harmony and your love for the character?

I loved Laila’s character very much, as I think there are similar things between us, in addition to many things that made me love her on a personal level. This is the first time I consider myself a fan of a character like Laila in “Suits in Arabic”. The things we have in common are many, including her zeal in her work, her pursuit of her dreams, and her pursuit of her tireless ambitions.

What drew you to the character with this passion you are talking about?

Laila wants to prove to herself and the people around her that she can achieve the impossible. She’s a capable lawyer, and she has a big name, regardless of her father’s big name in law. All of these things drew me to the personality of Laila, which I consider part of me, whether on the level of appearance, level of thinking, calmness, spontaneity and honesty with yourself.

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Awesome original work

The series “Suits in Arabic” relied on foreign formats that gained great notoriety in America from the beginning of 2011 to 2018, how do you see the idea of ​​foreign formats and their transformation into the Egyptian experience?

The original work is wonderful and different from the other existing works, and it is not a mistake or a disgrace to see that a successful and attractive work is Arabized and Egyptianized; I see that the reactions were very amazing to this experience, and it won the attention of a large segment of viewers in Ramadan, in addition to the fact that the series was one of the series that was most followed and released by the “Trend “which has been viewed the most. in Ramadan, and therefore it is a wonderful experience and deserves to be praised.

What differences does Tara Emad see between “Suits in Arabic” and the original American version?

The series, as a whole, has the general dramatic line and the basic structure is the same, and there are many basic things between the Arabic and foreign versions, but at the same time the Arabic version has different things and therefore it is Arabized so that the idea at the Arab culture fits into the Arab world, in addition to the fact that there are Egyptian customs and traditions. She does not agree with the American manufacturer, so some of the essential points in the series have been modified to suit the Egyptian experience.

What attracted you most to Laila’s character in “Suits in Arabic”?

The thing that made me most for Layla is her love for her work, which we share together, in addition to striving to get what we want.

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My first theater experience

She recently participated in the play “Aladdin”, which was shown during the Riyadh season. Tell us a bit about the scenes of it, and will there be another experience in Saudi Arabia soon?

We opened the play “Aladdin” two years ago, and it was my first theater experience. It was a great fear to meet the audience, but this fear disappeared with the wonderful reception from the Saudi audience, who received the best reception. received, we welcomed and we were really pleased with the theater performance.

What about your new artwork coming soon?

There’s the movie ‘The Jeweler’ as well as the movie ‘My Sweet Text’ with Ramez Jalal.

Tell us more about your role in The Jeweler.

As for the movie “The Jeweler”, my character in it I give her a general description, which is that she is a dreamy character, and all the time likes to fly and flutter with her mind and what she owns of hope and optimism in the air of excessive happiness, hope and life. The character is closer to the ideal.

Who are the stars you work with in “The Jeweler”?

The artist Mohamed Henedy, the star Mona Zaki, the artist Ahmed El-Saadani and other heroes take part in the movie with me.

How would you describe your experience with Mohamed Henedy and Mona Zaki?

It was a wish and it came true, thank God. I am very happy to act with them as it is an important experience in my film career.

When will the movie “The Jeweler” be shown in theaters?

No date has been set yet as we have filmed large sections in many outdoor shooting locations, and if God wills, it could be released soon in the summer season.

What about the details of your participation in the movie “My Sweet Text”?

I play in the movie “My Sweet Text” with the artist Ramez Jalal, in which I embody a serious character, on the contrary and in contrast to my character in the movie “The Jeweler”, who does not like everything to go arbitrarily. (without arrangement or preparation), but rather calculate it accurately with paper and pen And have an adventurous spirit.

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Work with Mohamed Heneidy and Mona Zaki, a wish and it came true in the “Jewerji”

I’m a very serious person with Ramez Jalal in “My Sweet Text”

beautiful art painting

Before Ramadan, I presented a series that was shown on the Egyptian “platform”, which is the series “Inquiry”. Tell you about this first youth experience.

The series “Talqiq” was prepared by a beautiful painting, and another work for me, as it is an important youth experience for me; It has all the integrated technical elements. On top of that, this experience is like a beautiful dress designed with precision and professionally as a skilled tailor. As for the stars of the work, I would like to share with them a wonderful youth experience with Khaled Anwar, Ahmed Malik, Zainab Gharib, May El Gheity, and other heroes with whom I participated.

Will there be other parts of the “Investigation” series?

I hope that; Because it is an important experience for me on a personal level and I would like to repeat it again.

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