Special: The results of my assignment 2022. Future ambitions and stories told by high school students

Tawjihi results 2022 The high school student, “Tawjihi 2022”, draws his goals and sets his plans with a keen eye and analyzes the conditions and conditions prevailing in Palestinian society, in the light of the Israeli occupation, which he grasps at the aspirations and hopes of young people control. people, and the imposition of a stifling siege on the Gaza Strip, in difficult economic and material circumstances, which have made generations successive, pays great attention to education and academic excellence, whether at the secondary level or beyond, through to a new stage in the selection of university majors.

Obstacles to choosing a specialty

Only a few days have passed since the beginning of the new school year My assignment 2022 The student Bilal Riyad, 17, from Gaza, set up a study timetable to organize the study hours until the early days, and set before his eyes a goal he had always dreamed of since his childhood, to ‘ to be an architect as his father saw. .

The student, Riyad, from the scientific branch, Al-Karmel Secondary School for Boys, told Sawa News Agency that he clashed with the opinions of many graduates of engineering faculties, and the reality they suffer from, which made the decision to to choose the Faculty of Engineering a matter that requires him to think and read the reality and the bad conditions. It surrounds engineering graduates, and the unemployment and problems that await them to get a job that suits their desires and ambitions.

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Despite the obstacles faced by the student Bilal, who is one of the students My assignment 2022 However, he emphasized the role of his family, which greatly supports him in choosing what he loves and strives to specialize in the College of Engineering, even if they had to send him out of the country at his own expense, or a get external scholarship. , to find a job or job that suits his desires and ambitions.

Thinking about the future of student Riyadh is the same as that of student Saja 17, from Gaza, but in different circumstances, where she strives to study medicine, if she achieves a high score in high school exams, but the difficult economic conditions her family is going through have made her feel frustrated and helpless in the face of achieving her wishes and desires that she has drawn into her imagination since childhood, especially with the high fees in Palestinian universities whose hourly fees are 100 dinars achieved, which is more than her family’s financial ability.

It is noteworthy that the Assistant Deputy Secretary for Measurement, Evaluation and Examinations at the Ministry of Education, Muhammad Awad, confirmed during the period of the high school examinations. My assignment 2022 The number of students who took secondary exams reached more than 87,000, including 39,000 men and 48,000 women, spread across 729 halls, across the country, cities and governorships.

Labor market

Since last year, it has been noticed that high school students, after issuing their certificates, are on their way to technological disciplines, such as computer or software engineering, or the Faculty of Information Technology and the many specializations it contains, which suit the needs of the labor market. , which has become another and distinctive feature in the world of work The free.

As a result, the student living in difficult circumstances on all sides, the low employment rate and the increase in the unemployment rate in society, became aware of the importance of self-employment, which enables him to bring financial returns. on him, and this is what the world is now turning to, to free electronics and marketing business.

The 18-year-old student, Abeer, from Gaza, believes that she will excel a lot in technological disciplines, especially with the great demand for self-efficacy, which she considers appropriate for her tendencies, mental and creative abilities, and what she strives for. to do since she started studying in high school.

During her interview with Sawa Agency, of the Scientific Branch, Al-Jalil Secondary School for Girls, Abeer told Sawa Agency that she is faced with a difficult choice between what she wants and what she strives for and what her family strives for. consider her suitable, what she wants to see in the medical fields, or she achieves it She has a high rate that qualifies her to enter these specialties.

Due to this pressure from her family, the student, Abeer, believes that she is in a problem that could exacerbate her tension about what she wants to move to the majors of the College of Information Technology, as well as the difficulty in choosing the most suitable university for such majors, after hearing many opinions from About her that you advise her to join this or that university.

On the other hand, the student, Marah, in an interview with “Sawa”, from the scientific branch, confirmed that her family supports her in choosing the specialty she wants based on the general average she will achieve when the results are announced. , and if she does not get the rate that qualifies her to enroll, she will turn to an Alternative plan that she set before her during the exam period, and in proportion to the needs of the market without any pressure or factors that will increase her stress.

According to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in its data, there are 16 colleges and universities in the Gaza Strip, whose university degrees are recognized, the best known of which are: Islamic University, Al-Azhar University, Al-Aqsa University, Palestine University , Al-Quds Open University and others.

Similarly, in the last year 2021, a statistic was done on the orientation of high school students to universities and the choice of the majors that suit them. These statistics concluded that 9% of students received services in school that helped them identify their most appropriate university majors, and 16% They obtained services at the university that helped them to identify their most appropriate university majors. identify, while 53.3% of the students declared their desire to study at a university other than the one in which they were enrolled, and 53.6% of them wanted to study a specialty other than the one in which they were enrolled.

62% of students expressed their desire to get a job in the public or private sector, and 24% sought to establish a private project, whether within or outside the specialization, while 14% thought about emigrate and work outside the country.

Source: Sawa Agency

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