“Digital Egypt” .. opens the door to future jobs

Written by: Hani Mubasher

As part of the state’s efforts to improve the services provided to citizens, and to facilitate them President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced the launch of the “Digital Egypt” initiative, with the immediate start of the implementation of several of its programs to support digital transformation efforts for government performance, and to promote the use of artificial intelligence technologies in the education, maximize communication. and information technology sectors.

The truth is that from the very first moment that President Sisi launched the “Digital Egypt” initiative in all fields, there has been great interest in artificial intelligence programs at universities, in parallel with the diversity of new programs in private universities starting studied, including “King”. Salman International – New Mansoura – El Alamein – Galala. ” .

Universities have programs that simulate global development, and it’s time to change the name of “top colleges”

Students are trained in the disciplines that today keep pace with the labor market, in collaboration with international universities to reach a high level, in view of the presence of a new type of university, namely technological universities. In short, universities have programs that mimic the global development seen in the field of education. It is true that the universities with the implementation of these programs have experienced difficulties in changing the culture of awareness and the family with regard to changing the name of the top faculties, and many awareness and publicity campaigns have been held highlighting the importance of explain these programs.

Dr. Gamal El-Saeed, former president of Benha University, member of the Education Committee in the House of Representatives, He said: There are university majors that are no longer in great demand in the labor market, from here and with the launch of the Digital Egypt Initiative, we started to study the needs of the labor market and determine the required disciplines and what it is called and what are the works of the future, and private and state universities are already working on this file, and we have 12 private universities. It works on this file according to the programs, not the colleges, and they are new interface programs aimed at creating leading graduates who are able to compete in the local, regional and international labor market, especially that the President the training of young people in information technology and the introduction of new specialties, especially the training of an individual in the field of programming costs 30 thousand dollars and the state It is ready to bear it, but all universities now work according to the new quality program system, and they will have places to enter the future labor market.

He added that traditional academic programs need to be developed, such as medicine, engineering and information technology; Because they are linked to the labor market and future positions, and to qualify students for the labor market through a set of interdisciplinary programs with different specializations, all of which are linked to the positions of the future Study to fit future positions.

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Qualification for the labor market
Dr. Mahmoud Zaki, President of Tanta University, said: The file of digital transformation in universities It is one of the most important files to which the state attaches importance, with the aim of meeting the needs of the local and regional labor market of graduates in many disciplines in the field of communication and information technology, and of exchanging experiences for an integrated information society that is able to benefit from the modern information revolution, and to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship for students. Universities to develop self-employment and establish more start-up companies to achieve the desired qualitative leap in economic and societal development to create a new generation equipped with science and knowledge and their interest in training on the latest information and communication technology, training of young graduates from universities and neighboring regions on everything new in the field of information technology And to qualify them for the local and international labor market, and that the establishment of digital innovation centers in Egyptian universities, including Tanta University, which mediates the Delta region and a served large residential area – within the expansion of Egyptian universities’ participation in providing services to their geographical environment – directly contributes to the spread of awareness among university students about technological developments Information and Communication and its specializations.

Localizing a culture of creativity
Dr Gamal Soussa, President of Benha University, said: The Digital Creativity Center comes within the framework of The presidential initiative for training and technological innovation communities, and the state’s strategy to locate and disseminate a culture of creativity and innovation at the level of the Republic, to encourage development and the digital economy, and the latest fields of apply technology to increase competitiveness and entrepreneurship in Egyptian universities, and the center at the university will provide its services to Benha University students, graduates and the community Qalyubia, and the center is built on an area of ​​3,000 square meters and exists From land and 3 storeys, with a funding of 100 million pounds of The Ministry of Communications Information technology and the implementation of the Engineering Authority of the Army, and the main axes of work for the establishment of the center are career guidance, technical and applied training programs in communication and information technology, training of technology ambassadors of the faculty in universities, provision of approved services and certificates in collaboration with the private sector, business support Self-employment, support for creativity and entrepreneurship skills, providing an applied technological environment that supports modern technological trends.

Relying on information technology helps facilitate and improve public services

Education is not the only winner of this initiative, as Dr. Muhammad al-Jundi claims. An expert in information technology, where he explains the importance of digital transformation through the “Digital Egypt” initiative and other initiatives by saying: It facilitates service for citizens, and eliminates bureaucracy, corruption and bribery, which will end with the end of the human factor by controlling the services rendered, in addition to tightening control over state resources, and achieving speed in the performance of the government apparatus, and he said that the benefit of information technology helps to facilitate procedures and services provided by provide the government with citizens, as they are the first beneficiaries of these initiatives, in addition to their importance in financial inclusion and the creation of a “cashless society”, and also improve Egypt’s economy in the 21st century, through data centers in the administrative capital and use it to develop infrastructure.

Improving the quality of life
Dr. Khaled El-Shafei, an economist and information systems specialist, believes that President El-Sisi’s prescriptions and his unlimited support for the efforts to implement the Digital Egypt Initiative, and to expand the disciplines targeted by it , is an important step that contributes to the support of the economic reform file, by tightening control over state resources, and creating speed in The performance of the government apparatus and serving the interests of the citizen, adding that the localization of modern technology in Egypt by mechanization or by the use of artificial intelligence, whether in ministries or in various bodies and authorities, helps to eliminate corruption by 80%, by stopping direct interaction between citizens and employees, and points out that the completion of 95 % of services through digital transformation can be terminated that Egypt has begun to rehabilitate its infrastructure for digital transformation, and that Egypt ies society is able to cope with this transformation, especially after the terrible development that has taken place in technology, which has helped in Ease of civic interaction with modern technological applications.

He added that the mechanization of state institutions saves millions of pounds, making citizens feel a big difference and a remarkable development in the services they receive, and explains that mechanization in institutions that deal with investors contributes to more new investments lok; This is because a large part of investment promotion is the ease of completing procedures and shortening the time in the process of granting licenses and work permits. convert; It reflects positively on all sectors, especially the economic sector, as the digital economy effectively contributes to the strong pressure to achieve the sustainable development strategy for Egypt 2030, adding that the digital system contributes to achieving economic growth based on distributional justice and equality opportunities, as well as access to markets. It is noteworthy that Egypt’s tendency towards cross – border investment, digitalisation was one of the factors that helped in its success, and communication with various countries, to strengthen bilateral relations between it and Egypt, in various sectors, including the economic sector.

He explained that the digital economy helps to achieve Egypt’s pursuit of a more diversified economy, and the shift to the digital system helps to improve the quality of life for citizens, and provides many electronic services, which save the citizen’s effort and time. save it from their basic places, in addition to transforming the government into a government. Digitally interconnected by linking governments digital systems, and improving the work between them; Which also benefits the citizen.

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