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Today’s world is the era of rapid technological progress and development, and there is no doubt that it has become largely and noticeably dependent on the concept of rapid implementation of innovation, production and production of these qualitative innovations of all kinds, and we see today the impact of their profound and tangible radical change in all aspects and activities of our lives, whether social or economic or defensive, and others, and many countries seek to benefit only from this progress and development that no one can predict its end , and the rest of these countries strive to make this progress and development and contribute to accelerating the wheel of development, and countries will only be able to do so through the excellence and creativity of their societies, as it is created from products of qualitative value that benefits humanity and to distinguish it as its own distinctive feature, and therefore we will in here the article talks about the importance of excellence in the world of qualitative innovations and creativity by mentioning some international examples in this goal, and how to tread a path that is a unique brand of our own “Saudi Arabia” so that we can achieve leadership and maintain sustainable competitiveness in it.
Most agree that innovation is the basis for sustainable and prosperous economic growth, the world of modern innovations using artificial intelligence, the virtual and augmented world, including electronic and sensitive technologies, the Internet of Things, even renewable energy, and the world of advanced civil or defense technology such as drones, robots, etc., and the development it includes. My life, social, security and defense have become a reality as it is a competitive world between many countries, by what they produce or what they are characterized by or what they offer of industrial products in the world of technology and technology, for example, by their leading societies in creativity and innovation that are undoubtedly dependent on infrastructure and preparation, conditions and education in the first place, and this is demonstrated in the skills that characterize its researchers, scholars and skilled workforce with extensive specialization, which a state of a state and a society distinguished from others, as an integrated field.
An example of the distinction of some countries in the process of innovation and creativity, and they have a long history in it, we find, for example, that in the United States of innovation and various fields of creativity and development in many areas, or civil or defense, but it is also characterized by a sign that is distinct and significantly distinguished by the presence of Silicon Valley in the Northern California region in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, which serves as a global center for advanced technologies. qualitative innovations and renewed creativity, and this valley has become a leading center and ecosystem for launching any of the high-tech and precision innovations, where it The development of silicon-based integrated circuits, microprocessors and microcomputers, which about half employ a million IT workers, and are headquartered of many of the world’s largest and most advanced high-tech companies, and thousands of start-ups, making it a third of all venture capital investments in the United States. Another example is the Republic of Taiwan, which today occupies a leading position in industrial innovation, with an educated and technical workforce High technology and skill value, and it has become the largest semiconductor factory “electronic chips” in the world as a distinctive and distinctive feature of it, and Switzerland has become the Swiss watch innovation industry is a distinctive product for this country, which is known for it and has an impact on its economy, and also mentioned many examples of qualitative innovations that ‘ a country of Other has distinguished in previous articles, and there are many innovations shared by many countries and the difference will be the quality and accuracy of producing this innovation.
In the Kingdom, innovation, creativity, research and development are an integral part of the objectives of the National Transformation Program, as it aims to develop the necessary infrastructure, an empowering environment for the “public, private and non-profit” create sectors, achieve excellence in performance, support digital transformation, contribute to development and contribute to the achievement of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and we find that attention to education has become necessary to spread a culture of innovation, as well as to direct research sectors in national centers, universities. , authorities, industrial cities and companies, to clarify objectives with well-thought-out plans governed by specific periods for specific research areas, based on the real need, whether at the civilian or defense level In other words, it is necessary to complementary loops and loops of innovation, and by this I mean the integration of the relevant authorities with strategies and plans with research centers for research, innovation and development. It has paths for similar innovations, it will accelerate the innovation wheel and the important time delay in the field. for us to create a sustainable knowledge-competitive economy based on innovation with a local distinctive stamp in national hands.

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