Gulf University inaugurates the College of Law and the College of Communication and Media Technology tomorrow

Manama, 17 July / BNA / The Gulf University will tomorrow, Monday, hold a celebration at the university’s headquarters on the occasion of the inauguration of the College of Communication and Media Technology, and the College of Law, under the auspices of Dr. of Trustees of Higher Education.

On this occasion, the university also honors a number of journalists, professional media, social media influencers and lawyers.

Dr. Mona Rashid Al Zayani, Chair of the University’s Board of Trustees and Board of Directors, said that the inauguration of these two new colleges is part of a comprehensive strategy for the development and modernization of educational programs at the university in line with the prescriptions. of the Council for Higher Education and Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.

Dr. Mona Al-Zayani added that the inauguration of the two colleges is in the direction of the university’s directions and goals, which seek to strengthen the educational process, improve the quality of programs, refine students’ skills and the educational reality promote with the programs and specializations that the labor market needs.

In turn, prof. Muhannad Al-Mashhadani, president of the University, said that the initiative of the Gulf University to establish the first specialized college for media under the name of the College of Communication and Media Technology, and a Law College involved in programs related to the real estate, business and cybercrime, is an important step within the major developments observed by the media and communications sectors and its various technologies. , Real estate, business and information technology, which underscores the university’s zeal to diversify its initiatives in line with the Kingdom’s future directions.

Professor Al-Mashhadani added that the academic program initiatives at Golf University are unique, taking into account the different needs of the labor market in terms of skills related to modern technology and its different developments, and to graduates broader career options in fields offer. related to these new disciplines.

Dr. Hisham Al-Marsafawi, Vice President for Academic Affairs, emphasized the important role that academic programs play in supporting and developing the community, codifying the general trends related to community development, and the different skills and specializations required by the labor market. .

Al-Marsfawi explained that the inauguration of the College of Communication and Media Technology and the College of Law is within the framework of the university’s orientations that seek to serve the community and support the Kingdom’s strategy in the field of quality higher education and training. , considering that the Gulf University is an integral part of Bahraini society.

Dr. Sherif Badran, acting dean of the College of Communication and Media Technology and dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, said the College of Communication and Media Technology is the first media college in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it seeks to provide the Kingdom with media frameworks which is able to keep up with the application of media technology, and to meet the challenges and aspirations of the Bahraini, Gulf and international community and is able to compete in the labor market and actively participate in sustainable development in the Kingdom to take. .

Badran added that the university has an ambitious plan to offer programs at foreign universities in various media fields, noting that the new college includes the Department of Media and Public Relations, which offers Bachelor and Master’s programs, and the Department of Media Technology and Marketing, which offers the Advertising and Digital Marketing program, after obtaining the university. The Golf University has received the approval of the British University of Northampton to host it, and it is now under completion and approval procedures of the Council for Higher Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In turn, dr. Firas Mohamed, Acting Dean of the Law College, explains that the Law College’s programs include three jobs: the business job, the information technology job and the real estate job, and note that these jobs are in the program. expand career opportunities as instead of just the field of law, prosecution, judiciary and consulting, New fields are added to include other institutions and sectors in real estate, information technology and business.

Dr Firas Mohammed said the aim of establishing these tracks within a new law college is the Gulf University’s contribution to Bahrain’s economic vision, with what the labor market needs, especially in the information technology sectors, which are witnessing extensive and profound developments, the growing business sector, and the real estate sector.

It is noteworthy that the Golf University has institutional accreditation and all its programs are trusted by the Education and Training Quality Authority. Last year, it opened the door for admission and registration in new academic programs in collaboration with the University of Northampton in the UK, in the Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. and “Mechanical Engineering”, which will enable the student in the Kingdom of Bahrain to obtain a degree from a prestigious university in Britain, in addition to a British-style education system and joint professors from the University of Northampton and the Gulf University.

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