September Net – In an inspection visit to the military training centers: specialized courses and qualitative combat skills

17 July 2022

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The military institution sees great and important transformations at various levels, both in moral and combat preparations.

The Yemeni fighter’s acquisition of many qualitative skills, which has become a distinctive difference and a factor in gaining victory at the lowest material and human cost, in addition to correcting the fighter’s military doctrine and improving his awareness of absolute loyalty to God Almighty, and direct the compass of enmity toward the true enemies of the nation that God has explained to us in the Holy Quran Jews and Christians and those who have walked in their orbit of the powers of hegemony and global arrogance .

home army
Over recent periods, the issue of building the army in Yemen has been subject to the intervention of regional powers, and the mandate of influential figures with external ties and interests. Today, after God has given to our homeland, a conscious Qur’anic leadership has been represented. by science, mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, who embodies the approach of the Qur’anic march and its liberation goals signed by the leader, Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, may God be pleased with him, so that the title of the stage of building the nation stems from the building of the believing individual, and the correction of the misconceptions and false beliefs that perverted Islam and presented it in a hostile takfiri way that the enemies of the nation and the served ambitions and schemes of Zionism.

Activate training
The military leadership represented by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the General Staff, and based on the guidelines of the Leader of the Revolution and his constant emphasis on the need for cultural and physical preparation, and the activation of military training and rehabilitation for all members of the military and popular committees at various levels and specializations, sought to activate, despite the circumstances of the continuation of the aggression and siege, military training centers at the regional level, and began to receive pupils, and organize many qualitative and specialized military courses, the outputs of which represented an important side branch to the various fronts and were an element to consolidate victories and surprise the enemy with qualitative operations that exceeded all known tactics , not to mention that our army and popular committees are taking the initiative do not sit. and surprise, and the speed to stop the movements and progress of aggression and its mercenaries.

lose and greet
And in personifying the revolutionary, political, and military leadership’s interest in training, and its zeal for continuous follow-up and inspection of the progress of work in the military training centers. A number of directors of the military departments of the Ministry of Defense visited the training centers in the first central training region, the Naval Forces Training Center, and the training centers in the Fifth Military Region.
During the visits, the leaders of the military departments received the greetings and congratulations of the Leader of the Revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and the Chairman of the Political Council, the Commander-in-Chief of, conveyed to the pupils. the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Mahdi Muhammad al-Mashat, as well as the congratulations and congratulations of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the General Staff, on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Adha .. They raised the level of training and qualification and the efforts made by the trainers and those in charge of these centers.

tough fighters
Brigadier General Ali Al-Matari, Director of the Department of Finance, stressed the importance of the ongoing preparation and rehabilitation of the military units’ staff, which is one of the key priorities urged by our Islamic religion, and the revolutionary and military leadership paid the greatest attention to it, especially at this important stage of the confrontation with the aggression, which requires more preparation, vigilance and awareness.Then the continuing violations of the aggression and its ongoing crimes against our Yemeni people.
He said: “What we have seen of the pupils and those in charge of the training centers in terms of high attendance, discipline and morale, implies qualitative outputs that will lead to the building of tough fighters armed with faith and what they acquired skills and physical abilities, capable of protecting this country and repelling the aggressors and rapists. ”
Brigadier General Al-Matari added that the great victories achieved by the heroes of the army and the popular committees, and the great sacrifices made by our righteous martyrs, made the pride and independence of our people, and the made world look with respect and reverence. to the Yemenis and their leader, the Mujahid Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, who managed the battle skillfully and competently.

Brigadier General Muhammad Shayser, Director of the Military College, explained that training is the cornerstone and basis for building armies capable of fighting all kinds of modern combat and in various conditions, especially to physically and mentally advance the fighter. prepare according to the correct combat doctrine, and provide him with the various combat skills that make him an effective element familiar with all Theoretical and Field Military knowledge.
Brigadier General Shaizer pointed out that the greeting visit and inspection of the training centers coincided with the occasion of Eid al-Adha and the obligation of Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam, and the importance of the lessons and lessons that this event and the carries great religious ritual, from the meanings of the nation’s power, unity, faith in God alone, and its confidence in its victory and success, as well as being inspired by the meanings of sacrifice and redemption The necessity of preparation and preparation for restoration and liberation from religious and Islamic shrines.
He appreciates all the efforts made by those in charge of the military training centers to hold the basic and specialized military courses and to prepare the pupils in the required manner to join the fronts of glory and dignity.

