How do Arab celebrities and wealthy people protect their luxury homes in London from theft?

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Holland Park, a luxury suburb in West London, has been described as a hotbed of criminal activity

A British court has sentenced a man to prison on Friday after he was charged with burglary at the home of former English footballer Ashley Cole, after the thief tied him up with his partner in the house and stole valuables, leaving the question arises how the rich protect their luxury homes and strengthen against burglary?

To begin with, says John Moore, head of Westminster Security, a security company specializing in home protection in wealthy areas such as Holland Park in the UK: “We are seeing a huge increase in demand (for our services), it is assured. “

Moore added that the Kensington area, where luxury villas are sold for millions, has become a “true incubator of criminal activity”.

He revealed that the current robberies are being carried out very well recently, and “criminal gangs are very professional and come from abroad to target property and leave the country quickly.”

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