“New Event” Real Estate Development Company launches its second project “Trave” in the New Administrative Capital

Special – New Event Developments has announced the opening of discussions for its new project “Trave” in the Administrative Capital, which is an integrated project that includes commercial and administrative units with dual views of the central park and the central axis that the northern axis of Ibn connected. Zayed and the financial and business district with panoramic longitudinal views of the central park.

Dr. Hamid Al-Rajawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of New Event Developments, said his company was offering its new project as an option for those looking for the best guaranteed investment in key areas of the New Administrative Capital, where the project overlooks the central park in the city center.

He added that the launch of the new project comes after the success of New Event in its previous project “H MALL” in the Administrative Capital, and a confirmation of New Event’s continuity in offering the best products, solutions and specialized real estate services in line with the latest international standards at competitive prices.

He explained that the real estate market in Egypt has experienced an unprecedented renaissance, especially with the state’s orientation on this vital sector, which involves more than 100 other industries, which has contributed to a remarkable recovery in the face of the crises that the world is experiencing as a result of the Russo-Ukrainian war and the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

He pointed out that the administrative capital had changed the form of property in Egypt, attracting local and international investors from all countries of the world, thanks to the facilities provided by the Egyptian government in land ownership, as well as the infrastructure of roads and transportation that facilitates access to the smart city, which is comparable to many new cities around the world. .

He continued that the Egyptian market is capable of attracting more real estate investment with its various activities, whether residential, commercial, administrative or tourism, especially in light of the stability that the political leadership has been working on since taking over the reins of affairs 8 years ago, note that political stability is one of the main reasons for the direction Investors have been looking somewhere.

He pointed out that the new “trave” project takes into account the latest building systems, international designs and safety factors that characterize “New Event” in all its current and future projects, in accordance with the wishes and requests of customers in terms of modern architectural designs in order to preserve the aesthetic form of the project units.

He stressed that the choice of “New Event” for Egypt to be a center for all its business around the world came because of the paving of the economic structure on which the Egyptian government was working, as well as the facilities for the ownership of land, the presence of technical labor, as well as the abundance of building materials and various facilities for the exit of any project on time.

In turn, Omar Al-Marakbi, head of the company’s sales sector, said the engineering drawings for the travel project were estimated at 20,000 square meters, and the building consisted of a ground floor and 12 floors, including three floors for shops. , and nine floors for administrative offices.

He added that the unit prices start from 67 000 pounds per commercial meter, while the square meter prices in the administrative start from 22 000 pounds, noting that the available spaces start from 30 square meters per unit and to meet the demands of all customers to comply.

As for the payment systems, the company’s sales manager indicated that the company has adopted several facilities for customers and investors, so the advance starts from 0%, with a payment period of 15 years, with cash discount, while the company granted its customers has. special discount on the occasion of opening of up to 15%.

For his part, A. Mohamed Wahdan, director of the marketing event for New Event, said that the company’s current focus is on attracting clients to the administrative capital and its projects, especially with the availability of all the capabilities that the Egyptian government to various projects in the administrative capital. .

He added that the company in its designs for the travel project adopts the latest international trends in design and construction, especially with the current trend of customers to constantly change, which diversifies that the company’s designs are the latest of its kind by designers at the highest level of competence.

He stressed that the company adopts a strategy to offer modern products that suit all different tastes, and at reasonable prices that enable them to invest their money in new products, at the highest degree of excellence.

About new event developments
New opportunity “” A Yemeni Gulf company on the lands of the Administrative Capital with designs inspired by the Arab heritage with modern touches characterized by beauty, elegance and modernity. According to modern building standards
The company started its investments west of Cairo by developing a group of residential towers with a total area of ​​400,000 square meters.
– The company has developed many projects in the Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia – UAE – Yemen) between commercial and residential with a total area of ​​up to 700 thousand square meters.
The volume of the company’s investments in Egypt has exceeded eight billion pounds, and the company aims to reach 16 billion pounds by the end of this year 2022 AD.
The company has extensive relationships in the real estate market as it has the strongest real estate alliances with major engineering firms and giant contractor companies.
The company aims to expand into many countries that include Arab and foreign communities interested in real estate investing in Egypt and the Administrative Capital.

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