Naim Halawi: “Tik Tok” changes the concept of comedy

Naim Halawi: “Tik Tok” changes the concept of comedy

The Lebanese star laughs in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat

Monday – 19 Dhul-Hijjah 1443 AH – 18 July 2022 AD Issue no. [

Naim Halawi averages his colleagues from the stars of laughter in Lebanese memory

Beirut: Fatima Abdullah

Fans of the absent Lebanese comedian ask Naim Halawi: “Where are you? They miss you. ” His answer is that he is in his house waiting for the opportunity, and he has been offered works that did not suit his taste. Years ago, he used Facebook as a platform to express his opinion, and as the number of his followers increased on Twitter, he tweeted with a hint of sarcasm. One of the stars of the most famous laughter programs in Lebanon from the last millennium to recent years, “SL Chi”, “La Yaml” and “Ma fi Matlu”, he tells “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” that he is full of nostalgia and know that life fluctuates and things do not last forever.
Since the “scattering” of the comic quintet, Adel Karam, Abbas Shaheen, Rola Shamiya, Anju Rayhan and Naim Halawi; And the departure of every artist on his path, the comedy scene in Lebanon changed and almost died out, as many aesthetics involved the collapse of his glory era. Simply, the owner of the “Fawzi Abu Luzi” character replies that he is currently quitting any serious work such as works that made him proud, and does not scroll through texts similar to them between his hands: “The offers put off my enthusiasm, so I chose to take a break. Staying at home is better than participating in any business. Covid and the revolution reduced the chances, so I kept thinking about what I could do for myself. the internet is my outlet. ”
The archives of “Future TV” still keep showing the “La Yamal” episodes, and MTV did not give up on repeating the “Ma Fi Matlo” episodes. It makes him feel satisfied, and he says: “As if we were still present among the people. Repetitions are relevant to the new generation. It is better than committing an incomplete libel by agreeing to faint texts. ”
“Social media” is becoming an alternative platform, after television was a space for expression and distribution. Naim Halawi is one of the waiting tweets. And, like a wasp, it shines with “stripes”. The sudden absence was not easy, but it is life with its wheels and toll. He sees Twitter as a destination for communicating ideas that oppose social oppression, and he is smart, like an arrow. He talks about the change in the moral standard since the media invasion: “I try to pay attention to red lines related to personal dignity, so I criticize without insults or insults. This is my limit. Social media is almost unnoticed. Previously, I did not use to name people directly. I tweeted the tip, and as the situation became catastrophic, I put dots on the letters. The level of decency and tact is taken for granted, so I tweet in order. ”
Naim Halawi is one of the most prominent critics of the electricity tragedy in Lebanon: “I am a needy citizen, I have been robbed, robbed, wasted and drowned in darkness. I speak on behalf of the oppressed. ” To the TV glory, and the active presence on the communication sites, of the owner of the character “Abu Abdo” and “Qerfna Ya Zalmi”, Radio “Online” is working to develop them: “I thereby sow old songs that return dating back to the seventies and eighties of the last century. I do not want to leave that beautiful era. The Lebanese expatriates have more interaction with it than the Lebanese inside. They are the mourners. I strive to develop it, so it include programs and expand. ”
Comedy changes, and what was a golden stage becomes for some “old school”. He acknowledges the reality and adds: “Comedians today are more than viewers. Thanks to Tik Tok, every joke maker along with his mother is called a comedian. The audience seems to be delighted with the new laugh, otherwise why would they get millions of likes?
He reads a video introduction that says: “You will fall laughing on your back!” He gets excited to watch and gets disappointed: “I find it normal videos, no wit and no shiny tips. “Some of the tracks are really funny, but overall the comedy is not as serious as we used to be.”
Curious people ask him why he is so interested in the old stuff that fills his room, and the number of years old magazines. It’s nostalgia! He remembers unforgettable days and unrequited friendships. What are the chances of reuniting the smartest comic team in Lebanese memory? He replies that there is talk of a renewed meeting, without preparing the stew on the fire. With maybe.
Many have tried to emulate Naim Halawi and the laughing colleagues, and the result is far from the original version. Comment on the issue: “We were a group to which the saying of ease and abstinence applies. One soul with a group of characters, complementing each other. The difficult mixture makes it difficult to imitate. ” He accepts life with his spring and autumn, so what goes away does not return: “I realize things have an end, but (what is in them) ended before his time. We were at the peak when everything stopped. “It is good that we did not wait for the withdrawal to subside, but the program could have lasted for two or three years, if it were not for the painful reality of Lebanon.”
In acting, Naim Halawi is surprised that none of the producers and companies contacted him to offer a role, and he waits. In the theater he confesses: “I am not a theater, my personality is shy, and I only have my courage behind the camera and behind the means of communication. I’m afraid of forgetting or mistakes in the text in front of the audience. What interests me today is the online world, so I look for views via (YouTube) or live broadcasts to comment on developments. ” It seems that “Social Media” compensates you for a page that is closed and an era that is no longer in its heyday? His explicit response with two popular proverbs: “Kohl is better than blindness,” and “Al-Bahsa supports a hollow.”

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