Start of training
Brigadier General Abdul-Jalil Ghazi, Director of the Military Sports Department, pointed out that what the students acquire today in terms of knowledge and physical and combat skills will have a major impact on gaining victory over the forces of aggression and their mercenaries. , and victory for Yemen’s grievances and the pure blood of Yemen’s martyrs targeted by the aggression with its hysterical airstrikes in various provinces and regions.
Brigadier General Ghazi stressed that the institutional reconstruction of the armed forces begins with physical, skills and combat training, and the possession of the scientific and material capabilities required by the current stage and the nature of the struggle our people are waging against the forces of aggression and livelihood .. He has the high morale enjoyed by those enrolled in various training centers, which reflects the power of the armed forces, the power and determination of the Yemeni fighter and his ability to just priced at various climatic conditions.

Aggressive crimes
Colonel Malik Al-Moayad, Director of the Military Treasury, said: The importance of training and rehabilitation for members of the armed forces comes from the importance of the stage in which our people live, and what they have been facing for eight years, a barbaric aggression that targeted people and service facilities, weddings, markets, students in schools and patients in hospitals, as well as ambulance crews and lifeguards, and even the hatred of the aggressors extended to the target of archeological sites and historic mosques, not to mention first to speak of what the mercenaries of aggression committed in the occupied governorates of murder, torture, secret prisons, rapes and other crimes.
Colonel Al-Moayad added: All that reckless criminality and arrogance of the Zionist-American, Saudi-Emirati aggression caused the free people of Yemen and its men to declare a general mobilization to the fronts and respond to the call of the leader of the revolution, Mr. The independence and pride of Yemen, which shook off the mantle of external guardianship and possessed its political and sovereign decision on September 21, 2014, stemming from the blessed Qur’an march and its orthodox approach that honors and honors Yemen and the Islamic nation .

Training fields
This is why we touched the fields of training, echoing with their enthusiasm and the determination of the students to achieve the desired goals and achieve excellence and uniqueness in the speed of acquiring combat skills, and their zeal to integrate theoretical information with practical application in valleys, deserts, plains and mountains, and then on the battlefield on the fronts of pride and confrontation that was and will remain the decisive factor in deciding and achieving victories.
With the same strong determination and steadfastness with which our army and popular committees were known when they faced the hordes of aggressors and stuck their noses into the ground, despite what they possessed of modern weapons and advanced technology. The homeland, which has become resistant to all invaders and greedy.

quality additives
The Director of the Training and Rehabilitation Directorate in the Fifth Military Region, Muhammad Abdullah al-Kibsi, and the official of the training centers in the first central training region, Amer Atif, spoke about the progress of the training process and the qualitative and specialized courses where the centers had access, thanks to God and the precepts of the leader of the revolution, mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and the support and care of the leadership The political leadership, the Ministry of Defense and the presidency of the General Staff … which is the pride of all the students and those in charge of the training expressed in the visits of the military leaders, reflecting the interest in the process of preparation, construction and rehabilitation.
Al-Kibsi and Atif stressed that those enrolled in the military courses at various levels would represent qualitative additions to support the stationed fighters at the fronts, and repel the aggression and its transgressions.

In turn, the pupils expressed their happiness and pride in visiting the greeting, which reflects the interest of the military and political leadership, emphasizing that, from the training and rehabilitation areas, they are eager to learn various combat skills, which their knowledge and military awareness on the fronts of fighting and confrontation.
The pupils renewed their promise and loyalty to the leader of the revolution and to the military leadership that, with the skills and abilities they had acquired, they set the defense of the homeland and the protection of its independence as their main goal, as well as their absolute submission to the instructions and precepts of the leadership in the training field and in the fields of confrontation with the enemies of the fatherland, they achieve resounding victory or die honorable martyrs for the principles that They grew up and went for it.

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