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The Prime Minister of the outgoing Libyan National Unity Government, Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, has reacted to the exploitation of the digital currency, bitcoin, which is currently deteriorating in his country.

Speaking during a speech to members of the Misurata City Council last Sunday, he said that “bitcoin is being mined in Libya, affecting the capabilities of the electricity grid,” adding that there were those who passed information to him. “the bitcoin factory is in Libya, and Libya is number 2 on the planet.” world level for bitcoin mining, and to cut off the skeptics of such information, Dabaiba explained that “80 percent of the information on bitcoin mining in Libya is correct.”

These statements came days after his approval in a cabinet meeting of responsibility for the electricity problem, as he said during a live broadcast by the media: “We are all responsible for the electricity problem and we bear all responsibility.” He continued that the government faced major challenges in the electricity file, promising that it would work to confront them with all it had, while the opposition accused the authorities who had been deliberating to govern the country since 2011 , the most recent of which was the government. arising from the Political Dialogue Forum, from ignoring the basic needs of the Libyan people, especially electricity, and from being involved in Corruption that has affected all levels of life and negatively affected public services.

◙ It would be better if the Dabaiba government succeeds in solving the problems of corruption and the infrastructure of electricity and fuel, and confronts the copper wire thieves and mafias who manage their movements, collect their loot and supervise their exports abroad .

Dabaiba’s allegations of a link between the electricity crisis and bitcoin mining have sparked widespread controversy in Libyan circles, as some have seen it as a scandal in the fullest sense of the word, and a confirmation that the government is not a scientific advisor has from whom he can seek clarity on such thorny issues. Others have said that it is a miserable and desperate attempt to evade responsibility and dump it on parties outside the realm of power and related to external parties, and it could be a prelude to direct accusations against unknown mafias and gangs of conspiracy against Libyan national security by dominating electricity and adopting it to mine a digital currency that was the central bank It has been banned since 2018, and clergy have banned its circulation among the people.

Also, Dabaiba’s allegations could be a risk to push the general public into a vast desert of illogical slander, within its populist policies and rhetoric, which have long been characterized by the continuation of illusion to win the loyalty of simple people who are manageable. have votes in the ballot. boxes, and he who clings to power and refuses to trade it peacefully, And he strives to remain in it for a long time as a representative of a family and faction project aimed at influencing the country’s expanding capabilities under the guise of loose international legitimacy that has proven its failure in recent years, emphasizing that those in charge seek in turn interests they can find in an authority such as the one we see in Tripoli today, which is nothing but to be. An extension of his predecessor led by Fayez Al-Sarraj.

For information, a previous report by the US Bloomberg Agency said that Libya leads the Arab countries in bitcoin mining operations with 0.13 percent of world production, and according to a report by the Cambridge University Center for Alternative Finance, Libya has a recorded an average of 0.6 percent. in the period between September 2019 and April 2020 Bitcoin mining operations around the world. But specialists believe that the case is not in the way Dabaiba talked about, and that the presence of some efforts by some Libyan youth does not reach the scale of the phenomenon that could cause the electricity crisis that has worsened for years as a title for the nature of the growing corruption in the country, which is no different from what is happening in other vulnerable countries .. Constantly plundering its wealth and plundering its capabilities under the rule of militias like Iraq and Lebanon.

Bitcoin mining requires stability, continuity and a permanent flow of electricity and the internet, which is not found in Libya, especially in summer, especially as the process is complex and difficult in nature, and requires dedicated equipment and programs that are complex and long performed. calculations, but what is being promoted is The presence of farms in Libya to mine Bitcoin (run by non-Libyans, of course) is nothing more than nonsense like those based on laughter for the beards, especially since Dabaiba transmitted information has about parties he did. not mentioned, and without any criminal evidence that may reveal the involvement of groups, institutions or Certain individuals in its spheres of influence, including the capital, Tripoli, and the coastal cities of the west.

The head of the de facto government in Tripoli could have searched for the real and realistic causes of the electricity crisis, referred to by several foreign powers, including the International Economic Working Group, the World Bank, the UN mission, the US embassy. and others without mentioning anything about Bitcoin mining.It would be better if the government succeeds in solving the problems of corruption and the infrastructure of electricity and fuel, and the copper wire thieves and the mafias who run their movements and their stolen collect items and face. oversees their exports abroad, but rather to a specific country known to have become a destination for thieves and which they steal.

A year ago, in July 2021, Dabaiba spoke about the scandal of the Electricity Corporation’s contract with a fake company in one of the region’s countries to meet the requirements of some power stations. Those who know the secrets of things confirm that that contract is just a drop in the ocean of corruption in a country that has been plagued by conflict for years based on the sharing of outlets for plundering wealth and plundering public money between big whales and fat cats. Meanwhile, the expenses allocated to the Electricity Company in Libya for 8 years amounted to about $ 23.5 billion, which is a very large number, in addition to the Audit Bureau’s reports on the extent of the thefts.

It is no longer a secret that among the priorities of the Dabaiba government is to strengthen the corrupt, protect them and look after their interests after turning into a difficult figure in political affairs and foreign relations, in the management of public money, the making of transactions, the signing of credits, the purchase of debts and the distribution of jobs, and in relations with militias, warlords, mercenaries, foreign powers, and even clergy who provide legal and moral cover for the existing authorities.

◙ Dabaiba’s allegations may pose a risk of pushing the general public into a vast desert of irrational slander, within its populist policies and rhetoric that have long been marked by constant illusion.

Perhaps the presence of corrupt businessmen in the circle of political, economic and even security decisions, and the supervisors of most of the sovereign institutions that retain their positions for many years despite reports proving their involvement in corruption, indicate the nature of the situation in which Dabaiba moves, and the reasons for the support he receives from some internal parties And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, even if it was against the will of the overwhelming majority of Libyans. In a rich country like Libya, the final decision is in the hands of the one who exercises control over the keys of the central bank and the book of transactions, and every legal one, in theory, is not actually legal unless it is based is on the support of adults who benefit from his presence in the middle of the decision, whether from the barons from within or the emperors from abroad.

The electricity crisis is only an indication of the manipulation of the public scene in Libya in the interest of the people, who, even when he was predicted two weeks ago with a movement in the street advocating for their cause and defending their rights, was that the policy of intimidation and seduction silenced the activists and overturned the slogans of the protesters. Also, the speeches of the head of government coming from the House of Representatives, Fathi Basha’a, about the existence of an opportunity for his government to take over the reins of government from within Tripoli, the warlords hastened under the banner of the outgoing government to coordinate positions and develop a plan to protect the de facto government, even by pushing for a new civil war, something that may continue for a long time, as Dabaiba today in his hold on his office seems dependent. the railroad on everything that can push for destruction, not for construction, and for division, not for unification, and that includes the sheikhs of rioting, led by Al-Sadiq Al-Ghariani, symbols of terrorism and corruption, warlords , militia leaders, foreign mercenaries and others.In addition to foreign powers with stated ambitions and who see him as the best who can serve their agendas in return for keeping him in a position of decision-making.

Dabaiba has responded to the electricity crisis on Bitcoin mining, and he is ready to justify all crises, only to convince the fools that he is the most eager people in the interest of Libya and the most insistent on organizing elections that give him continuity. rule guarantees, because he is well aware that handing over the reins of power to the Pashaga government will throw him off the spotlight as happened with Al-Sarraj and he will forever lose the opportunity to go to the general political scene return as a candidate to win the trust of the electorate.

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